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Editorial and open letter to Mr. Tony Blair, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom

Click on the image to write to Gian TurciDecember 8, 2003 -

In the last few days we have seen an unprecedented attack on the Blair government. Economics? Iraq? No, smoking policy. The attack, of course, is based on the usual rhetoric and disinformation. But the attack of The Lancet is particularly vicious because it takes health Nazism one step further: after the civilised rejection of the general smoking ban in the UK, The Lancet calls for tobacco to be made illegal, thus turning millions of people into criminals, to be put in jail "for their own good". Health Nazis are indeed sore losers.

But FORCES and myself are not here to waste time on by now useless arguments on whether or how much or where tobacco is harmful; that is a fatal error made by virtually all the pro-freedom organizations. It wastes time and precious scarce resources, diverting energy from the real issue.

Now is not the time to fear facing reality: we are looking at the last, logical act of a long series of scientific frauds on tobacco and smoking built, brick after deceitful brick, to the size of a fraudulent cathedral for a very sick religion -  to seize real political power by totalitarians who hide under white coats. Here is reality - and it's quite simple: the "dangers" of passive smoke are a total fraud presented as a scientific reality.  Despite constant manipulations and rule bending, NONE of the studies has EVER even remotely reached the 100% risk elevation threshold deemed as indispensable by epidemiology to consider a statistical risk as real when multiple factors for a disease are involved - nor any of the studies has ever been able to reliably exclude an endless number of confounding factors. Period - and we need not say anymore on this issue.

Concerning primary smoking, tobacco mortality is another statistical/scientific fraud based on manipulation of evidence and whimsical attributions, as it is impossible to quantify smoking mortality (and thus its social cost) even with remote reliability. Here is a short example: lung cancer has over 40 co-factors, but ALL lung cancers in smokers are counted as if smoking was the only factor that gives you lung cancer. They don't tell you that 9 out of 10 smokers don't get lung cancer anyway. They don't tell you that the average age for this cancer is over 70 - which puts the average smoker in the same position as the average non-smoker for contracting cancer. They do tell you, however, that 1 out of 3 cancer deaths is in smokers, blinding you from seeing that 2 out of 3 cancer deaths are in non smokers. Finally, they don't even tell you that the arguable evidence on smoking and cancer is the strongest evidence they've got. But The Lancet expands the distortion by lying even on the percentage of Great Britian's smoking population, which is indeed nearly 50% of the adult (and voting, Mr. Blair) population of the UK. Here is how they lie to you, sir: to calculate that "80% of people in the UK are non-smokers" (thus the habits and rights of the other 20% are disposable?...) they consider only the cigarettes that are legally sold in the UK - and we both know about the colossal problem of contraband in your country thanks to the insane taxation policy on tobacco - don't we, Mr. Blair?

I could go on for hours -- but you catch our drift: these people are responsible for false representation of evidence to the population, and even to doctors themselves. False representation is a serious criminal code felony that any company or individual perpetrating it is charged with in most countries - with the noticeable exemption of "public health." Why is public health" above the law? And why are laypeople never given the opportunity to publicly challenge the "scientific" basis of these con artists in face-to-face debates on hard evidence? But this is not the only important thing we want to bring forward today, Mr. Blair.

  • It is time to accept, once and for all, that those "authorities" are lying to us - which makes them confidence racketeers. Since this is easy to establish, such a fraud coming from sources such as the WHO, the Royal College of Physicians, or any other group serves only to realise that this kind of delinquency has gotten to the upper echelon of medicine and power, underlining the urgent need to excise institutional corruption at the root without ifs, buts and ands. Those high health "authorities", therefore, do not deserve to be believed - and much less to be respected.
  • It is important to realize that those who accuse any opponent to be a part of the "tobacco industry and its supporters" are owned - and piloted by - the pharmaceutical industry(and that goes for their puppet "scientific" journals as well), which has a glaring, enormous interest in the dissemination of prohibition and persecution to "cure" smokers with its costly junk "therapies".
  • It is also important for pro-liberty organisations to put aside their differences and work together against these gangsters (yes - gangsters, as it is the proper name for conmen who organize themselves to impose their will on their victims with force) in order to take away their political power, start educating the public on the truth, and create a political force that forces investigations on their scientific frauds (and their source of funding), so that these individuals can be tried and punished for the damage and the suffering they are imposing to too many nations in the world already. The punishment must be severe, as not only do they betray one of our most sacred trusts in science and the healing profession, but also and especially because of the fostering of social hatred, intolerance, taxations, and the institutionalisation of fraudulent "scientific" methodology as a base for governmental politics. Smokers should go to jail for their own good? No, dear gangsters in white coats: YOU should go to jail for the good of society- and we will have to make sure that the key is thrown away for good.
  • It is essential to understand is that this is not a health issue, but a political one - and it has to be fought with political weapons, while setting aside once and for all the guilt and the shame that those bastards impose on anyone defending truth and the freedom to make lifestyle choices. That is done solely to prevent or impair a convinced and determined opposition by their victims after the tobacco industry has been put on its knees. No, smokers don't need to be "cured" and no, if they smoke, they kill no one. The antismoking fraudis as easy to demonstrate as it is big.
  • Finally, it's important to understand that whether you like smoking or not is irrelevant, as smoking has been the pretext for the creation of an immensely powerful political and bureaucratic transnational and transpartisan structure using junk science as a base for domestic and international politics - and that has universal application.

Just a few days ago the WHO announced that 30 million people are "killed" each year in the world by food (compare with the 4-5 millions "killed" by smoking on statistical junk science computers) thus ranking something that everyone does and needs as the number one "killer" in the world: we do not need to highlight the unlimited political power that regulating food confers to those who have it. But the obesity epidemic" is yet another statistical fraud achieved by changing the obesity threshold of the body mass index and then using the very same statistical junk science methodology to compute the thirty million "deaths" as it was used for smoking. Also, the entity that pays off the organizations (of physicians, activists or otherwise) is the very same pharmaceutical industry that pays off anti-tobacco and anti-alcohol pressure groups.

It will never end, as the goal of those health "authorities,"  medical gangs and activists is social, political and economic control - total and absolute - using the perception health as a psychological key to access power. Incidentally, that offers an opportunity for sick fanatics, once labeled as lunatics, to control "health" information and enmesh pseudo-morality with junk science,  piloting everyone's life more effectively than any political party ever could.

Sleep well, Mr. Blair: you have done the right thing - and a sincere thanks from all of us defenders of liberty and integrity. But if you like insomnia, think about the corruption of "health" organizations and their pharmaceutical puppeteers; maybe you want to set another example of civility by cutting their public funding in these times of crisis, thus severely limiting their nefarious power.

You may not fully realize it yet, but the same cancer your great country once fought has bleached its shirts, replaced race and religion with lifestyle choices -- and it is hard at work once again in England from within in a stunning repetition of history. But then, let history repeat itself all the way, and let Great Britain stand alone once more against the Nazi invasion. Once the stand is taken, new allies will come, and we will defeat the cancer again - this time hopefully for good.

We call on Tony Blair's government to start an investigation into the scientific frauds concerning tobacco (we can provide much solid documentation) and pharmaceutical influence starting - why not? - with the Royal College of Physicians and The Lancet. You've got to start somewhere - providing you have the courage it takes, Mr. Blair. We are sure of very interesting discoveries.

FORCES International

Gian Turci
FORCES Italiana, president
FORCES International, C.E.O.

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