Smoking Could Reduce Erect Penis Size!

The Theatre of the Absurd


July 27, 1998

"Smoking could reduce the size of a man's erect penis, researchers said Sunday. The shrinking manhood warning came from the Boston University School of Medicine when they revealed preliminary findings from a study of 200 men in the London Observer newspaper Sunday. Dr. Pedram Salimpour said the findings "statistically significant" and promised to reveal them next month to the International Society of Impotence Research in Amsterdam. Smoking affects the penis in the same way that it does the heart, the researchers said. It damages the blood vessels and inhibits blood flow. This in turn affects elastin, the substance believed to govern a man's ability to have an erection."

 - Nando Times, July 26/98

Please see "The Evidence" on Smoking and Vasoconstriction.  We think you will find it illumating.  Clearly the authors of the above study have little or no understanding of the biomechanics of vasoconstriction and dilation.

Please note that according to the 1996 Annual Report of Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, the Boston University School of Medicine received Grant number 28367 in the amount of US$50,000 for assistance with the Tobacco Control Institute. The credibility of tobacco studies by this institution is therefore in question since it has received money from the anti-tobacco lobby - - and it is more than reasonable to assume that the findings are biased to please the hand that feeds its mouth.

 ... We believe that sound science should stand or fall on its own merits.  Unfortunately, research done by industry is viewed with skepticism, while those funded by advocacy foundations, grant-hungry universities and government agencies eager to increase their size and importance are simply passed on as "fact."

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