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Søren Højbjerg lives in Copenhagen, Denmark, and he is a European FORCES member who has recently joined the fight against the greatest international fraud of all times - that against smoking. Forty-two years old, Søren is an electronic engineer and a computer programmer, and in his life he has enjoyed photography, model railroading and samba music. But recently he has a more intense, new pastime - which is quickly becoming a mission: debunking lies about tobacco and churning his way through epidemiological studies. Because of his profession, Søren finds number-crunching quite interesting and amusing - especially those that mean nothing! Join Søren every now and then, as he shares with you his views on tobacco and the lights of perverted science! Click here to visit Søren's website.

July 25 [09:00 GMT] - Kamikaze - When you have nothing to lose, you may as well do as much damage as you can - and make sure that it is spectacular, or cooperative mass-media who have the job of spreading the antismoking fraud will certainly ignore it. Smoking bans do not hurt businesses, and "everybody" is happy about them, didn't you know?... And smokers better keep setting themselves up for dinners and parties at home: The more damage against healthist crime they can do, the better.

July 14, 2007
- Smoking cessation is useless - Tobacco.org may soon be consigned to scrapyard of history. Just the other day, we at FORCES had the pleasure of heaping disdain at tobacco.org, because the folks behind it were running out of donations. Let's have some more fun with them!

April 20, 2007
- Refusing to submit - A crowd of angry citizens demonstrated outside the Danish parliament in Copenhagen this week.  The object of their outrage is the smoking ban and they are not planning on skulking away until changes to the law are made.  Petitions and protest statements were presented to the health committee while outside the crowd waved banners, sipped beer and smoked cigarettes.  Soren Højbjerg was on the scene and reports on the mood in Denmark.

April 9, 2007 ­ A new con in town - Søren Højbjerg reports from Denmark on a new entrant to the cancer rackets.  This new group declares that it will not tolerate lung cancer.  Such an adamantine vow won't provide much relief to cancer sufferers but it helps to establish the street cred of yet another gang cashing in on the west's morbid fear of death.  The new group focuses on a particular form of lung cancer that mysteriously shuns smokers, preferring instead to wreak vengeance on non-smokers and "reformed" smokers.  Other factoids are dispensed, proving that what a grifter lacks in logic he makes up in floods of verbiage, some of it contradictory.  Mr. Højbjerg welcomes the new group but ponders its survival as it intrudes on territory already staked out by the current mob of cancer vultures.

April 4, 2007 - The doctor off his meds again - On a lighter note we link to an amusing observation from Søren Højbjerg who is determined to probe the minds of the mindless healthists.  The particular ideologue under the microscope is really, really worried about everyone's health, so of course focuses inordinately upon smoking.  He also appears not to approve much of alcohol and in a wonderful example of pretzel logic manages to finger both vices as causes of cancer, according to variables that only a lunatic could conjure up.  Our correspondent from Denmark thinks such schizoid contradictions fall under a discipline known as polylogism.  We call it something a bit simpler; delusional bull shit.

March 26, 2007 - Something brewing in the state of Denmark - Søren Højbjerg had a busy weekend and a highly productive one as he and a cohort got together to do something about the loss of freedom in Denmark.  The hours of labor produced the inception of a political force to take the concerns of the people to the politicians who have forgotten they represent all citizens, not just the special interests who spend the most money and have the loudest voices.  We wish the brave and stalwart Danes all the success they deserve.

March 21, 2007 - Something brewing in the state of Denmark - Søren Højbjerg reports on the situation in Denmark and, despite the usual push by the elites to install prohibition on the backs of the working class, finds reasons for cheer.  Bar owners are protesting the upcoming ban in growing numbers as the implementation date nears.  The Denmark Smoker Party is gearing up and will ensure that smokers' input is taken seriously.

Magic science - We all know epidemiology, the method used most often in anti-tobacco "studies", is not science.  Often it appears to be a low-grade type of stage magic that couldn't fool a reasonably intelligent junior high school student.  Stage magic, of course, is designed for amusement but the bilge that our correspondent from Denmark highlights here is hardly a barrel of laughs.  Disgusting is the key word here and fraud is the motivating factor.

Turning the tide - Denmark has a smoking ban that can, in these days of total prohibition, be described as soft.  Not soft enough for many the citizens of that peaceful and progressive country who are fed up with narrowly focused special interests imposing their wills on the majority.  Our correspondent from Denmark reports on the growing resistance to prohibition.

Norwegian spammers - From Norway comes yet another hysterical "study" from a team of bozos who concluded last year that smoking one cigarette is significantly dangerous.  That piece of junk went over so well that they've recycled the numbers and come up with a new earthshaking contribution to human knowledge.  Our correspondent from Denmark barely breaks a sweat as he bludgeons the numbskulls' latest conclusions.

Denmark's almost ban - Our correspondence from Denmark reports on the latest anti-tobacco nonsense inflicting his erstwhile progressive nation.  As required by the haughty, and unaccountable, European Union, the country has approved a nation-wide smoking ban.  The devil, as always, is in the details, which Søren Højbjerg sorts out.

Scottish Spin - Under great anti-smoker bravado and orchestrated cheers, a band of anti-tobacco 'researchers', at the University of Dundee, Scotland, have published a piece of agitational science. This time the claim is that pub workers' lives have been saved due to the smoking ban recently foisted upon the hapless Scots. ... The people-banning instigators who have backed and are promoting this piece of trash should be ashamed.

The “denormalisation” campaign in Britain: “I just called to say, ‘I hate you’” - Propaganda takes on many forms. The best results are of course achieved if the recipient of propaganda does not realize that he is being targeted. We shall zoom in on a specific piece of propaganda that employs exactly this technique.

Smoking bans are an assault on liberty - Under the false guise of health, anti-smoking zealots are massively hammering the rights of citizens and business owners to make their own decisions. These fanatics exploit the democratic majority rule to foist their interventions against a minority, smokers and the entrepreneurs who cater to their wishes.

A Healthist Manifesto - In 1974, one Marc Lalonde, Minister of Health in Canada, published a paper titled ”A New Perspective on the Health of Canadians”. Readers of the Forces pages may be familiar with the title of this publication. But how many have actually read it? Until recently, I had not.

Studying this healthist manifesto allowed me insight into the fundamentals of the propaganda that we are exposed to every day, through newspapers, television, novels and other channels of indoctrination. ”A New Perspective on the Health of Canadians” is a despicable medieval parchment. It reduces man to a pawn in a gigantic game played by the directors of healthism.

Liberalism & regulation of lifestyle - For a generation "liberalism" has been a dirty word in the United States.  The tarnishing of this once luminous concept is entirely due to the abuses enacted by the far left in liberalism's name.  In an article about Berkeley, California, for instance, the reporter unwittingly reinforced the public's distain of of the "L" word by glowingly describing that most intolerant of cities as a bastion of liberalism and cited Berkeley's early embrace of smoking bans as proof.  Enacting smoking bans, and by extensions demonizing smokers, is antipodal to true liberalism.  Søren Højbjerg, our correspondent from Denmark delves deeper into the tragedy liberalisms transformation from an ideal to a nightmare.

Orchestrated science - There really is nothing new under the sun, although some of the permutations of anti-tobacco "science" are so bizarre they do appear new.  Junk science was invented a long time ago and once its use as a tool to disseminate deception and scary-sounding innuendo was perfected it became the coin of the realm in societal adjustment.  Our correspondent from Denmark presents a brief history in anti-tobacco junk.  Please note the abhorrent source and ponder why evil can be defeated but never eliminated.

Socialism Junked - While secondhand smoke has never been proven to be a hazard to nonsmokers, the political ideology that falls under communism or socialism has been revealed as a total failure.  The cadres, however, are still active but, as our correspondent from Denmark notes, are now bossing us around under the banner of health.

A softer, reasonable approach - The small nation of Denmark has been much in the news of late because of the so-called controversy erupting over a newspaper's decision to print images of Mohammed.  The country, so far, has bravely faced down an onslaught of threats and condemnation while newspapers, particularly here in the United States have cravenly buckled under foreign pressure.  Lost in all the hubbub is the news that Denmark is again countering the mob by enacting smoking regulation that seem downright reasonable these days.  Our correspondent from Denmark fills us in.

Big fat zero - First comes the junk science "proving" that secondhand smoke causes nonsmokers to keel over dead.  Prohibition follows.  Finally "research" is released showing that everyone loves the smoking ban, businesses are booming and the workers' lives have been saved.  Søren Højbjerg examined the proof anti-tobacco conjured up to laud Ireland's country-wide, total smoking ban.  After laughing uproariously he places the bilge into perspective pronouncing it much ado about absolutely nothing.

Sue the bastard - Outrage greeted Action on Smoking and Health's strident call to terminate all employees who refuse to quit smoking.  ASH obscures its hatred of smokers by claiming its bigoted message is merely a proposal to reduce health care costs.  Our correspondent from Denmark sees beyond the shocking hatefulness to the core of lies that ASH has been dissembling for decades.

One trick pony - Søren Højbjerg, our correspondent from Denmark, zooms in on a contradiction in the anti-tobacco movement that needs more exposure.  An anti-tobacco organization finds itself on the outs with most other anti-smoking groups because it doesn't limit its message to hectoring smokers into quitting smoking and hooking themselves up to smoking cessation devices.  The heretics suggest that perhaps a bit more resources should be poured into cancer research, looking for the cause of cancer and ways to eliminate it.  Such research would help the growing numbers of nonsmokers who contract lung cancer and who cannot, as anti-tobacco preaches, give up smoking and go on pharmaceutical nicotine.

Level Killing Field - Anti-tobacco has worked so hard in implying that only smokers get lung cancer and that smoking tobacco inevitably causes lung cancer that it is hard pressed to come up with a coherent explanation why lung cancer, in an era of fewer smokers, is rising.  Søren Højbjerg, from Denmark, examined the stats provided by the Centers for Disease Control and finds some surprising trends.

Tightening the noose - Instead of wasting time on worse case scenarios if the bird flu panic actually does become a reality, people should focus on the pandemic of government tyranny.  Our correspondent from Denmark updates us on the situation there as Big Drugs and its political clients ready the population for prohibition.

Clean air is hazardous to health - Struck by the latest absurdity to come out of the junk science industry, our correspondent from Denmark takes an illogical premise, dispensed by supposed scientists, to its logical conclusion.

Thought engineering - George Orwell's 1984 novel about a totalitarian society that brutally extinguishes every last vestige of freedom has chilled generations since it appeared in 1949.  In the book the "party" works relentlessly on techniques to instill complete conformity and obedience.  One method involves paring down the language to a few concepts so that individuals brought up speaking "newspeak" are incapable of uttering unorthodoxies that could lead to subversive behavior because they cannot conceive of ideas outside the party's narrow vision.

Our era of slavish conformity has not achieved the level of thought homogeneity envisioned by Orwell but it isn't for lack of trying.  As our correspondent from Denmark notes, anti-tobacco in particular and Big Health in general is busy redefining terms and words into concepts that are conducive for controlling the population.

The Great Danish Smokeout - Our correspondent from Denmark comments on the state of freedom in his country as media unites with behavior modification engineers.  While his analysis may appear bleak we note that anti-tobacco has declared victory many times before, each time their crowing has been very premature.

Norway report card - Norway holds the dubious honor of being the first country on earth to impose smoking prohibition.  Smoking is illegal everywhere except outdoors and in private homes.  To bolster the PR efforts of the tobacco control industry the country recently released a glowing report touting all the wonderful progress made since personal choice, property rights and scientific integrity was thrown into the garbage can.  Although the report is in English it is doubtful that few will read beyond glowing synopses that accompany its release.  Søren Højbjerg, from nearby Denmark, has read the report and offers his insight.

Penetrating the smoke screen - It was inevitable.  Unable to restrain themselves the anti-tobacco grant junkies continue to crank out study after study, each designed to show tobacco as more deadly than plutonium.  With each new study come contradictions and every so often one produces results that are completely contrary to anti-tobacco's purpose.  Our correspondent from Denmark zeroes in on the one from the National Cancer Institute that found secondhand smoke playing a minor role, if any, in nonsmoker lung cancer.  The study suggests that "unidentified carcinogens" are the agents that cause the cancer in nonsmokers

Perhaps those mysterious carcinogens are the agent that causes lung cancer in smokers.  Perhaps the government and legitimate health organizations should stop wasting public dollars focusing solely on tobacco.  How much progress could have been made if billions of dollars weren't poured down the bottomless pit of anti-tobacco research?

Cigarettes don't cause cancer - Hyperbole aside, as well as the impossibility of demonstrating a  negative without the existence of a positive, we'll cut Søren Højbjerg some slack over his exuberant response to the recent court ruling that smoking tobacco has not been shown to cause lung cancer.  Our correspondent from Denmark, however, is on firm ground in finding this ruling significant.  For years anti-tobacco has pronounced from on high that smoking causes lung cancer.  While the hazards of secondhand smoke have not really been accepted by the public, the supposed dangers of primary smoking are taken as gospel.  Even more important is the astonishing fact that when the bogus anti-tobacco science is made an issue in court, the truth will prevail.

Stumbling over the truth - Søren Højbjerg, is astonished at the level of obtuseness demonstrated by supposedly well-educated experts of human behavior.  Despite high taxes, smoking bans and "denormalization" campaigns smokers continue to smoke.  "How can this be so," ponder the wise men?  The answer is obvious and it doesn't cost a gazillion dollars in grants.

Their Finest Hour - Our correspondent from Denmark is dismayed to see the United Kingdom slipping down the slope of soft tyranny that always ends up on the cruel rocks of hard oppression.  He harks back to the grim days when that country unequivocally stood alone against the rampaging totalitarians intent on stamping out all personal freedom.  His disgust with the current government is tempered with his admiration of the British spirit of liberty shining forth from those who won't go down without a fight.

Regulating Nicotine Yields - Since anti-tobacco is more akin to a psychological disorder than to a rational ideology the anti-smoking operatives often find themselves advocating contradictory agendas that cannot lead to their stated goal of improving the public health.  Such is the case when nicotine, generally regarded as harmless, is regulated out of tobacco products by governments under the sway of the flashy propaganda spewed by anti-tobacco special interests. 

The Dark Side casts its shade over the kingdom of Denmark - We have often described antitobacco as a social cancer, and we believe we were right. However, a cancer can also be defined as the dark side of life. With the European Union's adoption of the antismoking statistical fraud, the huge bureau-statist Liviathan is flexing its muscles on the member states to further the interests of huge multi-national pharmaceutical corporations and of the professional "public health" con artists on their payroll.  The little, not-for-long free Denmark is no exception, and it is undergoing "consultations" that are nothing more than a mockery of democratic process designed to impose the Dark Side of healthism on that nation. Darth Vader could not have done better. May the FORCES be with Denmark!

Orwell vs. Huxley - "For a period in my life I was fascinated with science fiction novels. I've read the famous ones – 2001, Fahrenheit 451, Brave New World and 1984. In this article, I shall delve into my memories of two of those novels, 1984 and Brave New World."

One is a bleak vision of society completely enslaved, every aspect of life controlled and enforced by faceless inquisitors of orthodoxy and docility.  The other is, on the surface, a soft paradise where pleasures are pursued by happy, adjusted and ultimately mindless conformists.  Neither anti-utopia vision came to fruition but today we see a hyprid version of them both threatening to render us impotent.

Who said discrimination, committee rigging and secret meetings? - ...The manual also, quite unprecedented in any UN affiliated organization, advocates comittee rigging by suggesting a number of tactics to be employed in order to avoid that anyone sympathetic to tobacco smoking be part of decision making concerning 'smoking policies' (prohibition)...

Meta-analysis-free Initiative - The greatest threat to liberty at the dawn of the 21'st century is not Islamic Fundamentalism. It is perverted science, cloaked under the fake pretences of Health Fundamentalism. I am not worried about Usama bin Laden, because he is not a threat to my liberty. The novel tool of the perverted science movement is meta analysis. It is akin to an alchymist tool. It can be used to conjure up anything from nothing...

Is nicotine addictive? - When the CEO's of the seven dwarves years ago testified that 'nicotine isn't addictive' everybody thought the were just a pack of liars. They had to be liars, right? They had motives for lying, right? Anybody that has a motive must be lying, right? Anti tobacco CEO's have motives. So they must be lying too, right? Oops! We all have motives. Based on this observation, are we then all liars? No. Even if we have motives, we could very well be telling the truth...

California, land of the free - The peoples of the great American Californian state are the most free in the world. The great news is that plans are underway to extend these enlightened freedoms to the union and even the world. How did all of these great freedoms come about?...

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