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  • Cancerous canines

    Author: Zosia Chustecka
    Article Published: 28/06/2006

    Dogs may be man's best friend but woman should be wary of faithful Fido according to researchers looking for links to breast cancer. Grant junkies in Germany 'suggest' that dogs may offer a route of transmission for the mouse mammary tumor virus (MMTV), as well as other microbes, which could participate in the first steps of carcinogenesis in humans. How this happens is unclear but using the arts of epidemiology the 'researchers' say that women with a dog for a pet are twice as likely to get breast cancer than those whose abodes are dog free. The numbers, of course, aren't compelling, as is the case with most of the 'studies' cranked out by researchers always in search of the next big grant.

  • Bend Over, Here It Comes Again

    Author: Yvette Essen
    Article Published: 01/09/2003

    Restaurants, fast-food chains, bars and pubs are facing further insurance premium rises as customers make claims for obesity and alcohol and smoking-related diseases. Public liability insurance, which covers companies against claims from members of the public, has already climbed by around 30pc to 35pc over the past year. The food and drink industry has traditionally been regarded as low risk by insurers, with the majority of claims being linked to contamination. However, following a number of high profile cases, insurers fear the sector will face more claims. In June, class-action lawyer John Banzhaf wrote to fast-food restaurants, including McDonald's, Burger King, Kentucky Fried Chicken and Pizza Hut, telling them to warn customers scientific studies show fast food can be addictive or they may face litigation. And who will actually pay for more expensive insurance premiums? Would that be the same customers that the shakedown artists claim they are protecting? When the current insanity is finally over, the history books will note that the whole "anti" agenda -- no food, tobacco, alcohol, fun -- is nothing more than a massive transfer payment from the working class to the activist, governing class and their patrons; huge multi-national corporations.

  • Gearing up for the shysters

    Author: Yvette Essen
    Article Published: 11/04/2005

    The largest insurer in the United Kingdom has hired a law firm to help prepare for the secondhand smoke lawsuits anti-tobacco hopes to launch. While no secondhand lawsuit has succeeded in the United Kingdom or in the suit-happy United States and no evidence exists showing secondhand smoke to be harmful, the tort lawyers will continue the suits until the tobacco industry caves.

  • In The Footsteps Of Adolf

    Author: Yumi Wilson
    Article Published: 05/06/1998

    One of the first anti-Semitic actions the Hitler regime initiated after taking power was to ban Jews from public swimming pools. The law was justified, as were so many anti-Semitic acts, by the worship of Public Health. With this petty law the Nazi's began their quest for a solution to the "Jewish problem". Their final solution followed in due course. The City of San Francisco is adhering to the Nazi model in its quest for a solution to the "Tobacco problem". Although, the bureaucrats are hiding behind the alter of Public Health, their final solution is clear . Smokers must be eliminated. It's ironic that in San Francisco, the birthplace of the United Nations and a city that still enjoys a reputation of tolerance, the tobacco-smoking Franklin Roosevelt, Winston Churchill and the thousands of troops who destroyed the Nazi terror would not be welcome while the ardent anti-smoking fascist Adolph Hitler would be welcomed with open arms.

  • Japan Labeled "Primitive"

    Author: Yomiuri Shimbun
    Article Published: 24/02/2003

    "Japan, the United States and Germany are the three major stumbling blocks in the current negotiations to successfully reaching a global health treaty," an NGO official said. The convention currently under debate is part of a global strategy under World Health Organization auspices to reduce tobacco-related deaths and disease worldwide. "NGO" is the acronym for "Non-Governmental Organization". NGO's proliferate at international conferences and are heavily represented in policy-making sessions. The implication is that being non-governmental somehow bestows objectivity. The NGO's that are identified in this story about Japan's recalcitrance over the global tobacco treaty are actually BDF's or Big Drug Front groups. One operative for a Japanese BDF goes so far as to call his own country primitive because it takes the radical position that adults should be allowed to enjoy tobacco. Big Drugs recently launched aggressive smoking cessation marketing campaigns in Japan which explains why Japan has become a focal point of outrage in the global tobacco treaty discussions. The United States and Germany cannot be bullied because their constitutions would have to be radically altered to accommodate the tobacco treaty. Japan is a different story and the plan is to bully, threaten and libel the Japanese government and citizens to blackmail it into signing on to the treaty. Whether it works or not, one aspect of anti-tobacco, that there must be no dissent to its decrees, is on full display and it is ugly.

  • Plantation politics

    Author: Yahoo News
    Article Published: 28/05/2002

    “Historically African Americans have been targeted by tobacco industry marketing, which has led to substantial disparities in tobacco-related illnesses and death within our community. Current statistics from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control indicate that 45,000 African Americans die each year from preventable tobacco-related diseases,” said Legacy board member, Dr. Alma Adams. “These grants will give organizations the opportunity to fight back with national and localized grassroots initiatives. Ideally, these programs will set a precedent for future initiatives that will increase awareness among the Black community, change our views about tobacco use, and ultimately save the lives of thousands of African Americans across the nation.” Needless to say the above is a lie and is also race-mongering at the highest levels. The tobacco industry has "targeted" consumers, as has all industry. It's called marketing and making a buck, something toothpaste makers and the automobile industry do every day. The granting of $21-million to various race-based organizations is merely legalized bribery on the part of the American Legacy Foundation to buy influential friends to hold in reserve for the inevitable show down between the anti-tobacco organization and those who will seek to disband it. Racial politics is a potent tool in the perpetual drive to transfer money from those who earn it to those who spend it. Race baiting is the lowest form of hate propaganda so it's no surprise to find the American Legacy Foundation up to its elbows in that kind of muck. For a laugh, the press release, reporting the race-based grants, warns potential grantees that the American Legacy Foundation will not bestow any funds upon organizations that take tobacco industry funding. The press release neglects to mention that the American Legacy Foundation is funded 100 percent by the tobacco industry and that any group it bestows the $21-million upon will, at the moment the cash changes hands, be funded by the tobacco industry.

  • Con work in progress: Fabricating hysteria

    Author: Yahoo News
    Article Published: 24/05/2002

    ‘ Two million workers die each year due to accidents and illness caused by workplace-related hazards including chemicals, stress and passive smoking, the International Labor Organization said Friday. The annual toll includes 12,000 children, according to its report issued ahead of the annual World Congress on Occupational Safety and Health at Work, which opens in Vienna Sunday. Agriculture, which employs more than half of the world's workers, claims more than 50% of occupational fatalities, injuries and diseases, it said. Construction, logging, fishing and mining are also among the most hazardous industries. "Fatal accidents are just the tip of the iceberg. Depending on the type of job, some 500-2,000 smaller injuries take place for each fatality," the ILO's Jukka Takala said in the report. ‘ Isn’t that scary, and impressive? It is called living – people live, work, get sick and die; they sometimes die on the job, or as a consequence of a job. It has always been that way, and it always will be. The figures are big and scary because they represent a percentage of billions of people. Today’s bureaucratic and statistical disease is that this absolutely normal reality of life is painted as some sort of emergency, requiring a constant state of alert – and, of course government intervention through regulation, repression, taxation, prohibition, propaganda, and so on. The institutionalisation of the passive smoke fraud continues as well, of course: "About 200,000 fatalities result from chronic pulmonary disease, asthma, ischemic heart disease and cerebrovascular strokes caused by passive smoking". Activating the official mouths of "credible" organisations that are as incompetent as they are corrupt (to project the "certainty" that passive smoke kills) is a well established antismoking technique, as is the circular reference to -- and the endless citations of -- other "authorities", without >>EVER<< facing the real scientific evidence itself, that does not show any significant risk of damage from passive smoking in the workplace - or anywhere else. Intelligently enough, the antismoking cons of "public health" hope that, by institutionalising their frauds on smoking, the frauds will become the new, established truth - never to be questioned. It is the duty of all those who care about future generations (and their own liberty) to fight those cons to their extinction – no matter at what cost, as there is no cost higher than the corruption of the state.

  • Ontario researchers look for link between type 2 diabetes and caffeine

    Author: Yahoo
    Article Published: 15/01/2002

    Those who do not drink, eat fat, smoke or gamble think that they can be safe (for now) from becoming the targets of the health cartel. Wrong. Do you drink coffee? Well, then you are at risk of the most common form of diabetes! Thanks to the magic of multifactorial epidemiology, base of all health-related junk science, an infinite amount of diseases can be "attributed" to an infinite amount of substances and lifestyles – literally. We link to the Yahoo Canada News for this one; we highlight for you the S.A.F. (Standard Alarmist Format) key words, indispensable to catch your attention, and make you feel "concerned:" ‘ GUELPH, Ont. (CP) - Researchers at three Ontario universities are studying the link between caffeine and type 2 diabetes, the most common form of diabetes in Canada. "The statistics in Canada and the western world are startling," says Prof. Terry Graham of the University of Guelph, who, along with researchers at Queen's and Waterloo are conducting the three-year study. "Cases are becoming increasingly common, and at younger age groups. We're finding caffeine can have an unhealthy effect on insulin levels for people already at risk." ‘ Have you ever noticed how easily junk scientists are "startled," "amazed," and "surprised" by the output of their statistical computers? It’s incredible what those machines can do! If you check the article, notice the rotation banner on top of the page (if you can't see it, hit "refresh"/"reload"), that takes inspiration from the coffee article to link the "vicious circle" of coffee/drink/eat/smoke, and invites you to quit smoking, of course. To really better yourself, you should get rid of all those despicable vices: just die – and be happy. Imagine: once dead, you cannot catch any disease. Isn’t that a deal?

  • U.S. judge dismisses Guatemala tobacco lawsuit

    Author: Yahoo
    Article Published: 30/12/1999

    "U.S. Judge Dismisses Guatemala Tobacco Lawsuit: Reuters. A U.S. federal judge on Thursday dismissed a lawsuit against tobacco companies filed by the government of Guatemala, which is seeking to recover smoking-related health care-costs. " WHAT "smoking-related health care-costs?" Smokers PAY MORE than their share of the real -- and false -- health care costs through their taxes. Taka a look to the clock in the front page! As usual, the silence of major media on this news has been quite loud.

  • New meaning to toxicity

    Author: Yahoo
    Article Published: 06/03/2000

    The anti-tobacco enterprise is very quick to proclaim that its goal is not to prohibit smoking. Burned by the fiasco of alcohol prohibition in the early 20th century, the zealots have labored mighty hard to obscure their plan of tobacco elimination from the public and policy makers. As the Clinton Era oozes into a squalid puddle and the Gore/Bradley/McCain Era is only an unrealized dream, the prohibitionists are working overtime to launch their millennium of control before they are crushed by the incoming tide of public revulsion. Before they are ejected from the gravy train, an outfit named The Toxic-Tobacco Law Coalition has issued a call to outlaw tobacco production in 20 years. The press release describes the group as a national grass-roots movement which is a description as accurate as the prediction that this year would be "Smoke Free 2000". As the public rediscovers the pleasures and benefits of smoking and the backlash against smoke nazi's and prohibition continues to build, the never-to-be-enacted Toxic-Tobacco Law may be the final shriek of anti-tobacco psychosis.

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