Useing Tainted Study From An Organization Proven To Be Corrupt

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June 19, 1999

s is the case with all corruption, the dissolute must rely on dissolution to proceed with their plans.

This is once again demonstrated with the WHO.

On June 17th, 1999 we announced that the WHO had just sunk to new depths by endorsing the junk science on passive smoking, and by getting in bed with ASH, an antismoking organization so fanatical, it is kept at a distance even by many operatives of the anti-tobacco cartel.

Biblioghaphy of studies and other evidence on passive smoking: NO LINK WITH DISEASE

Section VI:

Calling for "protection for 700 million children exposed to passive smoking," the WHO is now waving its "new" report on ETS in the face of the world. The report, by the resounding name of "International Consultation on Environmental Tobacco Smoke (ETS) and Child Health," is nothing more than yet another collection of fraudulent studies, lose associations, "creative interpretations," and so on, although the WHO this time goes one step further in bold lying and uses words like "causal association with..."

Having a big international microphone, and being international in nature, the WHO and its operatives are well aware that it is impossible to press fraud charges against them.

To get the report in either .PDF format, or Word format Click here.
To read the .PDF format you need The Acrobat Reader. To download a free copy, Click here.

Upon examination of the report an interesting tidbit of information has surfaced.

On page 17 of the report is Table 1 (Summary of conclusions from earlier health agency reports on environmental tobacco smoke and child health), and on page 18 are the references (Background Reading & Additional Sources).

The first of the list of additional sources (and obviously part of the information sources of Table 1) is the Australian National Health and Medical Research Council. References are also made to their publication: "The Health Effects of Passive Smoking (1997) ISBN 0-642-27270-0".

What the WHO does not say is that this outfit was caught fudging data in order to advance their anti-smoking agenda. FORCES reported the incident on April 23, 1997.

According to the AAP, the justification for the data fudging was as follows:

"Simon Chapman, an associate professor at the Department of Public Health and Community Medicine at Sydney University, commenting on the tables' figures, wrote:

'Journalists looking at that table (or being directed to it by the [tobacco] industry) will be hard pressed to write anything other than 'Official: passive smoking cleared -- no lung cancer.'


Chapman also heads an anti-smoking lobby group."

(Here is the full article by the Australian Associated Press).

(Here is the Australian Federal Court's decision on this study supported by the WHO).

THE SAME CONCLUSIONS CLEARING PASSIVE SMOKING CAN BE REACHED FOR ALL OTHER "DISEASES" ATTRIBUTED TO IT, for the weight of the evidence exonerating passive smoking is truly overwhelming -- and decisive.

Since the entire passive smoke scare is therefore based solely on frauds and distortions of scientific data, the WHO has no choice but to rely on crooks and fanatics to further its agenda of political global control.

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