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July 25, 2007 - As the plague of smoking bans spreads, new means of combating the scourge are being developed. Responsible citizens in the form of hospitality business owners have realised that the soft approach of negotiation does not work. Anti smoking zealots have such a grip on the media and on pseudo-science, that common courtesy is insufficient.

A new strategy to combat smoking bans and illustrate their lack of fairness can be called a kamikaze tactic. Instead of being devoured by bankruptcy, small numbers of bar owners are putting up harder and harder fights. The kamikaze tactic is one such method.

The method

A bar owner knows whether his establishment can survive a smoking ban or not. If he has no outdoor facilities to offer, or knows that his customers will abandon him, he knows that he is doomed financially. He then decides to do a kamikaze. This means that he will break the smoking ban law. It will eventually lead to the demise of his business - but that makes no difference anyway, because the government has already doomed his business through a smoking ban. The use of his business as a kamikaze weapon at least allows him to strike back at the government entity that has doomed him.

A bar owner that violates a smoking ban law will be subject to fines. His customers will be subject to fines. Sooner or later the government will use force to close down his business. But by breaking the smoking ban, he also has the prospect of earning a last pile of wealth before being forced to close shop. And if he is clever, his final earnings may be out of reach of the government.

What can be achieved through this?

Well, like a meteorite that streaks through the earth's atmosphere, it will generate an outburst of light. The light will attract everybody's attention. All have been brainwashed into believing that everybody 'loves' smoking bans. It will make a great impact when a bar owner uses his establishment as a "suicide" weapon. No man would do such a thing if he had other options. Clearly, many bar owners have only the option of shutting down and losing a lifetime's worth of savings, sacrifices, and hard work. It is time for these people to identify themselves as victims of government meddling, and strike back.

That is what is happening in the UK.

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