Collection of important historical documents and great speeches

We are pleased to present our readers with this collection of milestone and historical important documents.

The documentation shows how the tobacco industry has been systematically disarmed and then "tamed" to support politics of fraud and repression against itself. The victims of this process have been not just smokers, but also and especially constitutional liberties, personal and property rights, the integrity of most institutions. The tobacco wars have set the way to total lifestyle control, brutal social control and neo-Communist collectivization of thinking.

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  • October 8, 2000 -The text of the EU advertising ban decision - By the year 2000 prohibition created many metastases in Europe. A European ban on tobacco advertisement was successfully imposed in 1998. The debate is over: it's ideology, it always was. Tobacco advertisement must be banned. But the British tobacco industry did not sign the Master Settlement Agreement (below) and did not bend over - not yet. So it sued the fascist law and won. By now the foundations of the antismoking movement, as a whole, have shown to be so fraudulent, they can easily be beaten in court. All it takes is the courage (and the means) to go to  court. For further information about the decision,click here.

  • February 16, 1999 -Charlton Heston's 'Culture War' Speech at Harvard - "The tobacco wars are actually the most lucrative part of a cultural war between those who believe that individual choice and personal liberty are more important than the interests of the state, and those who believe the opposite. Charlton Heston supported the infamous proposition 10 of California, designed to boost the anti-tobacco lies and propaganda by over-taxing the smokers, and further finance a hate campaign against them. Made aware of all the facts, Heston later apologized to smokers for his mistake. This speech, delivered at Harvard, is one of the most powerful and enlightening speeches I have ever heard since the glorious 60s. I am known to be sometimes over-rambling with my arguments. Not this time. Charlton Heston's words say more than I can possibly say at the best of my abilities. It is a ray of hope, and a shocking reality check for America, and those through the word who want to follow its example." (Introduction by Gian Turci)

  • October 1, 1998 - The assault upon liberty and dignity - The cancer of collective neo-Communism ideology is vividly described in this passionate address, when history professor Alan Charles Kors strikes out against the repressive and destructive official "group-think" that prevails on American campuses today, a trend that "has entailed a denial of the only authentic meaning of liberation: the right to individuate free of external coercion and impositions. It has intruded upon the sanctity of self-definition and private conscience." Collectivism - and the faith that the collective exceeds the sum of the single constituents (that is, a collective of one million idiots makes a genius) usually does that.

  • July 17, 1998 -The Osteen decision - Text of the decision by the US Federal Court on the EPA fraud on passive smoking "dangers". With extreme contempt and after careful examination, Judge Osteen orders to the EPS to vacate its classification of ETS as a carcinogen because based on fraudulent methodology and utter junk science. But not even the power of a Federal Court can stop the Fraud of the Century. The Osteen decision is in turn vacated by the Appeal Court on the grounds of competence - and after the clear statement that Osteen's scientific reasons are not questioned. But hatred and corruption know no reason or truth, and the Fraud must go on. Already bent by the Master Settlement Agreement, the tobacco industry does not push the case to the Supreme Court, where it could have easily prevailed. Later, judge Osteen is slandered and publicly lynched as a tobacco industry "friend". That was never true - and a burning previous judgement against the industry by the same judge demonstrates it - but, as we know, for the antismoking crusaders truth does not matter. The message is clear: the judicial system, scientists and any force denouncing the public health fraud will be silenced.

  • 1998 -The deal of shame - Here is the full text of the US Tobacco Settlement. In this milestone agreement, bent by junk science law suits, the tobacco industry surrenders in exchange for "no more suits". In doing so, the industry accepts - amongst many other humiliations - to no longer expose and denounce the epidemiological frauds on smoking and the junk science, allowing fanatical activists and corrupt health institutions to free wheel and flood the public with a deluge of false information, hate promotion and discrimination against smokers. Shortly after the agreement, Philip Morris turns against its own customers, and  confirms and amplifies the disinformation on smoking while allying itself with antitobacco. The next step is the first attempt to give control of cigarettes production to the FDA. This is the fist historical step on a road that will inevitably lead to the de-legalization of tobacco and to the deliverance of the monopoly of nicotine to the Pharmaceutical industry while Big Tobacco diversifies its interests.

  • April 8, 1998 -Transcript of the speech of Mr. Goldstone at the National Press Club on declaring the tobacco deal "dead" - Unrevised speech of Mr. Goldstone from RJ Reynolds on April 8, 1998. This is the date when the historical tobacco "deal" was declared dead, among the relief of many industries, smokers, and politicians. Unfortunately the relief did not last long, and a few month later the deal was signed, the industry bent over and the first foundation for tobacco prohibition was set.

  • 1997 -The full text of the US Federal Court decision on FDA's authority to regulate tobacco - It was a blow for "public health": the failure to achieve the FDA control over the production of cigarettes. The tobacco industry successfully sued - on the tail end of more proud and dignifying times, when it had the courage and the stamina to go after the public health frauds. Once amongst the attackers who successfully defeated the attempt, today (2007) Philip Morris is amongst the hottest proponents of the FDA regulation of cigarettes, as PM has turned into nothing more than a cheerleader of the Fraud of the Century, a great tax collector -- and a spectre of itself.

  • July 31, 1997 -Florida judge bars evidence state knew of tobacco risks; rules state need not prove essential elements of its case - The ignominious case the Florida trial against the tobacco industry is the story of shame of American jurisprudence. One century of judicial precedents is overturned by a pivotal judge whose "job" is to extort billions of dollars from the tobacco industry and set a precedent to "nail" the industry by denying evidence.

  • August 1, 1997 -Confirmed injustice for the business community: Florida's business community goes on trial, says associated industries of Florida - In the continuation of the Florida trial the day after the shameful decision of a judge to subvert the Rule of Law "jurors will be asked to render a verdict without ever hearing all the facts". The facts that were forbidden by the judge were, partially, the scientific evidence that shows the antismoking epidemiological frauds and implicated the knowledge by the state of the presumed risks of smoking. The total disregard of the truth for greed and fanaticism has prevailed in legal cases concerning tobacco ever since.

  • July 10, 1997 -The testimony on global warming from Dr. Richard Lindzen - Lies and junk science not limited to the tobacco issue - The precedent set by the institutional corruption of the EPA spreads like a cancer to other issues, and the Global Warming scam gets started in a major way. Environmentalists - in many ways a spin off of antismokers - have caused an immense damage to the world economy, as well as a new way to fight capitalism with trash science. Lindzen is one of the world's foremost experts on climate science. But, as it is in the case of smoking, no amount of scientific evidence or authoritative voices seems to be able to stop the devastating effects of deliberately induced public hysteria.

  • December 20, 1996 -The Australian Federal Court: Justice Finn's decision on ETS - The reality that the "dangers" of passive smoking are nothing but an institutional fraud was not caught just by Osteen in 1998 (above). Before him, in 1996 a Federal Australian court came to the same conclusions - conclusions to which any and all people with integrity come when they look at the trash evidence upon which ministries of health tout their prohibition. But if you cannot silence them, ignore them. The total silence of the mass- media on virtually any information that could be used against the political agenda of the "public health" crooks is truly astonishing. The Australian National Health & Medical Research Council was taken to task by the tobacco industry for deliberately suppressing scientific evidence. Justice Finn's findings were eloquent. Justice Finn made subsequent orders that the recommendations contained in the draft report on the estimated costs to the community of passive smoking, and for the elimination of environmental tobacco smoke in public places be taken out, as those recommendations could not be inferred from the evidence contained in the report. For more comments and a synthesis,click here.
    In the short compendium, you will see the name of Simon Chapman, an antismoking researcher caught while falsifying data on passive smoking to make it look dangerous. Convicted for his crime, Chapman is now a significant consultant at the World Health Organization. Frauds must be rewarded.

  • March 17, 1994The testimony of Gray Robertson, president Healthy Buildings International Inc. before the subcommittee on health and the environment committee on energy and commerce U.S. House of Representatives - Ventilation as an alternative to smoking bans is a powerful alternative that works perfectly against the never-demonstrated "dangers" of passive smoke. But the passive smoking fraud has been built to create hatred against smokers so that they quit smoking using pharmaceutical nicotine, the commercial promotion of which begins in these years. So ventilation MUST be canned so that corrupted institutions can further pharmaceutical interests and fuel mass-hysteria and hatred of smoking.

  • July 21, 1993 -House Committee on Energy and Commerce - Health and Environment subcommittee - Statement of Hon. Thomas J. Bliley, Jr. - A fundamental milestone in institutional corruption is set with the falsification of the Environmental Protection Agency on the dangers of passive smoking, to create the foundation for smoking bans all over the world. "EPA's willingness to distort the science in order to justify its classification of ETS as a "Group A" or "known human" carcinogen seems to stem from the Agency's determination early on to advocate smoking bans and restrictions as a socially desirable goal." "...Not surprisingly, therefore, the process at every turn has been characterized by both scientific and procedural irregularities." "...The ETS risk assessment is far from an isolated example of EPA's approach to the use of science in policy making. The Agency's propensity to scare the public first and ask scientific questions later is both notorious and well-documented."

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