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In the document below, published this year by Wiley-Liss, Inc, by the title: "Estimates of the worldwide mortality from 25 cancers in 1990", Int J Cancer; 83(1):18-29 1999 UI: 99380219, we can read the following:

"It is estimated that 20% of all cancer deaths (1 million) could be prevented by eliminating tobacco smoking."The document, signed by Pisani P, Parkin DM, Bray F, Ferlay J, still caters to the same devious attitude of attributing cancer to tobacco use. What this document says is, of course, a wild guess, and it is false because:


The international health cartel says:

3 MILLION in 1998
3.5 MILLION in 1999
4 MILLION in 1999
1 MILLION in 1999
10 MILLION by 2010
10 MILLION by 2025
10 MILLION in 2025, but
100 MILLION in the next 30 years (?)
1 BILLION, maybe750 MILLION IN 2050

We are not joking.
for links to their documents.

  1. Cancer is always a multi-factorial disease, where the concomitant causes interact differently in each individual, thus it is impossible to assess the contribution of each cause, smoking included.
  2. The genesis of cancer is still unknown; thus it is impossible to attribute a cause to something that is not known.

Notwithstanding those false attributions, the figures in the document are in striking disagreement with the figures (3, 3.5, 4 million) that the WHO claims are the current "death toll" of tobacco use in the world.

The pandemic of political and scientific dishonesty about tobacco is indicative (and can scarcely hide) these undeniable truths:

  1. The "health" establishment is still in the dark about cancer
  2. The ignorance about cancer is covered with anti-tobacco propaganda
  3. Anti-tobacco propaganda is a political diversion to cover the failures of the WHO in other fields (malaria, famine, etc.)
  4. The WHO and its minions are knowingly lying to the governments of the Earth for the purpose of political and financial domination
  5. The tobacco industry is perceived as an international cash cow to be extorted at the world level
  6. Smokers are perceived as the providers of immense global revenue. The financial extortion of smokers is to be rationalised with their persecution "for their own good". As in the US, smokers will be excluded from any decision making because "sold" as incapable to decide since they are "addicted". This will eliminate any effective opposition.
  7. The WHO is a moppet of the pharmaceutical industry and of the politics of the United States

Having established that, one would still think that all these dishonest scientists, politicians and activists would get together and, at least, lie at the unison. Not so.

The French liars who wrote this document lie differently than those in Geneva, who also lie differently than the ones in the US or elsewhere.

If the nations of the Earth are unable to see through this putrid display of deception, then they deserve the One World Orderpromoted - and controlled -- by the US.


PLEASE NOTE: It is possible that this document is removed from circulation when the discrepancy with the WHO's fraudulent figures on world wide tobacco-related mortality is exposed by this posting.

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