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Virtually Safe Cigarettes  

Virtually Safe Cigarettes:
Reviewing an Opportunity Once tragically Rejected
Gio Batta Gori -- IOS Editor and Publisher

Whatever happened to the search for a safer cigarette? People under the age of 40 are probably too young to remember, but until the late 1970s, serious research was conducted in the United States into how to reduce smoking risks through the analysis of and engineering of cigarettes. The Smoking and Health Program was the creation of the National Cancer Institute. Participants and advisors included a wide array of scientists from government and academia as well as industry – including Dr. Ernst Wynder of the American Health Foundation, one of the earliest researchers to link smoking and lung cancer. Summarily dismissed by today’s anti-smoking activists as yet another dark plot by the Evil Empire of the tobacco industry, the promising work of this group and the insights it provided into the phenomenon of smoking have been consigned to politically correct oblivion.

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ISBN: 1-58603-057-4 - Publisher: IOS Press, Amsterdam
Distributor for US and Canada: IOS Press Inc. 5795-G Burke Centre Parkway, Burke, VA, 22015 USA e-mail:

Smoking: Who Has The Right?  

Who Has The Right?
Multiple authors -- Jeffrey A. Schaler (Editor) Magda E. Schaler (Editor)

A new, impartial book on the issue of the Great Smoking Fraud has recently become available from Barnes and Noble, and it is already a recommended reading by FORCES International.

"Assembles primary documents, historical surveys, and perspectives from a number of positions and disciplines on the rights claimed by some Americans to regulate public health and by others to pursue their lives and businesses by their own standards. The bombshell Brown and Williamson documents and various medical position papers are included. Among the topics are a sociological view, the criminal case against the industry, stigma, authority versus autonomy, property rights, smokers' right to health care, and the corrupted science of passive smoking."
ISBN: 1573922544 -

Murder A Cigarette  

Murder A Cigarette
Ralph Harris and Judith Hatton

This book is a 'must-read' not just for the Smoker's Rights activists, but for the layperson. It is loaded with information useful for our fight against oppression. And it's an invaluable primer to help readers understand that they are the target of the largest avalanche of lies -- promulgated at an unprecedented planetary level -- ever to be foisted on the general public.
ISBN 0-7156-2891-7 -  to order the book.

silencing science.jpg (9537 bytes) Silencing Science

This is the latest book by Steven Milloy, the intrepid junk science buster. Inform yourself about the unhealthy links between science and political science (while being thoroughly entertained)! Another "must-read". Click here to order the book.


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