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    Author: Donald G. Smith
    Article Published: 10/08/1998

    With the defeat of the McCain tax bill, the "For the Children" shrieks for anti-tobacco tyranny are loosing any pretence of relevance. Even from benighted San Francisco the word is getting out that the primary purpose of anti-tobacco is to transfer money from the working class to the parasites in Public Health.

  • $1.50 Price Increase On Cigarettes Killed - Nazi-Style Rally In Front Of The White House

    Author: James Rosen
    Article Published: 21/05/1998

    In a frightening display of force reminiscent of the Youth rallies of Nazi Germany, 700 kids, instrumentalized by a strong arm of the antitobacco Cartel -- this time Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids -- amassed in the South Lawn of the White House to exercise political pressure in support of legislation designed to loot tobacco industry and smokers. 14-year-old figure skater Tara Lipinski sung the party line with a pathetic line to please the regime: "Mr. President," Lipinski said, "in the fight to protect kids from tobacco and save lives, our team is going to win." In the meantime, Democratic Sen. Kent Conrad of North Dakota, a leading anti-smoking lawmaker, asked hundreds of youths at the rally: "Do you want to be targeted by the tobacco industry for addiction?" -- "Noo!" the young people roared. Remember the line about the prosecutor who asks the accused, "When did you stop beating your wife?"

  • $20-million to smoker

    Author: Bob Egelko
    Article Published: 27/03/2000

    A jury award $20-million in punitive damages to a smoker who claimed she developed cancer from cigarettes. This marks the first time that a plaintiff who began smoking after warning labels were included on cigarette packs has been awarded damages. The cigarette companies, Philip Morris and R.J. Reynolds, will ask the judge to overturn the verdict because the smoker disregarded the warning labels. Should the verdict stand, the companies will appeal the verdict.

  • "Blame the tobacco industry", says the antismoking cartel thumbing its nose at the tobacco farmers - Antismoking groups say farmers should blame foreign tobacco for problems

    Author: Gordon Fairclough
    Article Published: 13/12/1999

    We needed something to put us in a good mood and we found it. So, tobacco farmers are in trouble clearly because of the havoc and social/economic disaster caused by the anti-tobacco cartel. And what's the answer from the cartel? In a supreme display of arrogance and dishonest behaviour, they say, thumbing their nose at the farmers: "blame the foreign tobacco industry, it is not our fault!" Of course not. Just as much as BJs are not sex according to William Jefferson Clinton.

  • "Catch that Juvenile... He's Smoking!" "No, I Am Busy, You Do It!" "No -- You Two Are Wrong... Do It This Way!"

    Author: David Montgomery
    Article Published: 13/08/1998

    In the pitiful frenzy to forbid the sales of tobacco to minors, foaming anti-smoking dogs step on each other's toes in the US District Capital. "The House of Representatives wants to impose on the District one of the more rarely enforced laws in crime fighting: busting kids for smoking." ... "Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton (D-D.C.) said smoking policy is a 'quintessential local concern that should be left up to the D.C. Council. She said the measure would impose an 'unfunded mandate' on the city because police officers would be diverted from other duties." ... "Leading national anti-smoking groups, including the American Lung Association and the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids, submitted letters opposing the measure." As young people who have chosen to smoke are increasingly regarded as criminals, the morally perverted anti-tobacco scum diverts police forces from fighting real crime to satisfy its paedophiliac agenda of control. Billions are wasted in feeding cancerous parasites like the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids, whose only purpose is to teach lies and instigate hatred and intolerance in the youth, while in the nation's inner cities there are hundreds of thousands of uneducated kids often just begging for a dish of food, a school that's not falling apart, and some loving care while dodging bullets -- and no money is available. The shameful moral and political depravity of the White House-driven anti-tobacco cartel, the ideological vacuum of this Yuppie generation, and the lack of principles behind the re-definition of sexual contact by gallant Billy Willy shall be severely judged by the members of the next generation we claim to be so concerned about -- providing we have not turned them into healthy deviants already.

  • "Damning Evidence"

    Article Published: 11/01/2002

    The BBC continues its slide into irrelevancy with its gratuitous promotion of yet another secondhand smoke study. That the study's basic premise is completely flawed doesn't seem to have occurred to cheerleaders hyping this study. The study declares that people living in the home of a smoker are more likely to be exposed to secondhand smoke than those who don't Well, duh. That's not the real thrust but upon this obvious truth, the researchers construct a castle of sand that cannot withstand the tide of reality. The real thrust is that the study measured cotinine in the nonsmokers blood stream and found levels ranging from 0.31 to 1.99 nanogrammes per milliliter of blood plasma. Since active smokers generally have serum cotinine levels of 14 nanogrammes per milliliter, or greater, the levels are extremely small. Quite a hoopla for a study that doesn't even attempt to prove secondhand smoke is toxic. What is notable about this study is that the researchers are measuring something that not even they claim is harmful. Cotinine is, after all, just a metabolite of nicotine and nicotine doesn't cause any cancer. They are using the measurement of this harmless substance to pretend that its presence proves the presence of other harmful substances that lead to illness. They have put the cart before the horse, since they don't identify the other substances and have never proven that those substances cause any harm. A fortune has been spent over the past decades to demonstrate secondhand smoke poses health risks. To date, no health risks have been proven. Counting cotinine molecules may provide intellectual thrills but since those molecules are harmless, the researchers have been wasting their time. And ours. The BBC should be reporting on that.

  • "Die For Your Country, We ''Take Care Of You"

    Author: Bob Dart
    Article Published: 04/04/1998

    Anti-tobacco "science" offers an excellent excuse to the US government for denying its war veterans medical care. The formula is simple: if you smoke(d), and you get what is called a "tobacco-related disease" (that is, almost anything fantasy can relate to tobacco) no VA benefits! Isn't that a great way to divert money to highway construction? American Legion Commander Anthony Jordan has called the initiative "a breathtaking display of contempt". And we are the sad, powerless spectators of the disintegration of their social contracts, including the sacred one of caring for veterans: "stick it to the people who risked their lives to defend us, just blame it on tobacco!" Is this the beginning of rationing medical care based on false scientific data and funding pretense?

  • "Government... Seeks to Enrich Itself at the Expenses of Tobacco Consumers"

    Article Published: 17/04/1998

    Jerry Heaster of The Kansas City Star slams the truth home to those who think that the anti-tobacco feeding frenzy will make for responsible public policy: "This crusade isn't about saving children from tobacco enslavement. Nor is it about recouping tax money spent by government on health care for tobacco users. It's about greed, and greedy politicians will never be mistaken for angels." "Government not only seeks to enrich itself at the expense of tobacco consumers, but also sees its war against tobacco as an opportunity to expand police-state powers."

  • "I am a D.A.R.E. kid, Here's My Diploma, I'd Like to Report on My Parents"

    Author: Joseph Periera
    Article Published: 20/04/1992

    The informants: in a drug program, some kids turn in their own parents - The U.S. DARE drug "education" program is dividing some communities over the issue of child police informants. One child who approached police with information now "says that as result of her experience, she doesn't 'trust any adult outside of my parents' and 'gets scared' whenever police drive by the house." We link to the Men's Issues Page for a report by Joseph Periera, originally published in The Wall Street Journal.

  • "Rights" trashed....again

    Author: John Christoffersen
    Article Published: 05/02/2007

    The Connecticut Supreme Court upheld the state's smoking ban in restaurants and bars by a 4-1 decision Monday. The law was challenged by a group of bar and restaurant owners who claimed the statewide ban on smoking in those establishments is unconstitutional and hurt their businesses. The group claimed that the ban violated their equal protection rights because it excluded private clubs and casinos. "Rights"? What Rights? A "health issue" is a "health issue". Unless it interferes with "certain" business entities profit line. No, private clubs, existing or new, do not have the right to serve tainted food, so why do they have the Right to allow Second Hand Smoke? We could go on about "level playing fields" or tax dollars stripped from local budgets and diverted to the Reservations - but Norm Kjono has covered that extensively in his columns. Again, until we address the fraudulent use of the studies behind the bans, this will only continue, and continue to escalate into more and more prohibition, not only of second hand smoke, but other non tobacco products too. Consider this, IF tobacco were actually to be legally classified as an illegal substance and the States could no longer collect the tobacco tax revenues and Tobacco Settlement funds who will pick up the tab for those missing millions or billions of lost tax revenue? You got it, the NON smokers. Wonder when they will figure this out. We would like a copy of this State Supreme Court decision and any other court decisions from anywhere in the Untied States. We have quite a collection but that collection must stay current to be of use in the future. Please send them to FORCES, Inc., PO Box 533, Sutton, WV, 26601-0533 or send a scanned copy or link to Thanks for being our eyes and ears to the Nation!

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