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No Convincing Evidence Of Carcinogenicity

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Environmental Tobacco Smoke:

While the anti-tobacco neo-fascism seems unstoppable, more and more evidence surfaces to indicate that Environmental Tobacco Smoke causes no harm.

This is yet another compelling analysis of the evidence available, prepared by Littlewood & Fennell, P.A., Independent Public & Health Policy Research.

But this squashing amount of evidence is ignored by media and politicians, for everybody is busy in looting the tobacco industry, and raping its customers while destroying the foundations of personal choice and free enterprise.

Frauds and falsifications are the foundations of anti-tobacco, whose orgy of greed and lies involves everybody in a blind, mindless, libidinous frenzy that transcends any reason and truth. "Criminal" is no longer an appropriate definition for these perpetrators who are destroying the foundations of science.

Though ignored, vilified, and spat upon by the dishonest and the ignorant, the truth stands nevertheless, though it does not seem to have much effect on the unfolding events:

There is no harm in secondhand smoke, and there is absolutely NO PROOF of causality for ANY and ALLthe so-called tobacco-related diseases.

This document was written as public comment on the National Toxicology Program's decision to list environmental tobacco smoke (ETS) as a Class A carcinogen notwithstanding the United States Federal court decision ordering the EPA to remove ETS from the list of carcinogens.

The National Toxicology Committee, of course, ignored the comments.

Here is the original introductory letter by Littlewood & Fennell to the Committee.Note that the index is slightly different in the electronic version for technical reasons.


Environmental Tobacco Smoke:

NOTE: This document is in .PDF format, and requires Acrobat Reader. If you don't have it, click here to download it.

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