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Smoking Bans (2007)

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  • May 25 -Smoking room a hit at bingo hall - There is a reason why the antitobacco rot wants total smoking bans: to avoid verification of what people really want. Case in point, this happy story is telling us about the incredible success of a smoking bingo hall right from the start.

    "A cigarette in one hand, a dauber in the other. That's how bingo should be played, say those who drove as long as an hour last night to this London-area reserve where Ontario's aggressive anti-smoking rules don't apply and a new hall lets visitors light up while playing."

    An area of liberty, still protected from the Nazis. What a joy reading these words:

    "Duval estimates his Windsor business dropped by nearly half when it was forced to go smoke-free. The reserve doesn't have to abide by those same rules and the local health unit has admitted it's powerless to stop the indoor smoking."

    Powerless is the key word here.  Political power must be taken away from "public health", which bypasses any democratic system to grab it. The only power "public health" must have is over public toilets and contagious disease-the way it should be, the way it is meant to be.

  • May 24 -Non-smoking cafe becomes a smoking cafe - The owner of a cafe in Steinenvorstadt (Switzerland) was taken for a ride by the local antismoking group which, as usual, promised that her business would be booming if only her locale became fully non-smoking. Like most hospitality industry operators, she fell for the bait.  But after a few weeks she realized that very few customers were walking in, and that her business was doing really badly. So she decide to open a smoking section and the clientele started to walk in. No customers, neither smokers nor non smokers, have given her any problem whatsoever. Rather, there is notably more vivacity in the locale. Of course, the smoking section is by far the most popular, so now she is thinking about eliminating the non-smoking section altogether.

    Ah, the wonders of the free market!  In Switzerland like everywhere else, it is clear what the REAL preference of smokers and non smokers is-and it is a happy locale where smoking is allowed and people can enjoy themselves in peace.  And that is also the REAL reason why "public health" trash wants blanket smoking bans: to prevent people from choosing, and showing instead a non-existing "consensus" for bans based on the public fraud of passive smoke.  The "New Public Health" is the enemy of liberty, and truth.

  • May 23 -Coloured citizens on that side of the deck - After running wild with the ETS (Environmental Tobacco Smoke) fraud, Canadian authorities now are on the run with the OTS (Outdoors Tobacco Smoke), the latest fraudulent excuse of governments to criminalize smokers. In the 21st century Apartheid we see that smokers are the new "coloured" citizen - coloured by their freedom of choice for a lifestyle that "public health" trash has decided to target and to "socially denormalize". This is the case of British Columbia Ferries, long ago adopting prohibition and segregation.

    "BC Ferries will designate smoking areas on the outer decks of half its fleet of passenger ferries before the year's end. Smoking is now permitted anywhere on the outside decks, although it's prohibited on car decks and interior areas."

    And here is the ritual reciting of the fraud:

    "That's the option preferred by Dr. Richard Stanwick, chief medical health officer for the Vancouver Island Health Authority, especially given the way winds shift on ferry decks. Two or three smokers, even six metres away, can deliver a significant amount of tobacco smoke, said Stanwick. That dose of carcinogens will be more powerful depending on whether it's up- or downwind, he added."

    Stanwick is a liar, of course, like all antismokers.  How the winds shift in connection with the huge emission of the powerful diesel engines moving the boat doesn't seem to worry Dr. Stanwick at all. Yet, even this is not good enough for the "health" scum, as a total ban is advocated. Do you still think that this has to do with health?  "Public health" is purging society of smokers. Time for smokers to purge the rot out of "public health".

  • May 21 -Clearing out the riff-raff - Telegraph Avenue in Berkeley California for decades has been a thorn in the side of the "progressive" university community.  At times it resembles Calcutta with beggars clogging sidewalks, the stench of urine rising from doorways and alleys and an air of squalor intimidating potential shoppers from sampling the exotic wares of merchants trying to make a living in what should be a dynamic crossroads of academia and commerce.  Because the "homeless" are the progressive left's sacred cows, the Berkeley power structure has bent over backward to accommodate them, even though many are drunk or on drugs as they harass law-abiding citizens traversing the avenue.  The key to the dilemma of providing the public order demanded by businesses and taxpayers while maintaining the "progressive" and "compassionate" mantle that the ideologues who run the city enwrap themselves has been found; ban smoking on the streets.  Swigging rot gut vodka, high on meth and defecating behind parked cars is okay as long as no tobacco smoke wafts over the sidewalks.  Initial reaction to the sidewalk smoking ban from the city council has been enthusiastic.

    "I don't see anyone on the council voting against it,'' said Councilman Kriss Worthington. "In fact, it's possible that some council members would ban smoking throughout the entire city."

    Worthington, however, would be highly indignant if the proposal to improve Telegraph Avenue included provisions outlawing people from lounging supine on the sidewalk.  That would be cruel and would run counter to the loving atmosphere that Berkeley cultivates.  In the pipedreams that define Berkeley thought banning smoking is all that need be done to transform the avenue into a west coast version of classical Athens.  If the ban fails to produce the desired results, as it will, at least the city council and mayor can congratulate themselves on showing how tough they are on an issue that obsesses the ruling class. 

    Councilman Kriss Worthington, who many times has shown how butch he can be beating up smokers, is a gay man who is out and proud.  He claims to know first hand how those who are outside the mainstream can be marginalized and demonized.  He says he will not put up with discrimination against minorities.  His liberalism, however, draws the line with smokers.  There is no policy too harsh for these vermin.  Ridding the world of them is the right thing to do.  Hatred towards them is appropriate and necessary.  It's likely that Californians will be voting on a state constitutional amendment that explicitly bans marriage between members of the same sex.  Worthington will be campaigning vociferously against such an amendment.  He will be screeching against intolerance, shrieking for inclusiveness and issuing anathemas against bigotry.  Why would any fair minded voter believe a word he says and why would anyone vote to please this hypocrite?

  • May 17 Modern justice: fairness under oppression - This video from You Tube  is important to watch, as it is a classic.  It describes the foolishness of the "level playing field" siren song.

    Fairness is very important for children.  If there are two brothers who misbehaved in the same way, the worst thing a parent could do is to spank one and not the other (assuming that you can do that without your kids launching a law suit to "straighten you up"). The essence of this example is that equality in punishment is, for the child, far more important than whether the punishment has a true and fair foundation, as the child does not have the maturity and the knowledge to judge the reasons behind the punishment.

    This is also true, unfortunately, for our generation, that, emotionally and intellectually, never grew much beyond childhood.  Papa "public health" must apply punishment to all in the same way or it is "not fair".  Rather than fighting the fraudulent reason behind the smoking bans (the non existing "dangers" of passive smoke), business owners fight the exemptions to the bans.

    The obvious basic concept is that exemptions are unfair - and indeed they are.  But exemptions should not be there because there should be no ban in the first place, not because they are "wrong".  It follows that the correct and effective action should be to sue the "authorities" to stop wrongful laws based on the public fraud of passive smoke - not whine and lobby for universal prohibition!

    The sweet illusion is that by applying blanket, "fair" bans to all and by depriving smokers of choice, the smoking customers will surrender their right to smoke and they will happily go to all those mandated no smoking establishments as if nothing happened, because they will accept smoking prohibition as the new social standard. WRONG.  Smokers will stay home instead.  They should and they do, as we see all over the world where the bans are applied: the numbers of cigarettes sold goes up, and thousands of businesses are shut down.  Asking for the level playing field without addressing the passive smoke fraud is, therefore, asking for equal opportunity to either go bankrupt or be economically damaged.  Misery loves company.

    As happens with children, however, that does not matter.  What matters, once again, is that the spanking be equally applied to all regardless of the wrongfulness of its reasons. It follows that the oppressor who suffocates everybody  in the same way deserves the obedience of all for his "justice".  Machiavelli lives.

  • May 17 Minnesota's unemployment rate increases. One of the biggest losing sectors was the hospitality industry: 2,100 lost jobs - A "good" politician is he who torments smokers and uses the passive smoke fraud to do so.  This is the case of  Tim Pawlenty, governor of Minnesota, who has just signed a state-wide smoking ban into law.  That will make a bad employment situation worse, as sure as sunset, asMark Wernimont from Clearing the Air points out. CTA haschronicled 114 + local bar and restaurant closings since 3 small municipal smoking bans were enacted.  As we know, everywhere there is a smoking ban there is an economic crisis, but that does not matter at all next to the Pharma-frauds of "public health". Their solution is simple: make the smoking bans wider, so that smokers will have nowhere to go - but who will stay home, save money and knock the economy out.  Good for them.  In the meantime, the US is approaching the dangerous threshold of 50% + 1 states that have a smoking ban.  And you know what happened when 50% + 1 of the states went dry about 90 years ago, don't you?...

  • May 16 Arizona smoking banA Forces reader sends in this news item.  Arizona enacted a strict smoking ban on May 1 and hasn't yet received coverage on the website.  The law has been in effect for five days and a bar owner is already refusing to comply based on a loophole.   He thinks the readers will enjoy this article and video clip from the Arizona Republic newspaper.

  • May 11 Cigar smoking yes, cigarettes absolutely notThe piece to which we link is a marvellous example of why smokers are mainly responsible for becoming the new underclass.  It reminds me of the three turds joke: as they swim in the sewer, the first one finds a coke cap and wears it, then it happily sings "I am a Coke".  The second one finds a Fanta cap and does the same.  The third one finds nothing, but it sings along anyway. The other two turn to him and shout:"Shut up, you turd!"

    This short and slightly vulgar anecdote speaks volumes about human nature in general and of that of smokers in particular. The article is representative of the paucity of brain and common sense which, so far, is leading smokers into a veritable second-class status.  Here we have cigar smokers who consider themselves elite next to "tasteless" cigarette smokers.  They think that they are entitled to cigar bars, to which cigarette smokers are not.  And when they manage to get an exemption from a ban, they forbid cigarette smoking! "Some of the more relaxed cigar bars take pity on their inferior cousins by allowing cigarette smoking. The classic cigar bar, however, turns its nose at the Virginia Slims and Salems of the world."

    Cigar and pipe smokers have found soft drink caps to wear - until the next wave of legislation, that is, when the ban will accept no exemption, and the turd "elite" will realize that it would have been far better to drain and sterilize the antismoking sewer instead. - Comments by Gian Turci, FORCES C.E.O.

  • May 10  -  Warning investors - Having heard that BlackRock is looking to finalize it's purchase of Calhoun Square in Minneapolis in the next couple of months, Mark Vernimont fromClearing the Air warns investors that "...It would be prudent to realize that local hospitality closings are at an epidemic rate here in the Minneapolis, St. Paul, and Bloomington areas since local lawmakers enacted smoking bans", andhe provides documentation.  He then concludes: "I'm just trying to help save your investors millions of dollars in losses."

    Predictably, the response of antitobacco will be to reassure potential investors that there will soon be a blanket prohibition everywhere to establish a "level playing field". After banning smoking everywhere, however, smokers will stay home and there will be a "level bankruptcy field".  Too bad for the economy but since it is not the field of "public health" anyway, who cares?

  • May 10 Scotland: A third of Scottish pubs have reported laying off staff due to the smoking ban, a survey of landlords claims.  But all is well - The ban is a financial disaster, but BBC rushes to mitigate the information: "However, the Scottish Licensed Trade Association, which polled 530 pubs, could not give exact job loss numbers. ... Health Minister Andy Kerr said the poll was limited and there was no evidence that job losses were linked to the ban".   Implication: the data may be incomplete thus faulty, so keep on believing that the ban is good for all. Conversely, the wild speculations of the minister of "health" get reported with a "reliable" spin (Parbleau, let's not forget that he is a "health authority"" Why would he lie?...): "The tobacco industry say that sales are down 2-3%."   That is quite strange already, as other media reported a 6% increase in cigarette sales as early as seven months ago! "Research suggests an up to 40% increase in the number people contacting smoking cessation services in the three months prior to the ban." Sure... and now?  And finally, the "democratic" bang can't be missing:"The health minister said people in Scotland support the ban".  Well, reality suggests instead that there has been no popular referendum - other than the paid-by-the-crooks polls advertised by BBC.

  • May 2Smoking ban may have reverse effect - Northern Ireland has a brand new smoking ban so of course the crowds will be flocking to the pubs and restaurants that are now blissfully empty of the dirty smokers.  Those dirty smokers, of course, will soon be quitting their immoral habit to join the elect in the smoke-free establishments.  The angels are singing.  Not so fast says one keen observer of tobacco and those who love it.

  • May 2Even in the Ulster, EVERYBODY is happy with the smoking ban - So, after the fist day of yet another smoking ban, this time in Northern Ireland.  Let's read the news... actually, we don't have to read them at all to know what they say.  Everybody is happy, smokersobey.  The air is finally "fresh", and prohibition equals progress. Just like the Communist propaganda press, all comrades are happy under the great Soviet - take the words of the interviewed who are, of course, the parties that have imposed the ban!  First is Tom Crossan, head "health" officer, who shows the severity of the "bastard who loves you": "His warning for anyone caught flouting the ban in future was clear.  If people or businesses blatantly go against this law we will come down on them and there will be prosecutions". Fear is important for obedience, ask any KGB.  Mr. Crossan (and what he represents) can consider himself smoked right in the face in a public place.

    Then come the "experts" quacks: "Mike Unger, chief executive of the Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation, said: 'We're delighted that Northern Ireland is going smoke-free' ".  As per protocol, the statement is swiftly followed by the usual number of deaths, none of which, of course, can be proven.  As the final rolling of the drums, here is the institutional "authority" with the paternalistic shot.  "In years to come, people will be amazed that smoking was once permitted in enclosed workplaces and public places".  They will be amazed indeed when, once this "public heath" scam is defeated and the crooks are finally in jail, people will remember these dark times while having a cigarette and a beer in their pubs.  The appearance of democracy cannot be missing: "But one critic claimed the legislation could actually drive up smoking levels". The "one" critic isMr. James Leavey, who "based histheory on the desire to be seen and potential encounters with the opposite sex."  So, Leavey's point that smoking bans increase smoking, confirmed in every country with a smoking ban is a "theory".  Conversely, the imaginary statistical deaths of the Cancer Foundation are "reality".  Who says that antismoking quacks are not schizophrenic?

    You know what the real problem is?  That none of this is real except, unfortunately, the ban.  In fact, what you read above is the exact carbon copy procedure used by the antismoking propaganda in any country, in any language, at any time.  A procedure set by the crooks of the World Health Organization.  For example, the words of the Ulster's minister of "health" are, one by one, the very same words (and in the same order!) that were pronounced by the Italian minister of health on January 10, 2005, the day the Italian ban started.  They are also the same words spoken by other ministers of "health" we have records of.

    Copy, paste, quack.

  • May 2The 3,000 unemployed that never existed - Clearing The Air highlights the latest piece of antismoking falsehood and utter schizophrenia from The Star Tribune in Minneapolis.  The piece states: "But a recent study by ClearWay Minnesota, a local non-profit, found that county and city smoking bans passed in 2004 did not hurt sales or employment at eating and drinking establishments."   But Clearing the Air points out: "Apparently their 'study'conveniently overlooked these 110 local establishments which closed their doors due business loss from city and county smoking ban effects.  Furthermore, MPAAT seems to think that the 3,000+ lost jobs was also an insignificant negative affect from local smoking bans."

    Sounds very much like passive/active smoking-related "deaths" to us!  The truth is that, everywhere in the world, the antismoking cartel could not care less about the damages it makes.  And since it is based on fraud, it considers its "studies" not to be bound by science and reality, as fraud is a legitimate mean to combat smoking. That is why we have a huge institutional problem, isn't it?...

  • May 2Bingo lights up Scottish political campaign - Everybody acknowledges that the smoking ban has devastated the bingo clubs in Scotland. Independent bingo operator Martin Carroll has been so badly hit by the ban, that he has become a candidate for the regional list seat of Glasgow in Thursday's Scottish general election, on the ticket of amending the smoking ban to allow separate rooms for smokers, where space allows, and otherwise to allow licensees discretion. (Read more at Freedom to Choose)

  • April 25 -The Dutch: Cigarettes no, drugs yes ... and more here - The Netherlands has long been famous for its "coffeeshops", establishments that serve up marijuana, often in different "gourmet" varieties, to customers. The shops have functioned for decades now under a controlled and tolerant regulatory regime. Of course, it goes without saying that the marijuana is smoked.

    Meanwhile, in many other parts of the world where the War on Drugs rages unchecked, bolstering the budgets for local law enforcement, encouraging police corruption and enriching international drug lord kingpins beyond all imagination, the same dope smoking that is routinely enjoyed in a Dutch coffee shop often means jail time - sometimes major jail time - and a criminal record for anyone who might care to indulge. 

    So what's the Dutch response to the new War on Tobacco? Well, since the World Health Organization and all the other operatives of anti-tobacco are concentrating on the persecution of tobacco smokers and don't seem much interested in marijuana smoking, the logical thing is happening.

    The new wisdom of the Netherlands essentially says, "dope smoking is ok, but ordinary cigarettes are more dangerous than a nuclear plant meltdown."

    "'It is ridiculous to think that a smoking ban would be the end of coffee shops,'" one politician and coffee shop owner is quoted as saying in this article. He's probably right. After all, everyone knows that marijuana smoke in the ambient air does no harm, while tobacco smoke EST kills on contact. Right? Of course right.

  • April 25 -Wiping out the competition- The Wisconsin Restaurant Association also backs the statewide smoking ban, reversing its previous position.  Mark Dougherty, owner of Mark's East Side, an Appleton restaurant, did the same. Dougherty, speaking at the Capitol hearing, said he had rethought his previous strong opposition to the ban.  "We looked at the big picture and decided this was best for the restaurant and hospitality industry," he said. - Appleton Post Crescent, April 20, 2007

    While a restaurant supporting a statewide smoking ban appears counterintuitive there is nothing unusual going on at all.  By and large, restaurant associations have backed smoking bans in the USA. For example, the Washington Restaurant Association did not oppose the smoking ban in Washington State and in fact refused to consider environmental tobacco smoke issues or rebuttal. The theme of the alleged opposition to the smoking became "Smoking bans are fine, this ban is just too extreme."  In several states where smoking bans have recently passed or are currently pending restaurant associations quite consistently state no opposition to or support for the bans.

    You are observing business as usual at work. Many large franchise chains have gone "Smoke Free" voluntarily. As they did so customers migrated to small, independent restaurants and bars that accommodated smokers.  Restaurant association membership is to the greatest extent large franchise chain establishments. Smoking bans therefore predictably hurt small, independent bars, taverns and restaurants while benefiting already-smoke-free large franchise establishments. This is simply a use of political agendas to advance regulatory measures that predictably benefit large franchise operations at the intended expense of small, independent neighborhood establishments.

  • April 16 -How not to overturn smoking bans - A county judge in Colorado has ruled that the state-wide smoking ban is unconstitutional because it exempts cigar bars.  On the surface a ruling against a smoking ban could be considered a positive development that should be applauded and emulated.  The result of this particular victory, however, is likely to be recorded as yet another useless effort that paradoxically will result in tightening up the state's smoking ban.

    The Colorado law exempts cigar bars and businesses that sell tobacco products from the smoking ban.  Obviously this exemption is "unfair" and, in the case of cigar bars, is an eloquent example of how the rich and powerful exempt themselves from the hassles that the "little people" must endure.  Taking this unfairness to the courts seems to make sense.  What will happen, however, is that, if this ruling is upheld, the politicians who are owned by anti-smoking interests will rush to removeall exemptions, "levelling the playing field" while providing themselves with the aura of virtue by cracking down on the cigar-smoking elite.  A legislator in fact has already introduced a law to end the cigar bar exemption.

    The history of smoking ban litigation is littered with cases brought before judges on constitutional bases.  With rare exceptions all fail.  Health in this country, including Colorado, trumps all.  Litigating on technicalities, property rights and so-called constitutional issues is a sure loser.  The only way a suit will ever kill a smoking ban on private property is to take the "science" of secondhand smoke to court.  While it won't be easy to do the facts will be on the side of the plaintiff.  Not only is there no evidence whatsoever that secondhand smoke is hazardous but the research that is used to claim harm, if digested by anyone who understands epidemiology, never leads to any justification to ban smoking in restaurants, bars or anywhere else.

  • April 10 -A modest proposal- Currently in Michigan there is a well financed effort to enact a smoking ban in restaurants and bars. Michigan is unfortunately in the midst of a severe economic decline due to current trade policies.  In fact many small businesses are struggling to survive.  Knowing this the state legislature is somewhat hesitant to pursue this smoking ban.  But the spin machine of the anti smoking movement is in high gear. The deluge of anti smoking positions in the media to support this smoking ban has kicked into high gear.

    I wasn't surprised to hear that smoking is choice that can no longer be tolerated.  Also that through legislation those who make the choice to smoke will find themselves further isolated from society.  When reading the local news paper, views and opinions presented by smokers always seem to have the same old twist that "I know this isn't isn't good for me" and "Please have some consideration for me".  Most seem to admit defeat. Not once have I read or heard a choice other than continuing with the status quo or submission to the ban. I was somewhat surprised when the Flint Journal actually published the below letter I wrote them:

    Maybe it's time to consider the unthinkable. I'm talking about a modified version of locking up all the smokers to protect the public health. Just imagine all of the social pariahs locked up together, inhaling that toxic cigarette smoke, puffing their way to the Big Dirt Nap. Finally, the nonsmoker's pristine nostrils and virgin lungs would be forever protected from the ravages of evil tobacco when dining out, or drinking in a tavern.

    That's right, I'm proposing "Smoking only" restaurants and bars as a solution. We all must face the fact that putting smokers and nonsmokers together in a closed and poorly ventilated room is no longer the viable solution it used to be. Nonsmoking and smoking-only restaurants and bars could be the solution that works for smokers, nonsmokers, and proprietors.

    If what nonsmokers say is true, then it will just be a matter of time before smoking-only establishments fail because of a lack of customers, or until the next study determines that just the thought of someone enjoying a cigarette causes cancer. - Randy Piotraczki, letter to the editor, Flint Journal, 3/20/07

    The Journal in their wisdom misspelled my last name bad did have the balls to print it.  It didn't stop the antis from still contacting me to inform me of the stupidity of my simple suggestion.  As a matter of fact I got the impression by their reaction it scared the hell out of them.  I used the antis own dogma against them to justify the choice of "smoking only".  You all know what the result was from this.  There is only one one choice "Non Smoking".  This simple letter has got people thinking and talking.  Most got the point of the final sentence, and the ones that didn't never will.  I am just one of many smokers who have had enough and are more than willing push back. -  Randy Piotraczk, Michigan resident

  • March 29-Some secondhand smoke is A-OK - We link to yet another example of a peculiar idiocy politicians everywhere fall sucker to.  Despite Colorado's "total" smoking ban, bars that derive a particular amount of revenue from the sale of cigarettes can continue to allow their patrons to light up indoors.  Somehow the supposedly deadly effects from secondhand smoke are rendered safe if cigarettes are sold on the premise.  In other locales throughout the United States smoking in restaurants is allowed as long as a particular percentage of the revenue comes from alcohol sales so in this case restaurant workers are not harmed when the secondhand smoke accompanies heavy drinking.  In posh cigar lounges, such as those found in the anti-smoking bastions of New York City, Seattle and San Francisco, secondhand smoke is harmless to workers, as long as it isn't polluted by wisps of cigarette smoke.  In Florida and Utah secondhand smoke is deadly if food is involved but okay if distributed throughout a drinking establishment.  In casinos everywhere the sky is the limit and smoking restrictions are almost nonexistent proving that gambling may break you but you won't die from the smoke floating above the gaming tables.  On and on go the list of irrationalities, which will continue...until such day smoking in the exempted business is finally outlawed.

  • March 28-The Herd - Another California city plans to ban smoking outdoors.  Ho hum.  Outdoor smoking bans are this year's circle jerk, an impotent exercise to determine which mediocre politician has the biggest.  While banning smoking in city parks is stale news  - the originator thinks it will make his town friendlier! - Norman Kjono sees the inception of something far more interesting and quite positive.

  • March26-Finger in the dike- It's not a matter for debate, since the records clearly show it, that smoking bans annihilate bars.  More than a thousand have bit the dust in Ireland, just as the business owners said would happen if their patrons were forbidden to light up on the premises.  The Irish government has heard the lamentations and is kicking into gear to rescue the suffering pubs.  Too bad the rescue plan doesn't include eliminating, or at least modifying, the total smoking ban.  Instead the government will fund a fleet of buses to transport rural residents from their homes to the pubs that are going broke due to lack of patronage, namely smokers.  To the financial losses caused by government interference will be added the cost to the entire population for this mad transportation scheme that will not stop the bleeding of profits at the pubs.  The Irish government probably longs for the good old days when it told the country that banning smoking would usher in a wildly prosperous era for its pubs and restaurants.  Reality has a way of slapping the dullard in the face but some dullards never get the message.

    What seems to be silly arbitrariness is actually anti-tobacco being quite clever and very patient.  Some places are not "ready" for smoking bans so bit by bit prohibition is slowly imposed until all exemptions are wiped out.  Those businesses benefiting from the exemptions are living in a fool's paradise if they think they have ducked the bullet.  Until private property owners tackle prohibition head on, focusing on the fraudulent "evidence" that secondhand smoking is dangerous, property rights will continue to be trampled under the heels of those who could care less if every bar and restaurant went out of business.

  • March 23-City takes stand against statewide smoking ban - It's great to see local government taking a stand against the pharmaceutical nicotine special interest groups whose real motive for lobbying in favor of smoking bans is to increase corporate pharmaceutical profits.  While Barbara Carlson, the one council member who opposed the resolution, points out that the true motive for public and lawmaker support of smoking bans is:  "'s so enjoyable to go and not smell like smoke...."  Not a justifiable reason however, to eliminate jobs and businesses here in Minnesota or elsewhere.

  • March 22-Business owners oppose smoking bans in the Netherlands - Even in Holland resistance to smoking bans is building up and for good reason: "Turnover fell by 20 percent in the first year in countries where a smoking ban has been introduced", an indisputable argument absolutely ignored by the health "authorities", who also have created the scientific absurdity that "there is no safe level of exposure to second hand smoke" which is, however, very astute for invalidating the ventilation option. Of course we are talking about a fraud but fraud is to be taken as granted when antismoking "public health" is involved. So it boils down to this: will the business owners be able to create sufficient political pressure to defeat the antismoking mafia? That remains to be seen and good luck to them.

  • March 22-Santa Cruz county bans the mere possession of tobacco products in parks - It is definitely not about smoking: it is about prohibition.  Let's make that conclusive: all over the United States the itch to enact full prohibition has returned, and this piece by Michael Siegel is proof. The difference between the old prohibition and the new one is in the pitiful arguments used to justify the latter. In the old days al least there were moral reasons (that one could or could not agree with), and the causality was real, scientific and actually measurable, as entire paycheques in times of scarcity were blown in the bottle, leaving families literally starving.

    Let's hear today's justifications instead: "Anyone who lights up or chews smokeless tobacco would be subject to a $92 fine. And anyone who merely possesses cigarettes or smokeless tobacco would also be subject to the same $92 fine". Furthermore: "...the purpose of the ordinance is to reduce secondhand smoke exposure and to reduce the risk of fires: 'Second-hand smoke is a known carcinogen. We believe our children deserve a clean, safe place to play.' ... The smoking ban applies to everyone and any type of tobacco, even smokeless. Officials say the idea is to keep the county's 30 parks free of second-hand smoke. Samuel expects the ban to reduce the number of park fires caused by smokers." Beside the fact that the carcinogenicity of second-hand smoke is a plain fraud, what fire and second-hand smoke for chewing tobacco?... The confusion and the hypocrisy of this prohibitionist scum needs no further comment.

  • March21-Proprietor cleared of contempt charge - This story from Thurston Washington provides a glimpse into the insanity of smoking bans.  A proprietor was cleared of a of complaint that he violated an injunction enforcing the state's anti-smoking law by allowing customers to light up inside his tavern.  This appears to mean that he was judged not to have had an intent to flout the statewide smoking ban.  That's not to say smoking doesn't occur in his bar, only that he is not responsible if it is.  Local law enforcement had asked that he be fined $7,500 because he didn't have a no smoking sign and because patrons are still lighting up.  The whole sorry episode illustrates how ridiculous smoking ban laws are and how localities are wasting an incredible amount of time and money cracking down on a so-called crime that wasn't a crime a short while ago.  To add insult to injury had the proprietor been a member of an Indian tribe he would be allowed to openly and loudly advertise his establishment as a place where customers can legally smoke.  Anti-tobacco has made such a botch of civil society that law enforcement and the judicial system should crack down on those criminals rather than running an honest businessman ragged.

  • March21-Sports bar sues county over smoking case - In a very positive update to the story above about a sports bar owner being cleared of a complaint that he violated the Washington State's anti-smoking law, we are pleased to report that instead of wiping his brow with relief the bar owner is turning the tables on his persecutors.

    Frank Schnarrs, an Olympia sports bar owner and critic of the state's smoking ban, has filed a $1.5 million claim against Thurston County. Schnarrs said the county violated his civil rights.  The decision stems from the legal action taken by the county against Schnarrs earlier this month, said Schnarrs' attorney Shawn Newman.

    A part of Schnarrs' claim is that the Thurston County Environmental Health Specialist's comments at the hearing were defamatory, an interesting development given that anti-tobacco's contention that "secondhand smoke kills" defames all smokers, the businesses that allow smoking and the tobacco industry.  The tobacco industry long ago accepted defamation as a small price to pay in currying favor with government entities.  It's encouraging that the "little people", who actually are damaged by the secondhand smoke fraud are taking their legitimate claims to court.

  • March 16 -Civil disobedience on the move - A brave group of bar owners in Colorado Springs are openly and loudly defying the recently enacted statewide smoking ban.  Their bravery is inspiring and the group hopes it inspires bar owners in Denver to join the protest.  The protest began recently as evidence grew that bar owners throughout the state are hurting financially due to smokers refusing to go where they aren't wanted.

    Recognizing that, in a country where laws are respected, it goes against the grain not to comply with an ordinance that was duly passed by the legislature, the owners know that joining the protest is a hard sell.  They have, however, morality and science on their side since there is not one piece of evidence that justifies banning a smoking on private property.  Since secondhand smoke poses absolutely no threat to nonsmokers and no one is forced to set foot in an establishment that allows smoking the ban is unjust and un-American.  The protest is definitely taking off and press coverage, for a change, has been positive.  If enough Denver bars join in it spells curtains for the smoking ban.

  • March 12-Civil Disobedience - Open defiance of Colorado's smoking ban by bars in Colorado Springs, as an act of civil disobedience, forced the hand of police and code enforcement officers. A series of stings was conducted around Colorado Springs. Dozens of citations were issued, with one bar owner facing fines of more than $4,000

    Now is the time for all businesses and patrons to stand beside (note we did not say behind, out of sight...) these business owners, support them in any way you can from where ever you are!

  • March 15 -  Beating up the old folks - These days the contemptuous advice offered to bullies of "why don't you pick on someone your own size" falls on deaf ears because the end game for officious politicians is precisely to beat up those weaker and less powerful than themselves.  These day, in fact, it is almost a requirement to slap the weak around because there is no risk to doing so since the slapping around is always accompanied with the ludicrous message that the stern chastisement is always "for their own good."

    Realizing that shaming the bullies is impossible, Eamonn Mallon playfully and devastatingly congratulates a mean-spirited official for making life miserable for old pensioners who spend their waning days on earth pottering about the garden.  Even Hitler didn't make it official policy to bully, badger and fine the old duffers for the innocuous "offence" of smoking while gardening.

  • March 15-Legislature halts local smoking bans - South Carolina State legislators pulled the rug out from under anti-tobacco operatives by yanking out a provision that would allow local governments to ban smoking in private property.  Anti-tobacco is working very hard lobbying the legislature to invalidate property rights by giving cities the authorization to impose prohibition.  Legislators who prevented this are to be applauded and supported.

    It hasn't been a good couple of weeks for anti-tobacco in South Carolina.  Recently a judge invalided a smoking ban in one city by ruling that only the state can pass smoking ban legislation.  South Carolina will continue to be a free state.  Anti-tobacco, of course will continue its hardball tactics, working on the weakest links, lying about the "dangers" of secondhand smoke and distributing pharmaceutical money to so-called grass-roots anti-smoking groups.  At least some members of the legislature are on to their game.

  • March 14-Don't become enraged - Take a moment and read carefully this news story about Belmont California.  Decent people will be outraged at the smoking ban the city council might foist on the citizens of this small San Francisco suburb.  Stifle the outrage and instead coldly concentrate on just what this proposed law means.  Don't waste time speculating on the motives of the city council or the mayor, who is the politician spearheading the passage of this new ordinance, "the most sweeping anti-smoking law in the world."  Suffice it to say that those advocating this law are not nice people.

    • The mayor says she is acting based on one complaint by an apartment dweller who claims he is suffering from ill health due to the secondhand smoke of his neighbors.  Whether this complaint is manufactured or instigated is irrelevant since the mayor's reaction to it is obviously staged.  No city of 26,000 would shatter the barriers protecting residents in their own homes from government interference based on the complaints of one man.  The mayor used this incident to do what she  wanted to do all along.
    • The mayor says a smoking ban covering apartments, sidewalks, outdoor cafes, cars with open windows is needed because of the dangers of secondhand smoke.  She is lying.  She is not even bothering to base her lie on fraudulent secondhand smoke studies but bases it on absolutely nothing, since there are no secondhand smoke studies specific to apartment units, outdoor smoking or on the harmful effects of a wisp of smoke drifting from the open window of a car motoring down a city street.  A law that forbids people to consume a legal product in the privacy of their own homes was thoroughly vetted by the city attorney office.  The city attorneys, as well as the mayor, know that there is not one piece of evidence that secondhand smoke is harmful to nonsmokers.
    • The legislation was written by an attorney whose salary is funded by pharmaceutical money.  Robin Salsburg works for the Public Health Institute of Oakland California, which has drafted anti-smoking legislation for dozens of communities.  PHI is funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, a pharmaceutical front group that lobbies for anti-smoking legislation with the goal of increasing consumption of the smoking cessation devices that mean big bucks for Big Drugs.

    So what we have here in Belmont is a screamingly un-American law written by the drug industry, justified by one complainer and promoted by a politician who knows the basis of the legislation is a flat out lie.  Not a pretty picture for a country that once would have ridden anyone corrupt enough to propose what the mayor is proposing out of town on a rail.  Action will be taken to end this type of obscenity, if not now in Belmont then elsewhere tomorrow.  The unbridled hatred for and discrimination of a targeted group of citizens, instigated by the mercantile interests of huge corporations, cannot persist given calm analysis and exposure.  Understand that when Belmont, or the next locality, batters down the front door of a smoker's home the fig leaf of "property rights" will have been completely removed.  With that gone the only rational recourse is to hold the culpable accountable for their demonstrable lies and subservience to big business profiteers.  Bringing them down won't be quick or easy but as it becomes obvious what they are up to, and it has nothing to do with health, their end is inevitable.

  • March 13-Restoring sanity - There is growing disquiet amongst the public and this is reflected in the amount of resources the Government is putting into their advertising campaigns. It seems to us this Government is running scared, having devoted nearly £100 million in various propaganda exercises to try and convince the public that Passive Smoking is a killer. Freedom to Choose can prove it is not, and the message is slowly but surely getting out.

    Action to modify upcoming prohibition in the United Kingdom moves forward as opponents of the nation-wide smoking ban hone their legal challenge.  Lawyers hope the judicial review will at least postpone the July 1 implementation date, setting the stage for consideration of ventilation standards to ensure that indoor air quality is safe.

  • March 12-Smoking ban overturned - A judge upheld property rights in Greenville South Carolina by overturning the draconian smoking ban enacted by the overreaching city council.  For now restaurants and bar owners again have the right to set smoking policies in their own businesses.  What a concept!  A so-called problem as been revealed not to be a problem at all.  Nonsmokers in Greenville will continue to avoid the wisps of cigarette smoke by patronizing establishments that voluntarily prohibit smoking in their privately-owned premises.  Smokers, their friends and family members can enjoy the more convivial atmosphere of restaurants and bars that voluntarily allow their patrons to light up.  This restoration of civility and freedom will not be allowed to stand, of course.  The petty dictators that make up the "anti-smoking" movement will appeal the decision and ratchet up their campaign to impose a state-wide smoking ban, overruling the common sense decision of the Greenville judge.  The Greenville ruling, however, will make anti-tobacco's task far harder.

  • March 9 -Opposition to Smoking Bans Heats Up - Epilogue - Yesterday's comments from Norman Kjono regarding opposition to smoking bans reported an ugly incident in which anti-tobacco operatives falsely claimed they were threatened at a town hall meeting called to discussed Ohio's smoking ban.  Press coverage prominently mentioned this phoney threat in a story that negatively stereotypes those who support property rights as dangerous individuals.  Anti-tobacco, particularly the American Cancer Society, has a history of false allegations.

    In Mr. Kjono's epilogue to his series he recounts a recent incident in Urbana, Illinois that followed the script that played out in Ohio.  This time the local newspaper dug a bit deeper into the anti-smoking operative's recitation of pro-smoker violence and discovered that, as in Ohio, a deliberate attempt to smear smokers was conducted by anti-tobacco.  What we have here is a modern-day resurrection of what was known in the 1950's as McCarthy tactics.  We have been travelling down that same slippery slope regarding smoking, as well as other lifestyle issues, for quite some time.  It's time to get back on track.

    March 9 -Some Bar Owners Defy Colorado Smoking Ban - "Some bar owners in Colorado have started encouraging customers to defy the state's smoking ban because they believe it is illegal. A group in Colorado Springs plans to meet with bar owners in Denver next week. ... 'To my knowledge we have more than 22 bars closed, you've got 400 people unemployed and if it weren't for the smokers, frankly I'd be out of business,' said James Vonfeldt, owner of Billy's Inn Bar."

    What is most important to repeat - if there were any need to do so - is that with a smoking ban three great strongholds of a free society are abated:

    1.      Laws are made from false and distorted information disseminated by institutions without integrity.

    2.      The property rights (and livelihoods) of those who have invested a lifetime of work in an enterprise are disregarded on behalf of (1).

    3.      The nullification of the rights of the smoking individual takes place and it is supported mainly on the puerile and emotional base of the "I don't like your smoke" attitude. That attitude presumes that such dislike be applied everywhere he who "does not like" can conceivably go.

    We have seen that before - and we know where it leads: to a de facto totalitarian society. Whether then the dictator has a face or - worse yet - it is a dictatorship by committee it makes no difference.

  • March 9 -China seeks approval - Not all countries' citizens are ready to roll over and accept tobacco prohibition. Perhaps some of our more "sophisticated" societies need to take some lessons. From this piece we learn that at least one of China's Officials is keenly aware of what would most likely happen should they try to implement smoking bans nation wide. What is not being said is how they will do it "locally" instead of "nationally" as China cannot wean itself from United Nation's handouts. All UN aid is denied if they do not implement tobacco control and increase taxes. Can you imagine, anti tobacco is so uncaring of others personal health and safety that all World Health Organization's assistance is denied unless anti tobacco measures are implemented? Can you imagine that anti tobacco is so uncaring of the state of the citizens of these and third world countries that no loans or grants will be approved unless tobacco control is implemented.
     Can you imagine what our world will become if we do not take action NOW? The antitobacco "grass roots" movement is not what it appears. It is corporate blackmail of countries.

  • March 6 -Smoke-in, a fight for rights - In a hard hitting editorial from the Colorado Springs Gazette guiding principles are laid on the table about which smoking bans are merely one aspect.  While we at Forces may quibble with the editors' assessment that smoking bans are "about property rights and nothing else" they are correct that the imposition of smoking bans on private property is a road down which this country cannot go and maintain its liberty.  The editors are absolutely right in disputing the sophist notion that once a law is imposed then it is up to those affected to "get with the program" and submit.  We also salute the brave Colorado business owners who are not submitting and who are making their government take notice.

  • March 6 -State senator decries smoking ban- But, does secondhand smoke create a health hazard that endangers people if they go to bars and restaurants? Will the "free market" adequately allocate public places for both smokers and non-smokers without the government's interference? These are the questions for legislators to decide.

    Minnesota state senator Tom Neuville is a public servant of the old school.  Unlike too many today he tells the truth and cuts through the confusion strewed by anti-tobacco and its minions in the media and government.  Take a moment and read his explanation of why he voted against the state-wide smoking ban.  His reasons are rational, moral and brave, considering how anti-tobacco operatives smear and deride any and all who disagree with their agenda to usher in prohibition.

  • March 6 -Cutting their own throats - To no one's surprise the Wisconsin Restaurant Association voted almost unanimously to support a statewide smoking ban.  Like primitive people who entrust the future to a sacred object of some sort, these hard-heated business people fondle the "level playing field" fetish while hoping for the best.  Their fetish will fail them, as it has everywhere else the "level playing field" has been enacted.  A level playing field that would work is one where each owner is allowed to enact his own smoking policies based upon customer demand.  Prohibition never works and won't work in Wisconsin despite how fervently this restaurant lobbying group prays to the fetish.

    To the restaurant president:  If you make everywhere in the entertainment industry smoker free the smokers will not come.  They will not go to the next town, village, restaurant or tavern, to pay anyone a dime.  You think you are building a level playing field but smokers will not come.  You are providing a playpen and sandbox hoping adults will play.  They won't.

    • It has never been about the smoke. It is about the smoker.
    • It has never been about the tobacco leaf. It is about the tobacco leaf smoker.
    • It has never been about the children. It is about youth's future clout and spending.
    • It has never been about the safety of the smoke. It is about Big Pharma's access to the smoker.
    • It has never been about the "public health". It is about control of the public.
    • It has never been about the freedom from anything. It is about the social behavioral engineering of everything.
    • It has never been about me and mine. It has always been about thee and thine.
    • It has never been about the one. It has always been about the collective.
    • It has never been about "careful what you wish for". It is about "the next logical step".
    • It has never been about the "lab rat alert". It is about "the lab rat" standing up and saying ENOUGH, DOCTOR!!
  • March 2 -Opposition to Smoking Bans Heats Up VI - The bad news first.  Lawsuits based on constitutional and property rights are never successful in overturning smoking bans.  This fact is ugly businesses that wish to cater to their smoking customers but is far uglier for the nation as a whole since it is one more indication that this country has divorced itself from the principles that once were its underpinnings.  The good news is that businesses are finally shedding their illusions that the property rights hold any value for a legal and legislative system that long ago turned over too much of their prerogatives to unelected, unaccountable and radically out of touch health-related organizations.  Norman Kjono reports on the positive developments in tactics to end the plague of prohibition.  In addition he relates how smoking ban proponents, when faced with their victims' opposition, are creating a myth that those who do value property rights and scientific integrity are violent troglodytes who must be firmly suppressed.

  • March 1 -War on smoking tenants - Let's join together in giving thanks to the petty appointed mediator, "identified only as B. Andrews" who has given the green light to a major western Canadian apartment rental agency to start weeding out smokers from amongst its tenants. Richard Morantz, head of Globe General Agencies, is quoted as saying he is looking forward to the "turnover" (the elimination of smokers) that will usher In a bright healthy new day. There could be no blacks in decent, white establishment buildings-until the blacks decided to take their dignity back with whatever force was necessary.

  • February 28 -Opposition to Smoking Bans Heats Up V - How long would products, especially those that have been judged risky, remain on the market or legal if the manufacturers of these products took out ads decrying them and advising consumers not to buy them.  Not long in the capitalist society in which we live.  We have, however, a huge American corporation that pursues such a lunatic marketing plan and it does very well indeed.  How is this possible?  Norman Kjono explains this apparent contradiction and also weighs in on how the secondhand smoke of the elite is somehow not dangerous at all and how Joe Sixpack is stuck with the tax bill that the champagne sippers don't want to pay.

  • February 26 -Opposition to Smoking Bans Heats Up IV - Non-compliance is the name of the game in Colorado as a growing number of bars refuse to obey the statewide smoking ban.  For them it is a matter of survival.  Data indicate that whenever smoking bans come to town (or to state) patronage dips way down.  Complying with unjustified smoking bans is not an option so law-abiding business people become lawbreakers so they can make payroll and feed their families.  As Norman Kjono reports it isn't just Colorado that is sharply questioning the imposition of prohibition as more states slam the breaks on smoking bans.  More people and businesses are becoming aware that most ventilation systems render indoor air quality suitable for the standards set by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, the federal agency that sets standards for healthy workplace conditions.

  • February 23 -Too good to be true? - Minnesota legislators have added an amendment to the statewide smoking ban that will allow bars with effective ventilation systems to permit their customers to smoke.  In this terrible time of oppression such a provision can be considered progressive, which makes this amendment a target for the anti-tobacco jihad that insists upon 100% prohibition.  Since the state bill overrides local smoking ordinances if the ventilation amendment remains intact the few localities that have forbidden smoking would have to allow smoking to continue in those establishments that meet the ventilation criteria.

    This news report contains a visual example of media bias that would be laughable if it weren't so infuriating.  Nestled within the story is a picture of an overflowing ashtray.  It is obvious that the camera crew staged this picture to impart a negative message.  This type of picture increasingly accompanies all articles regarding smoking prohibitions.  Its purpose is to demonize smokers as filthy pigs and the so-called reporters should be ashamed of themselves for inserting their prejudices in a news story.

  • February 22 -Smoking bans: good public policy? Or simply a great pharmaceutical marketing plan? - 200 million invested to promote segregation and intolerance get 500 million return in sales of junk products: not bad at all for a fraud, what do you think?... Especially when the politicians look the other way when it comes to conflict of interest, as Clearing the Air points out. But in times when the state itself becomes a promoter of statistical frauds under the label of "public health" can we expect otherwise? Big Pharma has literally bought out antismoking groups and assorted NGOs and the prices are, once again, reported by Clearing the Air. All this could stop - if only smokers would stop listening to the propaganda and stop buying pharmaceutical nicotine: take the profit out of it and watch how many are left who really care about public health in the "public health" business. But unfortunately, as Barnum long ago said from behind his cigar, "there is a sucker born every minute".

  • February 21 -Opposition to Smoking Bans Heats Up II -Norman Kjono's appearance on the Chuck Baker show yesterday provided food for thought to the growing opposition to smoking bans.  We expect a link to the show to be available soon.  In the meanwhile Mr. Kjono features an extremely interesting dialog he is having with a Colorado resident who lustily endorses smoking bans.  The tired canard of "show me where in the Constitution it states that you have the right to smoke" makes a vacuous appearance and is deftly answered, especially considering yesterday's ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court in favor of the tobacco industry.  We don't often post anti-tobacco, anti-smoking or anti-smoker comments but in this case we felt the confrontation between Mr. Kjono and a dyed-in-the-wool and doctrinaire layman would be useful and entertaining for our viewers.

  • February 20 -Opposition to Smoking Bans Heats Up - With all the bad news these days about smoking bans it is important not to let the mainstream media's biases obscure the good news that, believe it or not, is percolating through society.  Norman Kjono has compiled an impressive list of serious efforts to overturn various smoking bans.  He discusses these positive trends on the Chuck Baker Show today.  As we all know the foundation upon which all smoking bans are based is made of sand.  Getting the word out is critical.  We thank Chuck Baker for allow us to present the facts about smoking bans and we recommend that those who live in Colorado and can access 1580 AM give Mr. Kjono a listen.  An Internet stream is available for those outside the area.  The Chuck Baker Show begins at 1:06 PM (Mountain States Time).

  • February 20 -Honolulu Tea Party: well done, this it what we all need to do - "There's a revolt going on in Hawaii as some bar owners openly defy the state's new anti-smoking law, one of America's toughest, by letting their customers light up. So far, they're getting away with it, although a recent protest smoke-in brought police to one downtown bar. "We're being rebellious. Look at the Boston Tea Party. Look at Prohibition. They rebelled and they won," said Fred Remington, vice president of the company that runs O'Toole's Irish Pub." That is exactly the spirit that America - and not just America - should recapture in the name of freedom and self-determination. The antismoking crooks who sit in the chairs of power need that kind of message, not just from Honolulu, but from everywhere. Antitobacco will push the envelope towards total prohibition (legal or de facto), make no mistake about that. Effective messages must come across loud and clear and unequivocal:

    • Wedo not believe your frauds on tobacco. We will not change our lifestyle - and the liberty that comes with it.
    • We are entitled to dignified public spaces and to equal rights with non smokers - in private and in public.
    • Wewill not obey and we shall boycott laws that are discriminatory, unfair and segregationist.
    • Wewill not patronize or contribute to in any way, shape or form organizations, charities or businesses that support or endorse antitobacco ideology, antitobacco policies and antismoking frauds in general.
    • Even when we are forced to obey antitobacco through the legal use of violence, we will not respect "authorities" and laws that demonize us, deny our rights, belittle and humiliate us, and rank us as second-class citizens. They will only have our obedience until the opportunity arises to do otherwise.
    • Wewill do what it takes and you, the "authorities" will have a political problem.

    This is the only way to make the antitobacco establishment understand that it cannot "normalize" persecution and fraud as a "socially acceptable" practice. Well done, Honolulu - and keep it up.

  • February 20 -European Parliament Abandons Smoking Ban - The difference between whining and doing is well shown by this report from Sad Ireland: "The European Parliament has abandoned it's smoking ban after only 43 days. The ban was introduced last month at the parliament's two buildings in Brussels and Strasbourg. However, MEP's and staff infuriated by the removal of their 'smoking area's began smoking everywhere in the buildings and forced the abandonment of the ban."

    'The reversal of the ban is a major blow to anti smoking fanatics who have been fiercely lobbying European parliamentarians to introduce an EU wide smoking ban. The collapse of the ban follows open revolt by legislators and workers in the European Parliament buildings. One English MEP said "I have been ignoring it since January 1 and I have smoked in more places than before. I don't want to be told by the PC people what I can and cannot do" '

    Well done again and once again, it shows that all it takes to destroy a smoking ban isaction and some courage to do so. Expecting the antismoking rabid dogs to recognize that smokers have equal rights and dignity is like waiting for the moon to fall onto earth: it simply will not happen. So they will have to be "made to" with the same ways and methods they want to "make us". Then and only then will there be any room for compromise - but compromise can only happenwhen the forces are similar, not when one pushes and the other hides.

  • February 15 -Level that playing field! - We keep hearing, from city and county officials who are being burned by losses of restaurant and bar businesses due to smoking bans that 'if only we had a level playing field' it would be OK.  They think a statewide ban will work by forcing smokers to patronize non-smoking establishments, if it's 'too far' to go somewhere they are more comfortable.  But the REALITY IS, a statewide ban only results in a much SMALLER playing field for all, and huge losses of business income.  SeeEconomic Losses Due To Smoking Bans

    I think it would be difficult to think of a more level playing field than the Hawaiian Islands, now that they have their state wide smoking ban in effect. It doesn't sound like it's working out the way they expected.

  • February 13 -"Rights" trashed....again - The Connecticut Supreme Court upheld the state's smoking ban in restaurants and bars by a 4-1 decision Monday.  The law was challenged by a group of bar and restaurant owners who claimed the statewide ban on smoking in those establishments is unconstitutional and hurt their businesses.  The group claimed that the ban violated their equal protection rights because it excluded private clubs and casinos.

    "Rights"? What Rights? A "health issue" is a "health issue".  Unless it interferes with "certain" business entities profit line.  No, private clubs, existing or new, do not have the right to serve tainted food, so why do they have the Right to allow Second Hand Smoke? We could go on about "level playing fields" or tax dollars stripped from local budgets and diverted to the Reservations - but Norm Kjono has covered that extensively in his columns.

    Again, until we address the fraudulent use of the studies behind the bans, this will only continue, and continue to escalate into more and more prohibition, not only of second hand smoke, but other non tobacco products too.

    Consider this, IF tobacco were actually to be legally classified as an illegal substance and the States could no longer collect the tobacco tax revenues and Tobacco Settlement funds who will pick up the tab for those missing millions or billions of lost tax revenue? You got it, the NON smokers.  Wonder when they will figure this out.

    We would like a copy of this State Supreme Court decision and any other court decisions from anywhere in the Untied States.  We have quite a collection but that collection must stay current to be of use in the future. Please send them to FORCES, Inc., PO Box 533, Sutton, WV, 26601-0533 or send a scanned copy or link to  Thanks for being our eyes and ears to the Nation!

  • February 9 -No smoking in your own car - Yes, here goes another freedom. The politicians in the U.S. are jumping on the smoking ban issue like ticks on a coon hound's back. All are looking for an issue that may bring in more votes without the consideration of the loss of individual freedoms.  Having read thousands of pages on the so-called harmful effects of second hand smoke, none of the studies contained one sentence of the measurement of second hand smoke and the "amount" considered harmful. As of to date, there is no proof that second hand smoke causes anything. Get with it, politicians...a car is private private property. Bring the issue before the people for a vote, Let's get a Federal Clean Indoor Air Act where the air MUST be measured before Board of Health can pass laws.

  • February 9 -Triumph of the smoke Nazis - About a year and a half ago the new mayor of St. Paul and various cronies from local anti-smoking organizations went on a taxpayer funded, horse and carriage "Victory Tour" of local establishments to celebrate a new, dark age brought in by the passing of a draconian smoking ban. This disgusting spectacle was no more than a tawdry front designed to further vilify and taunt those who don't worship at the altar of health.

    Officials in Wales apparently feel that the fast approaching, dark cloud of prohibition is also worthy of further fanfare.

    In what any sane person could only construe as an act of petty vindictiveness, they plan on gallivanting around the countryside in a van with a clock mounted to it which will mark how long, down to the very second, until the final hammer blow drives another nail into the coffin of freedom. One can only wonder how many of these officials' fathers or grandfathers fought and died to protect basic liberties that they gleefully toss into the dustbin of history.

  • February 9 -Smoking ban hurts people - One more in a never ending series of reports that unequivocally contradicts the bald-faced lie that imposing smoking bans is good for business.  This time the victim is one of the nonsmoking workers prohibition was supposed to protect.  Of course this peon will be ignored because the elite that imposes smoking bans are themselves never required to deal with the financial and social chaos they cause to the people who actually provide the energy that keeps society humming.

  • February 6 -Banning smoking in the home - In yet another example of how anti-tobacco never is satisfied we have the disgusting story from Ireland where the anti-tobacco cabal, not content with throwing smokers out of restaurants and pubs, wants to forbid people from smoking in their own homes.  As usual the scheme is financed by the public and fuelled by fraudulent studies and stacked questionnaires.

  • February 5 -Some Legislators Get It About Smoking Ban's Negative Impact - A bi-partisan group of Hawaii state representatives have introduced a bill that would restore the right of bar, restaurant and nightclub owners to set their own smoking policies.  The bill is in response to the record of financial losses facing the hospitality industry after smoking was arbitrarily banned.  Norman Kjono reports this happy turn of events and contrasts these legislators who "get it" with those in Colorado who are still unclear about what to do regarding prohibition in that state.  The Colorado experiment demonstrates clearly why government should keep its heavy hands off private property where a legal product is enjoyed at the discretion of the property owner.

  • January 30 -Smoking Ban For Dummies - In theUK there seems to be a lot of explanations necessary while the smoking ban rises its ugly face. Or could you reasonably understand that "Even if all the people using a shared car are smokers, the legislation requires them not to smoke in the car."? The exemption of convertible cars - as long as the roof is down when somebody is smoking - seems to be more like a joke compared to the other nonsense expected to be taken seriously in our times.

  • January 29 -Don't like the results of your measures? Prohibit them! - "This has been a scene repeated at hospitals all over theUK as patients - some attached to drips - light up in a huddle outside hospital."  While we can wholeheartedly agree with the author of this piece that the situation is ironic - forcing patients ill enough that they have to stay in a hospital out in the cold to enjoy a cigarette - we cannot agree with his conclusions. Imagine the line of reasoning: Smoking somewhere inside in a human environment is too bad even to discuss. It has to be prohibited. But if smokers adapt and smoke outside, it is a bad example and it doesn't look good. Therefore: Prohibit it outside! Just one simple minded question: Why not bring smokers back to where they belong: Into a human environment - inside? No more "bad examples" at the entrance - and a measure keeping the dignity of all smokers intact which are forced to be at a hospital. Don't forget: They, too, are there to be cured from some serious illnesses, and not to be forced into being a non-smoker.

  • January 26 -About Dogs and Smokers - When smokers were thrown out of Washington State bars the spin masters in the press and anti-tobacco assured the public that "clean air" would draw the throngs into the establishments that depended upon smokers for survival.  The throngs of nonsmokers haven't materialized but the spinners keep spinning.  For the legislature comes a proposal to allow hospitality venues the option of permitting customers to bring their dogs onto the premises.  As one canine enthusiast said, dog owners, if allowed to bring their pets, would be more likely to go out on the town.  Oddly that same logic applied to smokers, namely they would be likelier to frequent bars and restaurants if they could smoke, is completely discounted by the behavior modification artists that now run the state.  Some people truly are more equal than others as Norman Kjono observes.

  • January 22 -Fat chance - It is highly unlikely a smoking ban will be lifted for the "big game" day because, as a "health issue", second hand smoke must be treated the same as e-coli.  Would businesses be granted permission to serve food tainted with e-coli for the "big game" day, just to make some extra bucks?

    Whether innocently ignorant or apathetic, these business owners would rather see a statewide ban to "level the playing field" than oppose the fraudulent use of the studies done on secondhand smoke.

    That is unfortunate, as stopping the fraudulent use of these studies would also stop the fraudulent use of studies in a lot of other areas of major concern, from trans-fats to gun control, from forced vaccines of minors and adults to forced mental health evaluations and much more.

  • January 19 -What it's really all about - We present here a concise, coherent and unarguable statement from a member of the Welsh assembly regarding the United Kingdom's mad embrace of tobacco prohibition.  He hits all the points effectively and brings up a rarely acknowledged truth, both in the UK and in the United States.  Despite anti-tobacco's attempt to portray smokers as a dwindling, tiny minority the percentage of smokers everywhere remains as high as it was a decade ago.  Evidence from Ireland, Italy and America indicate that smoking rates rise when smoking bans are imposed.  Smoking bans are a deliberate attempt to marginalize a fairly large percentage of the population through a campaign of hate that not only violates the tenets of civilized society by also ruin the businesses that surely are competent to manage their own affairs.

  • January 17 -Nationalizing prohibition - Will the year 2007 be the year we all unite to stop the smoking bans-or will it be the year the United States passes a National Smoking ban? Only you hold the answer.  "We The People" are our Government.  When we are politically active we are the Government.  When we are not politically active we allow ourselves to be the "victims of government". What will you be in 2007?

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