Pharmaceutical Multinationals, Buying Governments, Selling Antismoking

The undeniable connection between antismoking propaganda and the pharmaceutical industry -- or: ministries at the service of multinationals.

It is not a coincidence that the pharmaceutical giants pay antismoking activists all over the world to instigate hysteria and mass hatred against smokers. The goal of this marketing campaign, which involves even well-known names of international medicine, is quite clear: the smoker, frightened by the disinformation, tormented even by his kids (who get brainwashed in school), thrown out from public places and workplaces - and finally hated by society - tries to quit to conform. But, since he is told he is an "addict", he must turn to the help of his doctor, who either sends him to a quit-smoking centre or prescribes the "therapy" directly, depending on the business arrangements made with Big Pharma. With public money, therefore, a private enterprise that is based on persecution is promoted - a persecution that goes after the very segment of the public that pays for that kind of marketing,  using "public health" to induce the people to change their behaviour through using false and biased information, to satisfy the financial needs of private colossuses.

This is the chilling reality of the Fraud of the Century and documentation from two major pharmaceutical manufacturers corroborates the mountain of evidence (not the statistical one!...) we are accumulating.

Imagine an industry so powerful, it can afford to deeply infiltrate entire television networks, major newspapers, radio, governments, universities, health institutions, academies, consumers' unions, cultural circles, scientific journals, medical associations, and influence the United Nations, schools, schools of journalism, workplaces - even your tiny neighbourhood club.

Now, imagine that those people and organisations are paid to promote lies and misinformation, falsify and distort data, and to promote wild taxation, restrictions, segregation, marginalisation, hatred, and contempt - against you. Finally, imagine that neither you, nor your children, can ever escape the endless pillage of those groups, and the relentless distortions promoted by the state. You are forced, one way or another, to submit your choices, lifestyle, and wallet to them. You may protest, but the media will not give you voice. You may write to politicians, but all you get is at best a computerised response, at worst a bunch of dramatic statistical figures with no real scientific solidity. You may "choose" not to comply, but you will be sanctioned and punished, or you'll lose your job, or even the custody of your children. One thing is sure: you'll never get satisfaction, and even less, real consideration. You may indeed be allowed to have the last word, as long as it is "Yes, sir."  Otherwise, you and what you are connot ever be right. Would you consider that situation tolerable? Probably not. Would you be willing to do something about it? Probably yes. Yet, that situation is real, and present, and you do little - or nothing at all to put an end to it.

The pharmaceutical giants are paying hundreds of millions of dollars to people and organisations whose sole purpose is to lie about tobacco, intimidate opposition, and in so doing, increase taxes, marginalize smokers, advance prohibition, and firmly control information. Why? Because that will get many smokers to quit. And, since one of the lies is that smoking is addictive, many smokers are convinced that to break their "addiction" they need the pharmaceutically produced smoking cessation products - often quite dangerous for health, and always immensely profitable for the multinationals.

For the first time ever in the history of this disgusting saga, FORCES publishes a complete list of names, dates, organisations and sums paid by just one of the pharmaceutical giants, Johnson & Johnson. Through its philanthropic organisation, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, the tentacles of this super giant control or influence the vital power centres in America and, directly or indirectly, in the West. You will be surprised to see who is on the payroll: trusted, credible faces you often see on television, people on the board of directors of your favourite newspaper, or perhaps that famous researcher... maybe even someone at the Surgeon General office of the United States, or the head of that "disinterested" group trying so hard to get you to quit smoking - and kick you out in the cold if you have a puff - to "protect," of course, the non smokers from non-existing dangers.

The most colossal fraud of history, the dangers of primary and passive smoking, is pushed relentlessly by billion-dollar marketing and propaganda budgets that have turned the public health systems into the largest sales promotion network ever conceived. But this is not just to sell pharmaceutical products; it is also to establish firm control on governments and populations through the international health establishment, which clearly intends to become the de facto dictatorship of the New World Order. And once the control network is established for antitobacco, it will be used for any other form of control. This historical trap, however, still tragically escapes the attention of most.

This is not cheap sensationalism. The meticulous and dedicated research work of Wanda Hamilton clearly shows that there is no end to the corruption of public health systems. It is just a matter of having sufficient money to buy the right people in the right places - and to finance the right groups.

It also proves conclusively that health "concerns" are the ticket to bypass the rule of law and traditions, integrity and truth, scientific methodology and liberty - and to get rich, famous, and hailed for doing so. So much for us fools who still believe in justice.

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