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Justice Finn's Decision On ETS
Australian Federal Court

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The total silence of major North American media on virtually any information that could be used against the political agenda of the international anti-tobacco cartel is truly astonishing.

We are almost ashamed to admit that even we at FORCES did not know about a major decision by the Australian Federal Court on the corrupted science about ETS. That decision predates the decision by the US Federal Court, for it was issued on December 20, 1996.

To the best of our knowledge, this information has gone totally unreported by the media.

The Australian National Health & Medical Research Council was taken to task by the tobacco industry for deliberately suppressing scientific evidence. Justice Finn's findings were eloquent:

" It is clear that the NH&MRC has fallen well short of meeting … the obligation to have regard to submissions received … to take them into account and to give positive consideration to their contents as a fundamental element in its decision making… "

" The community is not to be excluded from that participation simply because, for whatever reason, the NH&MRC does not wish to give consideration to some part of the contents of submissions… It had unilaterally excluded from consideration material, which it previously had determined to be relevant by virtue of the Terms of Reference it had approved… "

" What was objectionable in what the Working Party did was to adopt this exclusionary discriminator without bringing to the notice of the public that this was what they were going to do. They misled the public. "

Justice Finn made subsequent orders that the recommendations contained in the draft report on the estimated costs to the community of passive smoking, and for the elimination of environmental tobacco smoke in public places be taken out, as those recommendations could not be inferred from the evidence contained in the report.

In fact, working party member Simon Chapman, an associate professor at the Department of Public Health and Community Medicine at Sydney University and member of ASH (what is a member of a fanatical lobby group doing working in a National Health & Medical Research Council project?) and his gang were caught while deleting information that would have exonerated passive smoke from association with disease.

Justice Finn basically reached the same conclusion of Judge Osteen in the more notorious US case of the tobacco industry vs. EPA:

THE EVIDENCE IS CORRUPT. In the face of overwhelming evidence about the corruption of science and the lack of evidence on the "dangers" of ETS, the international anti-tobacco cartel turns to intimidation of the scientists who do not play along, libel, suppression of information, while accelerating the pace of repression.

In the meantime the WHO, international arm of the cartel, paid by the pharmaceutical industry to push smoking cessation devices, and already a moppet of the US administration, endorses the frauds on ETS as part of its political agenda against smokers -- an agenda that is itself based on computer-generated epidemics that simply do not exist. In fact, the WHO endorses the VERY STUDY THAT WAS THE OBJECT OF THE AUSTRALIAN LAWSUIT, showing total disrespect for the courts of the countries that are footing part of its immense expenditures when the findings of those courts go against its political agenda. Click here to go to the WHO section, and to all the pertinent evidence.


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