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May 18, 1999 - A few days ago a member of the FORCES network sent me an article from Canada's "The Globe and Mail" that was immediately stored in the huge articles & essays archive of my computer under the category "indigestible."

This is the sadly familiar nickname I give to those articles that, no matter how many times I read them, have the power of twisting my guts to the point of physical pain.

The article, by the title of "Proposed cigarette labels pack big punch,"describes how cigarette packages should look in Canada in order to give "punch" to the "health" warnings.

What really did it to me, however, was not the usual bunch of lies and falsifications about smoking and smokers. I have accepted that as part of the dirty "job" that fighting the anti-tobacco cartel is -- just as much as a soldier accepts the atrocities of the battlefield.

The straw that broke the camel's back were the two following paragraphs:

"If words can't get smokers to quit, colour photos on cigarette packages of cancerous lungs and deformed jaws might help, antismoking groups said yesterday."

"Samples of cigarette packs with these health warnings covering 60 per cent of the pack's exterior and all of the inside were hand-delivered yesterday to members of Parliament by doctors in surgical gowns and nurses in uniform."

It is clear that surgical gowns and uniforms were supposed to emphasise the "weight" of the message. I believe that the only thing that was really emphasized in this case was how these self-important jerks have forsaken and abused their profession with the paternalistic promotion of lies, falsifications and frauds -- for which they should be taken to courtand jailed, instead of being received by the members of the Canadian Parliament!

But there is a much more dangerous phenomenon at work here than a clownish show-off by a few arrogant morons. Canada is the test ground for the development of the Fourth World. The Fourth World is a place where the health establishment effectively rules the state without being elected, and takes all the benefits -- and none of the responsibilities associated with ruling.

Even though the US is the world epicentre of anti-tobacco and of the junk science created by it, it is not widely known that Canada is a far worse place to be in right now. In the socially irresponsible race towards deceit, repression, social divisions, falsification and propaganda, Canada wants to make sure it holds the first place in the League of the Jerk Nations. No offence to my Canadian compatriots intended -- except for those of the anti-tobacco cartel!

Take this article for example, by the title "Foster parents told to butt out." It talks about the new anti-smoking policy in Kingston, Ontario, that removes kids from foster homes where the right to smoke is exercised. This is another "smart" move that thins out even more the already meagre ranks of those who want to be foster parents. But who cares if already troubled children stay without a home? The important thing is that kids are "smoke-free!"

In this article "estimates" from the O.M.A. (Ontario Medical Association) about second-hand smoke and children are mentioned.

The word "pathetic" does not even vaguely suffice to describe this bunch of absurdities. NONE of the claims of the Ontario Medical Association -- which clearly has become another insult to ethics and to the medical profession -- is true and/or can be proven.

Associations between child disease and second hand smoke are simply freewheeling in this article, with outrageous lies tossed about as if they were established realities. There is no evidence that secondhand smoke hurts anyone. NONE WHATSOEVER. But that does not matter anymore: the O.M.A., association of cheaters and power escalators, has spoken-- and that's what must count, science notwithstanding.

The issue of the total lack of solid causality between smoking and disease has been completely buried in Canada. Virtually nobody dares to speak out anymore, and those who do are totally ignored by irresponsible media and politicians.

  • The pharmaceutical industry is heavily financing the anti-tobacco campaign because it is interested in marketing its useless smoking cessation devices, and it gets its shameless stooges to bark just that. The smoking cessation devices represent a market of billions of dollars in North America. The Non-Smokers Rights Association is championing the promotion in Canada. Garfield Mahood goes around with nicotine patches in his pockets, pushing nicotine to adults and children on unspoken behalf of Johnson & Johnson.
  • No politician even dares to oppose gangster organisations like the Canadian Cancer Society, the Non-Smokers Rights Association, and so on. In the past, the few courageous people who criticised them (I can think of a journalist and an MP right off the bat) have been sued and/or intimidated into silence. Nowadays, the politician who would dare to oppose them -- even criticise them -- would be the target of heavy harassment and intimidation. He/she would be politically (physically?) lynched, and the press supporting those views would be immediately and aggressively indexed and dismissed as irresponsible towards children and adults. And the press needs to sell papers. 

I am sure that if I were to write this piece from Canada and post it on a Canadian server, Garfield Mahood and his gang or somebody else in the same league would immediately start legal proceedings against me, even if I were to edit all the more than appropriate adjectives colouring this article. They've certainly been quick off the mark to instil libel chill in the bones of the mainstream media whenever they've been taken to task for the way they operate. Blessed be the Internet!

Fascism does not tolerate dissent -- and it punishes it severely.

The health establishment rules through intimidation, and appropriates immensepublic fortunes to finance itself, and it is out for more. These days, the governmental body refusing to grant these bullies money would be the object of a defamation campaign without equal in Canada.

The Canadian Government is heavily infiltrated by -- and very much afraid of -- the anti-tobacco cartel.

The health establishment rules through fear.

This terrifying aberration of the function of the health establishment in general and the medical profession in particular is expanding to the world, too. The World Health Organisation is divulging the same lies, and advocating repression and coercion at a global scale. If the citizens of the world do not address the political forces that represent them in order to break the backbone of the health establishment and put it back at its place, this establishment will permanently interpose itself between the state and the citizen, effectively controlling nations.

Soon, it is very possible -- even probable -- that we will have to go to the doctor to get a prescription for what we eat, as well as for cigarettes, coffee, and alcohol. We will be logged in computers so that our "addictions" and habits will be compiled in statistical databases, and adequately directed and piloted by the health establishment -- it is already happening. We will go to the Department or Ministry of Health to know how to raise our children -- or that office will exercise its power to take them from us. And the Social Services will establish the correct way to relate to the opposite sex and make love, and God knows what else, since everything affects health, one way or another.

But this Orwellian scenario is not complete. Consider what follows.

The WHO has access to all countries, and tobacco is everywhere. The WHO has strong ties with the Non-Profits. The WHO has also strong ties with the World Bank; thus the Non-Profits have strong ties with the WB.

Both the WHO and WB are strongly influenced by the US, and other countries which, through ignorance or fear, have subscribed or will subscribe to the anti-smoking agenda and its lies.

The US is now much more sophisticated in the world control business -- no more forcefully installed dictators. There are better and less obvious ways.

The WHO declares a world emergency on tobacco waving computer-generated statistics of an epidemic that never existed. Incidentally, it is interesting to see that each of the several times a year the WHO calls for world-wide action against tobacco the size of the "epidemic" grows -- according to the new "guess-scare" parameters entered in their computers. Many Third World countries badly need tobacco for their economy. But tobacco is gradually eliminated by the pressures exerted by the WB through loan conditions, trade agreements, and in other ways, including the promise (read: do it now, I'll give you later) of subsidies for far less lucrative replacement crops. In the meantime, the "health" organisations board the target country and divulge their scientific frauds and their scare/hate propaganda. Family and social splitting, as well as tensions between smokers and non-smokers begin to occur, unravelling the social and moral fabric of the country, and facilitating the establishment of these organisations.

The target country, gradually deprived of the important, independent source of income coming from tobacco, is then forced to ask the WB for larger and larger loans while the WHO continues to infiltrate it politically under the guise of protection against "tobacco-related diseases." This creates a situation similar to the one existing in Canada and the US today, where larger and larger chunks of the public revenue are thrown by a fearful government into the jaws of an ever-hungrier anti-tobacco beast that, differently than tobacco, consumes immensely while returning no wealth whatsoever. But this is now happening in an extremely weak economy.

The "charitable" health organisations then move the money out of the country via their own local branches -- all tax free, of course. The head offices of the Non-Profits, as well as other health Nazis organisations, after taking their hefty cuts, in turn make "contributions" to the WHO to continue the anti-smoking propaganda, infiltrate more countries and promote the Non-Profits.

What we have here is another diabolical closed-loop, similar to Proposition 99 in California, but this time on a planetary scale. And larger loans mean bigger interests to pay by the debtor country. The target country is now entangled in the endless loop of having to borrow even more money to pay the interests on its growing debt -- just like borrowing from Visa to pay MasterCard. Because of its decreased economic strength, the country in question will be more willing to be "helped" by the "more advanced" countries. This "help," while imposing super-taxation and persecution of smokers, will also install multinationals to employ at slave wages those same (once thriving and independent, now poor and unemployed) tobacco growers. Anti-tobacco is a new way to leech the Third World, ensuring wealth for the predators and political and economic control over the prey.

The Third World is gobbled up by the Fourth World.

Don't smile. Remember that if only ten years ago someone would have told you that a bunch of jerks in white coats would go to the Canadian Parliament to TELL the state what to print on a pack of cigarettes, you would have smiled also.

Since science and justice and truth are meaningless in a game that is exquisitely about nearly-absolute power, the only way to rescue the situation in Canada and everywhere else -- while it is still possible -- is the use of brutal power of equal or greater magnitude by those who have it. While the pro-choice grassroots are slowly (and often clumsily) getting organised, in Canada at least the decisive power may rest with the tobacco industry, for the population is kept ignorant, scared and misinformed by media that, rarely and at its best, defend smokers solely on the basis of personal liberty of choice -- and never addresses the scientific, statistical and political fraudsof the anti-tobacco cartel.

The Canadian tobacco industry must shut down the production of tobacco -- overnight. It must give the anti-tobacco cartel what it claims it wants, and let chaos take its course.

Lay off the workers, close down the factories -- and take the machinery with you, tobacco industry!

What's the problem? Are you afraid of the stockholders? If you don't act decisively, soon the stockholders will have toilet paper as shares. Are you afraid to look bad? But you are already the scum of the Earth, the drug pusher, the cause of all disease, and the bad guy!Then, act as such: go on strike, and don't come back to work unless you are issued guarantees of return to at least a pre-1990 situation, and the public funds given to the anti-tobacco cartel are cut off -- permanently.

Tobacco industry, what does it take to make you move?

I can assure you that the strike would not last two weeks, for the Canadian Government would be forced to deal to avoid violence, riots, and crime -- lots of crime. You had an example in British Columbia. As soon as the "Columbian" Cartel saw that you were serious in pulling out of the market, it engaged the reverse gear within hours. But this time don't just threaten -- DO IT-- without giving them time to prepare for it!

In today's politics, as in criminal gangs, it is the most ruthless bully who takes the lead. The less aggressive ones submit -- or get knifed.

Which one do you want to be?

And by the way, the Canadian Government would not be very good at making tasty cigarettes.

Gian Turci

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