Endorsing Passive Smoke Garbage

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June 17th, 1999

he WHO is quickly sinking to new depths in the corruption of science and politics.

Totally indistinguishable by the anti-tobacco cartel, the WHO is now one and the same.

Maternal Smoking: no significant association with disease

Today at the Healthy Planet Forum in Westminster Central Hall, Storey's Gate, London, Dr. Gro Harlem Brundtland, Director General of the World Health Organisation has launched the International Consultation on Environmental Tobacco Smoke and Child Health.

Simoultaneously ASH, the fanatical anti-smoking organization notorious for forcing its lies and propaganda with legal actions, and promoter of books that detail how to poison cigarettes with cyanide to mass murder smokers, issues this press release.

Note that WHO's own embargo date for the report is the same day as ASH's, which means that WHO and ASH are VERY close, since ASH obviously had the full report to put online prior to the embargo dateand also had a press release prepared for the release of the WHO report.

This is a clear indication that the WHO is controlled by the worst form of fanaticism, and that this organization is nothing more than the enabling moppet of a bunch of fanatics with a criminal agenda of persecution and fraud.

This makes the WHO one of the greatest dangers for civil liberties and scientific integrity in the second half of this century. The agenda that foresees the removal of children from smoking parents has now gone global though the WHO.

All the diseases attributed by the WHO to secondhand smoking are false because unproven.

In fact, the overwhelming weight of evidence shows no link with disease. Even a US federal court has decided that the only link between passive smoke and disease is corruption

FORCES calls for all those who still believe in personal choice and scientific integrity to join together to legally prosecutes this organization for fraud. It is time to take the anti-tobacco cartel to task and to force it to prove in front of courts of law its statements.

This has nothing to do with smoking anymore. This has to do with stopping and punishing a bunch of fanatics and liars who have gained too much power and, in total disregard for evidence, want to forcefully and with all means impose their will to the world.


Let us punish the instigators and the perpetrators before it's too late.

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