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"The problem with the Philip Morris study [1, 2] (and many others like it) is that the notion that smokers die younger than non-smokers is merely a statistical construct. In reality, every documented longevity record has been set by smokers, and both the Greeks and the Japanese are among the heaviest (if not THE heaviest) smokers in the world and yet they also have the longest lifespans. So it just could be that if smoking increased, more people would live longer, and thus could cost society a LOT more. Ay, that's the rub. 

Which is right, the stats of the healthists or the undeniable facts of actual existence?" - W. L. Hamilton (26/7/01)

Fact Sheet on Smoking and Australian Smokers - From Forest UK.
Fact Sheet on Smoking and Life Expectancy - From Forest UK.
The "Premature" Deaths of Smokers at 60+, 70+, AND 80+ Years of Age -- According to the CDC - While less than 3% of smokers might die from tobacco-related lung cancer, data obtained from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) -- SAMMEC 3.0 computer-generated mortality data by age groups that CDC was reluctant to supply -- reveal clearly that the vast majority of estimated smoking-related deaths from all causes in the United States occur among Americans who are 60 years of age or older, that more than one-half of such deaths occur among individuals over 70 years of age, and also that nearly one-third of all estimated smoking-related deaths in the U.S. occur among elderly Americans who are 80 years of age or older -- the latter group being individuals living well beyond average life expectancy for men and women in the U.S. today. 
UICC Workshop on Evaluating Interventions to Reduce Cancer Risk - This 10 year-old (but still very contemporary) document reports on the weak to nil (and at any rate, utterly inconclusive) effects of "interventions to reduce cancer risks". Here the anti-tobacco dogma is clearly stated in the introductory paragraphs, inferring that smoking is an absolute cancer risk ["smoking has been estimated to cause about one-third of all cancer deaths" (Doll and Peto, 1981)]. Of course, we are talking about estimates that are proceeding from this hypothesis to theorize the risks. All these assumptions are used by the anti-tobacco cartel as conclusive evidence, carefully avoiding the word proof. Notwithstanding the dogmatic pie-in-the-sky, the paper proceeds to summarize the studies examined. After the population object of the studies was "educated" against the terrible effects of smoking and "bad food,"the tobacco consumption decreased dramatically in all cases against the group that was not so educated). So did the feeding habits. The results ranged from no change to moderate change in the incidence of cancer in the "educated" population. In some cases, the "educated" group showed an increase in disease. Of course, mitigating words are used to soften the blow, but the harsh reality is still politically incorrect: THERE IS NO EVIDENCE (NEVER MIND PROOF) OF A STRONG RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN SMOKING AND CANCER, except an increased risk of lung cancer.
THE WORLD OLDEST -- ALL SMOKERS - While this cannot really be considered scientific evidence, it is a fact nevertheless. The oldest people on Earth are all smokers. According to the World Health Organization and the statisticians of the anti-tobacco cartel, however, these are (or will be) all premature deaths, for the simple reason that they are smokers. Therefore, these individuals did (or will) add to the smoking-related death epidemic figures that the charlatans of the numerous anti-tobacco organizations keep waving in front of politicians, media, and public.
Shattering an orthodoxy: smokers shown to be fitter than non-smokers in huge Australian study - From Australia, one of the most anti-smoking countries in the world, there comes a new study, conducted by the Australian Bureau of statistics. Part of this study sought to establish smoking status amongst the population, and the rates of illness within those groups. The conclusions that emerge are dynamite, for they shatter the prevailing orthodoxy. Smokers reported lower rates of long-term illness, and any illness, than either ex-smokers or those who had never smoked.
Those 400,000 Smoking "victims" Live longer Than The Rest Of Us! - For years the anti-tobacco crusaders, from Drs. Koop and Kessler to President Clinton, have claimed that "cigarette smoking is the greatest cause of preventable or premature deaths, causing 400,000 deaths a year, a number greater than auto accidents, homicide, suicide, and various other causes of death combined." ... Incredibly, analysis of the ages of the 400K supposed deaths computed by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) SAMMEC (Smoking Attributable Mortality, Morbidity and Economic Costs) program shows that tobacco is not a major health threat at all - the supposed victims did not die early!
Europe: Greeks' Lives Among the Longest, Though They Smoke the Heaviest"Life expectancy in Greece is above average even though the Greeks are by far the heaviest smokers, consuming 3,012 cigarettes per person a year compared with an EU average of 1,741", says Eurostat. 
How Antismokers Lie About Smoking And Life Expectancy - Demonstration of the alteration of data by the antismoking industry about smokers' life expectancy.
Statistical Analysis of Life Expectancy Relative to Smoking and Environmental Pollution - Un-manipulated statistics demonstrate the lack of relationship between smoking and life expectancy.


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