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ith the official entrance of the WHO in the anti-tobacco cartel, more and more voices raise against it. This is not just because the WHO has endorsed a fraudulent package of junk science in spite of the overwhelming lack of evidence against tobacco.

The great concern of many is about the WHO's misplaced priorities.

The diversion of the WHO's attention -- as well as huge amounts of money -- to anti-tobacco will be at the expense of the fight against real epidemics such as the infectious diseases AIDS and malaria. While the WHO plays politics with the virtual reality of a computer-generated epidemic the real body count caused by real epidemic disease in the Third World will continue to increase due to the lack of funds and resources.

Following we offer a collection of selected articles on this topic.

Using SARS To Grab More Power - The irony, of course, is that the main victims of the WHO's aggressive SARS clampdown on Canada are members of the Canadian health and political establishment who spend much of their own time dedicated to the same junk science agenda that animates Ms. Brundtland and the WHO. Health Canada and it's Minister, Anne McLellan; Ontario's health officials; Sheela Basrur, Toronto's public health officer -- they're all in the same intellectual game that distorts and misrepresents science and risk for political purposes.

They've consistently warped health risks; now they're paying the price. And now they know how the smokers they've quarantined in downtown Toronto restaurants, or sent out into the cold to smoke, feel. The entire city of Toronto has been locked into the back room of the planet.

The World Health Organization's involvement in the SARS scare should worry all thinking people.  As a health agency, the WHO has been spectacularly unsuccessful in dealing with the problems it was set up to combat.  Malaria is raging in many countries, water supplies for millions is still unsafe and malnutrition is killing people daily.  Millions die while the WHO does the bidding of the pharmaceutical industry and the elite social engineers of the western industrial world.

Terrence Corcoran makes the case that the WHO jumped on the SARS scare precisely to make advance its agenda of becoming the World's health police.  By shutting down Toronto, using the same bogus science it uses to attack smoking and eating, the WHO is achieving a little taste of the power that is its goal.  It's ironic that the same Canadian health bureaucrats who revel in dispensing junk science to effect their agenda are now hoisted on their own petard.


WHAT IS WHO DOING? - "The World Health Organization reported last week that 5,500 children die every day from consumption of food and water contaminated with bacteria. So why is the WHO worrying about obesity, French fries, cell phones, "economy class syndrome" and - worst of all - augmenting its own bureaucratic sprawl? The WHO report paints a shockingly bleak picture for millions of third-world children: 1.3 million under the age of five die annually from diarrheal diseases caused by unsafe food and water; another 2.2 million die from respiratory infections caused or exacerbated by poor sanitation. In activist parlance, this death toll equates to about 40 jumbo jets filled with kids crashing every day. But the WHO seems unduly mired in imaginary and low priority health concerns. At this week's WHO-sponsored meeting in New York City on children's welfare, the WHO opted to focus on the dubious issue of childhood obesity, claiming that 22 million of the world's children under age five are overweight or obese."  - By Steven Milloy

Once again, the WHO's priorities with regard to "the children" have been shown to be morally repugnant. Clearly the WHO is more interested in promoting its political agenda than in actually saving children's lives.

WHO CARES? - The World Health Organization cares more about its own life than the lives of the poor - If you read nothing else this month, don't skip this exposé documenting the ills of the Word Health Organization.  Investigative reporter Brian Doherty digs deeply into WHO and what he finds is an agency that is spectacularly ineffective in alleviating human suffering and sickness.  He finds an agency that caters, instead, to the interests and obsessions of the industrial West.  He finds an agency that is more concerned with attacking tobacco companies than in attacking malaria and AIDS.  He finds an agency whose "Tobacco-free Initiative" is mighty profitable for WHO's pharmaceutical partners.  In short he confirms what FORCES has been saying for years.

WHY RANK COUNTRIES BY HEALTH PERFORMANCE? (Adobe Acrobat document. If you don't have Adobe, click here for a free copy) - "Has WHO learned nothing from the experience of others using a football league approach to hospital statistics, school performance, and the like? As Vicente Navarro reminds us, Spain’s quality of life fell unbelievably from rank 7th to 21st in a single year in a similar exercise." This short article by The Lancet criticises one of the mortal diseases that affect the World Health Organisation (we call it BMSS - Bureaucratic Multiple Statitical Sclerosis): ranking countries by health "performance"! Other debilitating diseases affecting the WHO are: PMS (Pharmaceutical Money Syndrome), CIINP (Compulsive Interference in Independent Nations' Politics), S-SES (Schizophrenic-Statistical Epidemiology Syndrome), and the worst of them all: TBBJS (Terminal Bigotry Based on Junk Science). All those diseases are incurable, and justify arguments of euthanasia -- to mercifully free the WHO itself, and the world, from those disfiguring, communicable diseases.

WHO's WHITESHIRTS - "The World Health Organization, which held its 54th "World Health Assembly" from May 14 to 22, is longing for the World Sanitary State or, at least, for a World Sanitary Cartel. It aims at global health control by politicians and bureaucrats in white labcoats." The latest article of Pierre Lemieux on the World Health Organisation. Just do not miss this one! Check other pieces from Pierre in his FORCES corner of The Independent Researchers'section.

  • WHO, WHAT and WHY? Trans-national Government, Legitimacy and the World Health Organisation - Why be interested in the World Health Organisation and its attack on the tobacco industry? First, because the controversy over tobacco is of enormous social, political and fiscal importance, and has yet to be clearly stated and assessed. Secondly because the WHO has added to the con-fusion, by proposing massive legislative measures with no democratic mandate. The story that I tell in the following pages is meant as a warning. More and more legislation issues from bodies that are not accountable to those whom they seek to control. Only if we are aware of what this means in a particular case, can we understand the more general threat to our freedom." - By Roger Scruton. This document requires Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you don't have it, click here to get a free copy.
  • THE THREAT ON CHOICE AND HONESTY TAKES ANOTHER STEP TOWARDS GLOBALISATION - By using the World Health Organisation as a front, the pharmaceutical cartel is attempting to coordinate antismoking efforts in 190 nations, by increasing taxes on tobacco, institutionalising prohibition, targeting and segregating smokers, preventing personal choice at a global scale, and spreading false information through the WHO, in synergy with the greatest marketing blitz of all times. The antismoking campaigns use mainly ministries of health to increase the credibility of manipulated information on smoking, and to promote dangerous cessation products, while using public health institutions as marketing tools. The false information of the WHO is then repeated by local media, thus building popular belief that the dangers of smoking are real, and stimulating intolerance world-wide. This press release of the US Libertarian Party illustrate the dangers to our liberties. The need for a coordinated, global war against health fascism and international, high-level corruption has never been more pressing.
  • WORLD HEALTH ORGANISATION: TOOL OF THE PHARMACARTEL TO PUSH SMOKING CESSATION PRODUCTS - WORD OF THE PHARMACEUTICALS!  - The fact that the WHO is a moppet of the pharmaceutical industry is not new. But it is right that an international, public organisation, to which the governments of Earth contribute hundreds of millions of dollars each year, turns into an official sales tool of the pharmaceutical multinationals? Is it right that this public organisation keeps divulging fraudulent statistics on the mortality of smoking to promote smoking cessation products? Is it right that the tentacles of the pharmaceuticals, through the WHO, reach into departments and ministries of health of virtually every country in the world, disseminating false information on primary and passive smoke - while the citizens of Earth pay tax to a bureaucratic monster that swallows over 70% of the money in administrative expenses? Smokers are not sick, yet they talk about "therapy". None of the "tobacco-attributed diseases" can be proven to be caused by tobacco, yet the WHO, prostituted to special interests, keeps talking about "pandemic", while real epidemics are neglected. People are lead to believe they are sick, and spend hundreds of millions of dollars buying dangerous and ineffective smoking cassation products, while smoking rates go up thanks to antismoking propaganda. How long will the world allow this scam to flourish? When will an international investigation be launched?
  • The real ideology behind the WHO - If this does not scare you, nothing will - and you'll deserve it all - CONTROL GENE POOL, SAYS ETHICIST - "The state of a nation's gene pool should be subject to government policies rather than left to the whim of individuals, a World Health Organisation ethicist told a symposium yesterday."

    ... Do you still think that the health Nazis will stop with tobacco? Think again: tobacco is just a test bench. The health cartel wants total control - and not just in the political arena. It is the duty of every citizen of the Earth to fight the health cartel, whose true Nazi-like mentality becomes every day clearer. What does it take to make people react? An open declaration of the pursuit of an alcohol-free, smoke-free, red meat-free, state-endorsed superior race? In the not too distant past, this sick mentality was wiped out at a terrible price - and now it is gradually but surely proposed again at international level - a little bit at the time.

    "Professor Wikler, an American philosopher, academic and author, stressed he was speaking in his academic role and was not describing World Health Organisation policy."

    Of course not - not yet... these are the same people who have declared war on tobacco.

  • THE TOBACCO WAR GOES GLOBAL - Good article of The Economist on the WHOs' plan for an international persecution of smokers at planetary level. The scientific frauds and the falsification/manipulation of statistics on tobacco mortality and secondhand smoke are nothing short of criminal behaviour by any code of morality - and probably, by many legal codes of many countries. Yet, the WHO manages to spread its frauds to all nations of the Earth to establish the domination of the Third World by pharmaceutical multinationals and Western powers. This is NOT the mandate of the WHO - an organisation that should be disbanned, and replaced with something that at least resembles honesty. As the war against smokers goes global, so must go the fight to stamp out the international antitobacco cartel - and bring its frauds to justice. If the above link does not work, click here.

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