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s everyone knows, WHO is the acronym of World Health Organization.

Based in Geneva, this creature of the United Nations has been -- and still is -- a very helpful organization, instrumental in the fight against epidemics at a global scale. Among the WHO's greatest past triumphs is the total defeat of small pox.

In the last few years, however, the helm of the WHO has been taken over by the anti-tobacco cartel.

As a consequence of this unfortunate but predictable event, the WHO now has as its main priority a new task that has very little to do with disease and much to do with politics: anti-tobacco.

Is smoking potentially harmful for health? Yes, of course. It causes an unnecessary foreign substance to enter the body. There are (usually over-estimated) risks associated with it, as well as pleasures and benefits. It is a self-regarding behaviour.

How dangerous is tobacco? Because of the huge number of confounding factors interacting differently in each individual, it is almost impossible to assess. Certainly, it is not nearly as dangerous as the anti-tobacco cartel wants to force us to believe.

Is tobacco an epidemic? Of course not. Tobacco has been with us for 500 years through many historical convolutions, and countless people have happily enjoyed it all over Earth. It is a simple pleasure of life.

The word "epidemic," used by the WHO and others to describe its use, carries with it the suggestion of an infectious disease which has suddenly become very prevalent. The choice of this word is misleading and politcally motivated.

Now the WHO has elected itself as the world health police, and has launched a major assault on principles of individual freedom that are at the basis of choice in order to further the financial, political and social domination interests of the international anti-tobacco cartel.

As in all anti-smoking efforts, junk science is used in abundance by the WHO to justify the otherwise unjustifiable. But worse yet, precious human and financial resources are taken away from the fight against real scourges of humanity such as malaria, AIDS, and tuberculosis.

For a complete overview of the WHO let us link with their home page.

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