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January 16, 1999 - For a long time, both FORCES and I have been harping on one topic to the point of making the regular reader sick of it: the financial, moral, and political prostitution of anti-tobacco, and the twisted social ideology that propels it.

But there are still too many people out there who are desperately attached to the belief that our institutions (especially the health ones) are honest and disinterested, having as their only concern the health of the citizens(and "protection" against assaults on their health by smokers, of course...).

Well, today I want to talk about -- wait for it -- blowjobs. Yes, blowjobs: who cares about being even borderline delicate, considering what happens at the White House?

The legal theory of Mr. Clinton on blowjobs is a peculiar one to say the least. So peculiar in fact, that the rest of the world is laughing its face off -- except of course the "majority" of Americans, who seem to agree with their president.

So, blowjobs are not sex. Fine. But if this is true, and Americans persist in their schizophrenic/hysterical perception of reality when it comes to sex, smoking, secondhand smoke, ecology, etc., then we have to accept that lies are now the New Truth of America. Careful though, because every lie is a sword with two sharp edges.

If Clinton gets away with his legal interpretation of blowjobs, then every pedophiliac in the USA would have to simply change his approach to children to get away with being a child molester, for example. In fact, all he would have to do would be to refrain from coercing the child, and simply persuadehim/her to give him a blowjob.

Don't get angry now, and please don't get disgusted: blowjobs are NOT sex -- remember? Thus the pedophiliac has NOT molested the child; thus he is NOT a pedophiliac.

If this makes sense to you, then please stop reading right now. If instead you are at least scratching your head, then it is worth continuing to read, for the juicy part starts here.

The gangsters of the American Medical Association and their rag, the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA - I'll call them AMAJAMA for short: it sounds as exotic as they are to real science, anyway) had to help Clinton, their benefactor, for he has helped the cause of anti-tobacco so much. AMAJAMA is known to have published tons of junk science against tobacco. Any lie goes for AMAJAMA, as long as it is propaganda against smokers: secondhand smoke, links between smoking and the weirdest diseases -- who cares? We are rolling, and the money flows in!

"Come on, Gian Turci, you are at it again! Don't you ever get tired?" -- I can hear somebody mumble already. "Never" I say -- especially when AMAJAMA decides to conveniently dust off and publish an "older study" (can you believe this? They call it a STUDY!) "showing" that the large majority of Americans does not consider blowjobs to be SEX! Let us link to the pages of Junksciencefor the story.

How conveniently timed a discovery! And these buffoons have the balls to talk about smoking?

How much bullshit (yes, I am on the roll!) has to be rubbed in the face of Americans by the health establishment before they acknowledge that it stinks?

These are but a few examples of the abuses being perpetrated today. The evidence that smoking is NOT NEARLY as bad as they say it is, is no longer overwhelming: it is a TSUNAMI.

But because of today's regressive need for people to feel "protected" and to hate their neighbours for a lack of a better cause, the tsunami is perceived as a light springtime sprinkle that shouldn't be allowed to ruin the picnic of a health establishment that is somehow beyond question because of its repeated claims of being well-intentioned.

The same perception is applied to Clinton, who miraculously gets blowjobs that are not sex and who smoked marijuana without inhaling it. In this environment, who can blame AMAJAMA for pushing its junky political science on the public? They have every reason to believe they can get away with it!

Gian Turci,

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