The Dangers Of Natural Selection

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September 26, 2005 - It is a fact that sharks are amongst the cleanest animals on Earth, for they keep up the fortitude of their species by eating even their own when they die, or when they bleed or get weak. While that does not speak much for their intellectual capacity, it certainly ensures that only the strongest and most ferocious reproduce: Darwinism in action!

The same seems to be true for at least two human sub-species as well: bureaucrats and grant-gobbling antismokers – the latter using the former as carriers for proliferation. Let me be more specific: I have quietly followed with interest the public “transformation” of Michael Siegel, a prominent antismoker lad I had the dubious honour of engaging several times in the past on the battlefields of forums and public debates. As FORCES is reporting this on-going story (the latest, More Personal Attacks by Anti-Smoking Advocates) I will not burden the reader with the details. I will only say that Mr. Siegel has finally demonstrated objectivity in his assessment of Martha Perske and of FORCES - and that is absolutely remarkable, given the track record of antismokers.

It is so remarkable, in fact, that other inhabitants of the foul waters of the Sea of Grants -- international public fraud and “public health” advocacy  -- have gone ballistic and have turned to attack mode. But what did Mr. Siegel do to provoke this? He cautiously spoke the truth – that is, he said that FORCES may not be a creature of the tobacco industry, that it may indeed represent a part of public opinion, and that Mrs. Perske is a honest and scrupulous researcher. Wow… no-no-no, Mr. Siegel – haven’t you learned yet what it  means to be an antismoker? Let me remind you some of the commandments:

  1. Smoking kills, always and at any rate (no redemption other than quitting). The truth, that there is no scientific proof about that statement, is entirely irrelevant, and any indication contrary to that postulation must be dismissed as Big Tobacco “trash”, or utterly suppressed. The fact that Big Tobacco has given up the use of that truth long ago is also irrelevant.
  2. Passive smoking kills, always and at any rate (no redemption other than bans). The fact that there is a blatant misrepresentation by public health authorities of the statistical evidence at hand (ALL of which indicating conclusively that there is ZERO demonstrated risk from exposure – so much for institutional integrity!) is also to be dismissed as Big Tobacco trash. This despite the fact that only 4 out of 113 base studies that lead to the same negative conclusions have been financed by Big Tobacco - and that ALL studies are a mockery of science and statistics while being plagued with gross methodological malpractice.
  3. Public health is the paramount value of society. All other values - such as liberty, constitutionality, truth, economics, free enterprise, personal responsibility and moral integrity - are absolutely irrelevant and/or have to submit unconditionally. Any dissent from that credo only defines the enemy to be silenced and/or destroyed. Thus, those who seriously conduct research and portray things as they are fall into this category, and must also be destroyed. In virtue of this:
  4. The antitobacco movement is inherently right, just and true – thus, it is heresy to disagree with its goals and methods. Disagreement can come only from those who sold their integrity to the devil – that is, to the tobacco industry.

Get it, Michael? What have you done to yourself – what have you been smoking? You have revealed that you may even be a man of integrity after all, and you seriously risk being thrown out of the water! You see, FORCES has always confounded the antismokers because it does not get money from the industry, (nor is there a chance of that happening, because the industry has bent over). Unfortunately it is only because of that lack of money that we haven’t been able to clean up the shark infestation. A couple of years ago I had a lot of fun writing an article about the ANSR’s “investigation” of FORCES’ funding, and what I wrote then still applies today.

Think about it, Mr. Siegel - you are still in time to recite the redeeming words: “They are paid by the tobacco industry, they are!”  Your old buddies have already started circling in the water, and if you don’t repent, we’ll see Darwinism in action once again.

Gian Turci
C.E.O., FORCES International

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