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Søren HøjbjergDenmark
  1. - Søren Højbjerg Corner
  2. Søren Højbjerg: Orwell vs. Huxley
  3. Søren Højbjerg: An Exercise In Polylogism
  4. Søren Højbjerg: Big Fat Zero
  5. Søren Højbjerg: Kamikaze
  6. Søren Højbjerg: Lung Cancer In Never Smokers
  7. Søren Højbjerg: Protesting The Ban
  8. Søren Højbjerg: Smokers Party
  9. Søren Højbjerg: Smokers Party
  10. Søren Højbjerg: Socialism Junked
Gian TurciItaly
  1. - Gian Turci's Corner
  2. A Second Take On Property Rights And Antitobacco
  3. A Waking Nightmare
  4. Amajamabogus: Anti-Tobacco = Whores = Jama
  5. Anatomy Of A Smear - The mark of desperation
  6. Can You Imagine Becoming A Non Smoker?...
  7. Challenging Dogma?
  8. Dangers Lurking Within
  9. Ganging Up For The Ultimate Control - Junk science frauds are about to become the planetary norm
  10. How To Fix An Uncomfortable Decision
  11. Lets Make Some Predictions - In Order Not To Lose The Habit
  12. Oh, What A Wonderful Thing Being A Ninja Is
  13. Sleep Well, Mr. Blair
  14. Social And Moral Shizophrenia
  15. The Dangers Of Natural Selection
  16. The Fourth World
  17. The Italian Vending Machines Control Law: Invasion Of Privacy "for The Children"
  18. The Need For A Cultural Vacation
  19. The SG Of The US Is Giving The Nod To Hatred
  20. This Is War
  21. WHO: I Have Just A Few Simple Questions - ASINUS ASINUM FRICAT
Norman KjonoUSA
  1. - Norman Kjono's Corner
  2. A Progressive Queen Of Nicotine?
  3. About Ants And Grasshoppers
  4. About Dogs and Smokers
  5. Articles Archive 1997-2002
  6. Articles Archive 2003
  7. Articles Archive 2004
  8. Articles Archive 2005
  9. Best Of The Holidays
  10. Big Drugs, Pregnancy And Social Marketing
  11. Big Drugs, Pregnancy And Social Marketing II
  12. Big Drugs, Pregnancy And Social Marketing III: Muzzling The Muzzlers
  13. Dear Mr. Fancher II
  14. Discarding The Wet Ones
  15. Endorphins Overpower Reason
  16. Environmental Tobacco Smoke (Ets) In Perspective: Material Risk, Regulatory Standards, And Study Results
  17. ETS Environmental Tobacco Smoke in Perspective
  18. Grasshoppers Busily At Work
  19. Hawaii Law
  20. Let's Really Save The Kids
  21. Littering With Secondhand Fat
  22. Living The New Inquisitions
  23. One Trillion Is More Than Enough
  24. Opposition To Smoking Bans Heats Up VII
  25. Opposition To Smoking Bans Heats Up
  26. Opposition To Smoking Bans Heats Up - Colorado
  27. Opposition To Smoking Bans Heats Up - Where To From Here?
  28. Opposition To Smoking Bans Heats Up Epilogue
  29. Opposition To Smoking Bans Heats Up II
  30. Opposition To Smoking Bans Heats Up III
  31. Opposition To Smoking Bans Heats Up IV
  32. Opposition To Smoking Bans Heats Up V
  33. Opposition To Smoking Bans Heats Up VI
  34. Opposition To Smoking Bans Heats Up: Economic Impact By Norman E. Kjono, July 8, 2007 Copyright 2007 Norman E. Kjono
  35. Politics, Housing, And Tobacco Control
  36. Politics, Housing, And Tobacco Control
  37. Poor Pfizer, From United Press International
  38. Running The Gauntlet Once Again: Secondhand Fat
  39. Sniffing Tobacco Control Flatulence
  40. Social Marketing, Nematode Worms and Tobacco Control
  41. Susan Meets Susan
  42. That's Ridiculous!
  43. The Agenda-Afflicted Rose In Full Bloom
  44. The Herd
  45. The Light Begins To Break Through II
  46. The Little Group In Tacoma That Could
  47. The Mysteries Of Governor Gregoire
  48. The Mysteries Of Governor Gregoire, Part II
  49. The Mysteries Of Governor Gregoire, Part III
  50. The Turnip Truck Of State
  51. They're Beginning To Get It In Colorado
  52. Tobacco Company Files Suit To Enforce Federal Court Ruling
  53. Tobacco Control: Basic Information No. 1
  54. Urinal Cakes Support Public Health Policy, Too!
  55. Washington Legislature Takes Smoking Down to the Millimeter
  56. Washington Smoking Ban Legislation, Part I: Initiative To The People 901
  57. Washingtons Jim Crow Legislators
  58. Whos Who In Whoo Whoo Clinical Practice Guidelines
James LeaveyUK
  1. - Leavey's Corner
  2. Introducing: Forest Guide To Smoking In London
  3. James Leavey's Corner - A Cigar Smoker's Guide To Brazil
  4. James Leavey's Corner - Along The Tipple Trail
  5. James Leavey's Corner - Bogart Lights Up
  6. James Leavey's Corner - Passé The Port
  7. James Leavey's Corner - Racing For Port In The Barco Rabelo
  8. James Leavey's Corner - The Big Smoke
  9. James Leavey's Corner - The Forest Smokers Guide To Scotland
  10. James Leavey's Corner - The Forest Smokers Guide To Scotland - Press Release
  11. James Leavey's Corner - The Nicotine-Stained House On The Borderland
Judith HattonUK
  1. - Judith Hatton's Corner
  2. Judith Hatton: A Thoroughly Modern Family
  3. Judith Hatton: Lies, Damned Lies And ... Statistics
  4. Judith Hatton: Talking About Smoking
  5. Judith Hatton: The Big Kill -- A Big Lie?
Andy LudlowUSA
  1. - Enoch Ludlow's Corner
  2. Enoch Ludlow: A Spoonful Of Sugar Makes The Fascism Go Down
  3. Enoch Ludlow: From Stonewall To Lavender Swastikas
  4. Enoch Ludlow: New Crimes Created To Control The American Public
  5. Enoch Ludlow: Progressive Tyranny
  6. Enoch Ludlow: Reason, Not Violence
  7. Enoch Ludlow: Tears For Glantz
Ian DunbarUnited Kingdom

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