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Smokers Party

On Saturday March 24, 2007 the Smokers Party of Denmark was founded. In the village of Krogsbølle, just 25 miles from Hans Christian Andersens birthplace, a group of dedicated smokers made history by creating what must be the worlds first smokers party. Its first goal is to get parliament representation, in order to combat smoking laws.

Let us start by congratulating the president of the party, Ole Gilberg for his initiative.To pave the way to succes, a five man strong board has been elected. The task before it is monumental.

The four hour founding meeting discussed several topics. Three of them stand out.

  1. The laws of the party.

  2. How to get signatures enough to get on the ballot.

  3. How to formulate the policies of the party.

The laws of the party

This discussion took half of the time. It takes considerable effort to formulate a set of laws for a political party. Starting from scratch is not easy. The only easy part was the name - Rygerpartiet

Signatures for the ballot

In order to qualify for the parliamentary election ballot, 20.000 signatures must be collected and verified. Fortunately politically experienced individuals gave tips for this process. This task alone is quite substantial.

The name of the party has already been approved by the relevant ministry, i.e. the ministry of internal affairs. So the first step has already been taken.

Policies of the party

This particular apsect of the party is the most abstract and challanging. Smokers are very diverse and represent almost all political colors. How would smokers be able to unite on a single political platform?

Well, one of the obvious observations that all the smokers have made is that micromanagement of the lives of citizens is running haywire. We want to end the micromanagement of the lives of all citizens. This goes for those that drink alcohol, are obese or enjoy going out in the sun as well as those who smoke tobacco.

The starting point is the abolition of smoking laws. The battle for individual liberty begins there. The Smokers Party ideology is a form of microliberalism (or micolibertarianism). If the individual does not have the right to manage his own life as he ses fit, what does the individual have the right to do?

The Smokers Party is born. Let us see if the child will grow.

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