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We have reported about the coming smoking ban in the little European kingdom of Denmark. Queen Margrethe II of Denmark is reknown for her stance on smoking, insisting on her right to smoke. With the upcoming ban, the Queen has decided to lower her smoking profile. For others, the ban is a call for a battle to defend the rights of the individual.

Initially the ban proposals were quite soft, but the antis have been lobbying. They have pounded parliamentary members with 'science' about passive smoke. The current claim is that 2000 people each year die of passive smoking (out of a population of 5 million). That is twice the level claimed in the United States! Of course the claims are as substantiated as thin air. The goal for the antis was a ban similar to the Irish. This did not materialize, in part because of two priests.

Jesper Langballe and Søren Krarup are two very vocal MP's. They are members of the Danish Peoples Party. This party has given Denmark a reputation as a 'racist' country. The two priests are reknown for their hard stance on immigration, which they would like to halt. Essentially, the two MP's are quite politically incorrect.

So also on the smoking issue. Both are smokers, one is a pipe smoker, the other a cigar smoker. They loudly opposed the smoking ban bill. Eventually, they carved out provisions for smoking in single man offices and designated smoking rooms in all workplaces. The antis fumed, and screamed tales of lung cancer seeping through keyholes and cracks in walls. But the two politically incorrect priests had their way.

However, they are not the only ones rising to the defence of individual liberties. One radiologist, Ole Gilberg, who works part time at a hospital, decided he had taken enough anti smoking nonsense. He has now founded The Smokers Party. This party will put candidates on the ballot for the next parliamentary elections (which are not due yet). The primary goal is to overturn the smoking ban.

This action is garnering overwhelming interest. In the space of two months, 1.500 citizens have expressed their interest. The Smokers Party can garner 300 volunteers to gather signatures for the party. The founder of the party, Ole Gilberg, optimistically predicts that The Smokers Party could win a landslide similar to the 1973 landslide of The Peoples Progress Party (a precursor the The Danish Peoples Party). Expectations may be high, but one never knows. Many people are truly fed up with government intrusion in the lives of citizens. Of course the media never reports such things, but we know what is going on beneath the surface.

Follow the progress in this matter. We'll keep readers posted.

Please bid Ole Gilberg and The Smokers Party of Denmark welcome!

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