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December 16, 2002 - In 1998, a US Federal Court decided that the Environmental Protection Agency used fraud in its classification of passive smoke as "Class A" carcinogen, exposing for all time the action of criminals who manipulated the evidence, and continue to do so now. The EPA, of course, appealed. Virtually every legal expert in the United States considered the Court's decision "air tight". The weight of  Judge Osteen's arguments was so overwhelming that the decision could not be reversed. American justice aspires to be speedy, but not this time.  The appeal was stalled for four years to allow the antismoking industry to advance the pharmaceutical prohibition agenda by spreading the passive smoke fraud, consolidating popular superstition. In the meantime, to ensure stability and "just in case", the pharmaceutically-driven International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) of Lyons, France, picked up the EPA's statistical fraud, and a few months ago declared that passive smoke was a carcinogen, moving the EPA's methodological fraud to safer, international waters. With its decision of last week, he 4th Court of Appeal has demonstrated that such precaution was not necessary.

How? By turning Osteen's decision upside down? Perhaps by demonstrating that there is a new scientific foundation for the "dangers" of passive smoke? By correcting a bad judgment?  Hardly.  Judge Osteen had demonstrated the passive smoke fraud so completely that a scientific reversal was impossible. Simply, the 4th Court used a technicality: the EPA does not make legislation, it is just "consulting" - thus the case has been  cancelled. No matter that the entire world's prohibition is based on the EPA's fraud, let us just pretend that the EPA does not initiate regulatory control in the US!  Technically, Osteen's decision never existed.  When the truth is too blatant, and you cannot diffuse it, simply eliminate it and don't deal with it.

If there were still a need for a demonstration of how much the prohibition agenda transcends scientific truth, justice, honesty (and even the judicial system), then we have it now. If we still needed to understand how deeply pharmaceutical corruption has penetrated the fabric of the state, then we understand it now. The decision of the Federal Court has not been over turned (and thus it stands up as testimonial); it has been annihilated to prevent any potential legal consequence. The fraud of the century MUST go on -- too much money depends on it. 

The 4th Circuit Court of Appeal lets the cat out of the bag in its precedence-setting decision that gives carte blanche to all government agencies to crank out studies and reports with no accountability.  Its decision vaporizing Judge Osteen lists the EPA's contention that he "improperly exceeded the scope of judicial review of agency action by engaging in an intrusive review of the scientific and methodological judgments underlying EPA's conclusions in the Report."  The 4th Circuit agrees.  Henceforth governmental studies need no longer concern themselves with scientific rigor nor must they be bound by universally agreed upon methodologies.  They can say the sun rises in the west and no one may disagree.

In reality neither passive smoke has been demonstrated dangerous nor the EPA honest.  Not much would have changed had the 4th Court upheld Judge Osteen's decision anyway - as history has demonstrated in these last four years.  Red in their faces, and with the ink still fresh on the papers, the antismoking Nazis stated, of Judge Osteen's decision in 1998: "That [decision] will change nothing" -- and it didn't, for the mobs knew that their masters had already bought enough of the system and state, and that there was no reason to fear even the verdict of the US Federal District Court.  Similar thing happened with the pharmaceutically-sponsored WHO-IARC. In 1998, the largest study on passive smoke ever, demonstrated no danger whatsoever for non smokers. But the WHO denied its own evidence, buried the study, inferred that the IARC scientists were bought out by Big Tobacco (without ever proving it, of course) and, a few years later, produced the junk science meta-analysis (not even a new study - that would have taken too much time) mentioned above.

Let us face it, guys and gals: honesty, science, truth and justice do not mean anything anymore in real life. Thus, when they cannot be ignored, denied, or deflected, they are simply cancelled with force. Passive smoke and its non-existant dangers is, in fact, the indispensable tool to forbid smoking, which the tobacco control industry claims to cause millions of deaths in the world each year.  In that way one's right to hurt himself is circumvented - by making the world believe that in so doing one hurts others, and by attributing all social costs to the targets, in order to instigate against those who "hurt" themselves. 

What can one say now?  Not one death can be scientifically proven for active smoke?  Come on, people, that is only a small detail, totally irrelevant to the agenda of the pharmaceutical colossuses who pull the strings of the ministries of health and pay antitobacco "grass root activists"!   Everyone knows that smoking kills - why should we worry about such stupid, hair-splitting details?  Just as everyone in the middle Ages knew that the devil possessed people necessitating in throwing the demons into the water with a mill stone around their necks.  Sink and drown and innocence is proclaimed.  Stay afloat and possession by Satan is proved.  Time for the pyre.

Forgive the cynicism, but nothing has really changed, and statistical computers do not turn monkeys into higher beings. Then as now, science and justice were instruments of fanaticism, temporal power, political interests -- and of the darkest superstition. For the ministries of Finances, who raise the cigarettes' cost by taxing the New Jews (for their own good) such arguments are totally irrelevant - just a waste of breath.

When in power, it has always been easy to oppress, cheat and steal.  But today it has even become ennobling: all one has to say is that he does it for public health.

Gian Turci
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