The World's Oldest: ALL SMOKERS

Smokers die early. How is this 'truth' established? Like this. If, this year, the average life expectancy is 78 and you die at 77 and smoke(d), the year you are missing is ATTRIBUTED to smoking, never mind genetics or the other million every day things that could have made you live one year "less". However, if you live one year "more", that extra year is NOT attributed to smoking because the ideology says that smoking kills by definition - so it must have been something else that made you live a little longer, but CERTAINLY NOT smoking.

Be that as it may, the hard and empirical evidence (no epidemiological attributions needed) shows that the world's oldest are or have been all smokers. To avoid sending the "wrong message" (the "right" one being that "smoking kills"), these people are called "exception to the rule". But are they all exceptions to that rule, or is it just the rule that is flawed by ideology and beliefs?

The enigmatic actor Patrick McGoohan has died at age 80 - McGoohan, perhaps best known for his widely admired television series Danger Man (a.k.a. Secret Agent) and The Prisoner, was also famed for his love of good drink and tobacco. As FORCES readers know, that makes him a "victim" of his habits, according to the madness of Healthism.

The modern eugenics "attributes" every death of every heretic to his heresy, and counts all of these at any age as "premature," on the assumption that Healthist believers themselves have an infinite life expectancy. Thank God we know they don't. The Prisoner series, a creation of McGoohan's personal genius, expressed a clear vision of fierce independence and personal freedom, and will perhaps stand as his greatest monument. We pray Mister McGoohan finds his every freedom and pleasure in the realm to come. He was a unique artist and shall be greatly missed.

James Whitmore - James Whitmore, character actor, has died at the age of 87, another victim of tobacco. Well, his vice caught up with him as anti-tobacco predicted and he will be added to the list of victims murdered by the purveyors of death. It matters not one whit that he lived to a ripe old age because, despite all evidence to the contrary, we all know that smoking tobacco is a certain path to an early (and painful!) death.

Premature smoking death - Regular smoker, Bir Narayan Chaudhuri, died prematurely at the age of 141. While his age cannot be verified it is obvious that this man was very, very old. In any case his longevity contradicts the anti-tobacco myth that old age and smoking are incompatible. This fallacy is obvious yet anti-tobacco continues to preach and disperse the lie that smoking tobacco leads to an early (and painful!) death. While the smoker from Nepal may not be the oldest man ever it is a fact that a smoker does hold the record for living the longest.

Another premature death - Sir John Mortimer, gourmand, drinker, smoker, freedom-fighter, eminent barrister, and creator of the fictional barrister Horace Rumpole, has passed away at age 85. Sir John, Anti will say, has paid the proper price for the heresy of enjoying life. Any death at any age, you see, is "premature" according to Anti's frothing statistical methods, unless of course it is the death of an Anti (example). Make no mistake, smoking kills. If millions of smokers live long and happy lives and millions of non smokers die youg, those are accidents and, as we all know, sh** happens. That is, of course, if you are con enough to make such statement -- or dumb enough to believe it.

Old news, or: smoking kills -- in a pig's eye - The birthday boy's story, headlined "Smoked for nearly a century: a centenarian on whom tobacco has had no bad effects", explains that Isaac, from the age of fourteen and ever thereafter, smoked incessantly throughout each day, from before breakfast, until bedtime, usually about nine or ten in the evening, although "if he were busy or sat down with congenial spirits to a game of cards he would sit up all night."

Pint and Fag Marathoner - Britain's oldest employed man, at age 101, has now taken up a new avocation. No, not playing draughts, and no, he's not taking up knitting either. Buster Martin is in training to become the oldest-ever entrant in the London Marathon, in fact, the oldest ever in any marathon, anywhere. He says beer and cigarettes are what keep him going.

109 and going - A beautiful lady, Hilda Newson, celebrates her 109th birthday. She chain-smoked until the age of 85. Do smokers live longer than non-smokers? A whole lot of them do. The health cultists simply and constitutionally cannot take notice of how many smokers live to be very old. The concept of moderation, particularly with regard to thinking, escapes them. But it does not escape us, and objective reality: Our old folks today are the heaviest consumers of cigarettes, and the longest-lived generation, in human history.

100 years old and still going - Walter Trask is still driving his car. In fact, he drove to his 100th birthday celebration. He smoked since he was a little kid. But don't forget that smoking kills!

107 and going - Let's put this news straight, as it is turned upside down by the antismoking scum. Congratulations to Mabel who, thanks to the protective effects of cigarettes (or their absence of harmfulness) has managed to outlive most of those who pursued a "healthy" non smoking lifestyle. A living celebration of smoking.

Celebrates her 100th birthday by lighting up her 170,000th cigarette - Politically correct, antismoking-compliant reporting about a British lady pensioner who has smoked for over 80 years. She has no intention to quit and she is enjoying good health - right in the face of the smoking ban.

Says who that smoking kills? Good habits such as smoking are the secret of good life -Here is the case of Zhang Shuqing, a centenarian in Pixian, Sichuan, China, turned 100 on May 7, and who "buried" his own daughter (probably a non smoker) eight years ago. Zhang has a lot of other "bad" habits: he also eats like a pig, including a daily bowl of pork fat! Let's face it: if these are such "bad" habits, Zhang and so many like him would not be here to prove the opposite, would they?

The Big 115: another ancient smoker has a birthday party - A reader tipped us off to this story of the ex-smoker, never-drinker who was already six when the U.S. seized Puerto Rico from Spain in 1898. "I never damaged my body with liquor," said Mercado, who quit a 76-year smoking habit when he was 90. Happy birthday, Mr. Mercado del Toro!

The tobacco death toll - Mercilessly, tobacco keeps harvesting an endless number of premature victims. Day after day millions of cigarettes are produced by criminals who KNOW that each and every one of their customers will DIE - and there is no escape, and no more unquestionable truth: if you smoke, you die. This is the case of the late John McMorran, of Lakeland, Florida. He smoked cigars, drank beer and ate greasy food - and now he has paid the dear price for a life that stands as an insult to the health crusaders. John was born June 19, 1889, in a log cabin in Michigan, and he was the oldest American living. But beware: he could have lived longer hadn't he smoked. And that is not all; it is well known that smoking causes blindness and ear problems.In fact, "McMorran's eyesight failed in his final years, and people needed to shout for him to hear them." What a waste. This is what tobacco does to you. May this epitaph stand as warning to the young, so that they learn to NEVER make John's mistakes, and risk to turn into attributed statistical deaths.

The Italian Massacre - These statistics give us a full dimension of what tobacco can do to people. The Italian daily "Libero" has just reported updates on the Tobacco Massacre of Milan last February 6th, 2003. Out of a population of 2.2 million in that city, there are 646 people whose lives will, inevitably, be cut short - shortly after they turn 100. Two of them are already 110, five are 109 and 12 are 106. Another 217 are only 100, 167 just turned 101, and 115 are 102. But that's not over. Over 35,000 Milanese are in the age range between 85 and 94, and another 92,000 are between 75 and 84. You can see them in the polluted Italian city with their dogs, in the typical little bars, indulging in despicable habits such as coffee, grease-filled brioches, alcohol and - worst of all - smoking Tuscan cigars that stink more than any diesel tailpipe, poisoning their peers with second hand smoke. Some of them even "do" cigarettes, having indulged in the deadly habit for over 94 years. Imagine how dirty their lungs are. According to the daily paper, in fact, the overwhelming majority of these people either smokes, drinks, or eats fatty foods. Most even do it all! No wonder the heroic health authorities must intervene to stop the carnage. It's either now or never.

Tobacco claims two more - The Philippines lost one of that country's most prolific and beloved composers and lyricists. Levi Celerio, who wrote the lyrics for more than 4,000 folk, Christmas and love songs, died after a bout of emphysema. Obituaries noted that Mr. Celerio was a chain smoker. He was 91. He is survived by his third wife and the 12 children he managed to father despite the impotence caused by tobacco. One can safely concluded that he died because of tobacco. Hadn't he smoked, he would have lived forever, gracing us with his music until time itself comes to an end.
From the other side of the world, the United Kingdom morns the death of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth, The Queen Mother. The mother of Queen Elizabeth II, the Queen Mother was a bon vivant who loved horse racing, gin cocktails and, sadly, cigarettes. It was the latter, the beastly coffin nails, that did her in. She was 101 years old.

Television Pioneer's Life Cut Short - "His trademark cigar rarely left his hand. In an interview two years ago, Berle said he'd smoked cigars since he was 12. 'I figure if George Burns can smoke 20 cigars a day his whole life and live to be 100, why should I worry if they're bad for me?'" We note the passing of Milton Berle with sadness and anger at a creative life cut so short by excessive tobacco use. He was 93 - certainly a preventable death.

Gregorio Fuentes, cut down by tobacco before his time - Gregorio Fuentes, who skippered Ernest Hemingway's fabled fishing boat, the Pilar, for more than 20 years and is said to have been the writer's inspiration for the embattled fisherman in "The Old Man and the Sea," has died. He was 104. Fuentes died of cancer Sunday at his home in Cojimar, the quiet Cuban fishing village about 10 miles east of Havana where Hemingway used to dock the Pilar. Smoking until the end, Fuentes is sad proof that tobacco kills and causes cancer.

Done in by his pipe - John Berry, a rugged-faced pipe smoker, a stage and movie director, writer and actor who made more than 50 films and, entangled in the blacklist, exiled himself from Hollywood during the anti-Communist inquests of the 1950s, died on Nov. 29, 1999 at his home in Paris. He was 82 - yet another premature, tobacco-related death, no doubt. We are not kidding. Every smoker who dies is logged as a tobacco-related death to beef up mortality statistics and imply that those who don't smoke live much longer lives. But Berry can smile from beyond the grave, now. Communism is back - and it's even conquering America: it's called "public health".

Isabella Gibson ready to celebrate her 99th - As this section is dedicate to smokers killed by tobacco, it is time to talk about the living - that will die because of tobacco, however. Another smoker approaches one century of life. Gambling, smoking, and enjoying life does not seem to have been enough warning for this person. The minister of "health" should have a talk with her, and "educate" her on the horrible diseases "caused" by smoking. In the meantime, Isabella seems to be still in good health How lucky!) in spite of osteoporosis (smoking-related, no doubt). Happy birthday, Isabella -- and keep on smokin'!

Wencelao Moreno: another victim bites the dust - It's with sadness that we report the demise of Wencelao Moreno because of a smoking related illness. Mr. Moreno, better known as "Senor Wences" in the "Ed Sullivan Show" was 103. During the benighted era when ash resided in ash trays rather than dictating policy in Washington, Senor Wences joked, drank and smoked with his puppets on television.All his puppets died of second hand smoke decades ago. Although his premature passing is sad, his death is warning to us all that smoking kills.

Mme Jeanne Calment smoked right in the face of superstition - She was listed as the world's oldest human whose birth date could be certified, and died at 122. She had begun smoking as a young woman. At 117 she quit smoking (by that age she was just smoking two or three cigarettes per day because she was blind and was too proud to ask often for someone to light her cigarettes for her). But she resumed smoking when she was 118 because, as she said, not smoking made her miserable and she was too old to be made miserable. She also said to her doctor: "Once you've lived as long as me, only then can you tell me not to smoke." Good point! [USA Today, "Way to go, champ," 10/18/95].

She smoked for 90 years - When Mme. Calment died at 122 in l997, the new longevity champ became 116-year-old Marie-Louise Meilleur, of Canada. Mme. Meilleur had chain-smoked all her adult life (as her grandson said, "She always had a cigarette dangling from her lips as she worked,"-- AP, 8/15/97, reported in Miami Herald, p. 2A). She did give up smoking, however, when she was nearly 100. Please note that this information has been "forgotten" by Wikipedia and by other sources of information. People must believe that smoking kills.

Addicted to the last minute - One of the world's oldest men died on May 1, 1998. Christian Mortensen. He was cigar smoker for most of his life -- and smoked them to the end of his life [San Francisco Chronicle, "114 and Still Smoking," Peter Fimrite, 8/5/97, p.A13].When antismoking crooks speak of a deadly addiction, they are not kidding.

He smoked for 85 years - Britain's oldest man, George Cook, died at 108 in his sleep in September, l997. He "smoked heavily for 85 years before giving up tobacco at the age of 97," ("World Briefs," Houston Chronicle, 9/29/97).

20 cigarettes a day for 84 years - The Scottish Daily Record (12/15/97) reported on Ivy Leighton, 100, who smoked 20 cigarettes a day for 84 years, but cut down somewhat after her 100th birthday. April claimed smoking was the key to her long life.

Age unverified, but "chimneys" nevertheless - There are two men who claim to be the world's oldest living humans, but their birth dates cannot be certified. One is Ali Mohammed Hussein, who claimed to be 135, of Lebanon. He "smokes like a chimney," but does not drink alcohol [CNN World News, "Born in l862," Brent Sadler, 5/13/l997]. The title is also claimed by Narayan Chaudhari, a Nepalese man who says he is 141. However, his birth date also cannot be certified. He too is a heavy smoker and says the secret of his longevity is "raw tobacco and no alcohol." [Nando net, Agence France-Press, "Nepalese man claims to be 141, which would make him world's oldest", 2/12/98].

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