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Gian Turci died in 2009, read the RIP.

FORCES Canada founder Gian (John) Turci has been writing in two languages about smokers' rights and against junk science for the past eight years, during a period when the Tobacco Wars have escalated and their adverse effects on the lives and liberties of ordinary citizens have become rampant.

A convinced Libertarian, Gian moved to Italy in 1999, where he founded FORCES Italiana.

Here is a sampling of his (proudly) politically incorrect opinion pieces. Click here for his Italian list of articles.

Gian Turci died in 2009.

Appalled but not surprisedGian Turci, CEO of FORCES International, weighs in on the trashing of property rights in California.  Disgusted but not surprised at the revolting turn of events, Mr. Turci places the blame squarely where it is deserved: on us.  Yes, anti-tobacco has been working strenuously for years to batter down the door that separates the home from "the public."  Yes, anti-tobacco, its pharmaceutical patrons and corrupt politicians have promulgated the fraud that secondhand smoke is deadly.  That said, the responsibility for maintaining freedom is with the governed and we, the people, have been asleep at the wheel for too long.  At a time of unbelievable prosperity and comfort we amuse ourselves with our gadgets and trust that government will keep the ship of state afloat without bothering us.  Wrong!  The nature of us humans is to push and shove our way to the top of the heap and those who do make that arduous trek are inevitably consumed with the notion that they, not the common people, are best suited to run society and everyone's lives.  We let them get a way with it and we have it in our power to stop the control freaks in their tracks.

Here is what YOU think – How can a mass-medium such as BBC pack a colossal institutional fraud in six minutes and 46 seconds and nudge you to the conclusion that smoking bans are “the right thing” after all? There are several techniques, and our CEO explores one of them.

This is war - Gian Turci examines recent comments by a tobacco control advocate and places them in the overall context of the escalating assault upon all people, not just smokers, in the name of health.  It is not a pretty picture and makes for an inauspicious commencement of a new millennium.  The lessons that should have been learned from the previous, bloody, murderous and soul-destroying century are being ignored as nations embrace a perverted philosophy that turns over free will and dignity to a faceless collective whose only value is the acquisition of sheer power.  Although it is monolithic its hold on us can be broken.

Dangers lurking within - We all have heard, recently, the sensationalistic, shocking, stunning news about “poisons in the blood”, so I don’t need to describe it here. The title of this Canadian article: “Danger lurking within”!  is interesting. I could not resist the idea of embedding the music of Jaws in this page to illustrate, sarcastically, the desired popular effect. Click on the button above to stop it. Population piloting through hysteria, ignorance and sensationalism keeps rolling on and people keep buying it.It goes without saying that some opponents of antismoking campaigns have jumped on the bandwagon, making yet another classic error of a very long series...

Social and moral schizophrenia: in today's academic system "tainted" money must come from all sides - Provocative as always, Michael Siegel raises some interesting points about the funding of science in today's institutions. But he fails to zoom out and see the big picture and follow his own logic where it would lead. For the rot goes a bit deeper that Siegel concedes. Let's face it...

Can you imagine becoming a non-smoker...? - In Australia they are now kicking non-smokers out of smoking areas to comply with the latest idiotic total smoking ban. No, I'm not smoking the funny stuff, just tobacco. And you read it correctly: if you are an Australian non-smoker and you venture into a smoking area, you had better learn to smoke right fast (not such a bad idea, after all), or a couple of big bouncers will come for you.

The need for a cultural vacation - "Siegel still believes in the self-correcting mechanism of his system; he believes in his cause. Finally, he believes that others have his kind of coherence. But using one’s own metre to measure the world is often the fatal error of the naive. Those antismoking organizations ARE liars; they lied from the beginning and they keep on doing so..."

Oh, what a wonderful thing being a ninja is - Our C.E.O. comments on the new "ninja" definition of FORCES by "public health advocates" and also reveals several very interesting and seldom-known aspects of the tobacco-financed "SRGs" whose function, it now seems, is not at all that of defending the right to smoke - quite the opposite, in fact. Here is a teaser: they are a big bluff.

Carmona is giving the nod to hatred - “Americans should “stay away from smokers” according to U.S. Surgeon General Richard Carmona. I invite the reader to seriously ponder the implications of these words and the incredible social danger hidden in them. The first thing subtly implied by the message is that smokers are apart -- not really respectable Americans at all.

Challenging Dogma? The Real Dogma Is Not Challenged At All - March 15, 2006 - I was pleased to see that my previous article about the antismoking dogma was partially shared by Dr. Siegel, who quoted points C and D of my list of “commandments” of antitobacco in his blog. Of that I am honoured – but an important part of the issue are points A and B. Point A (and especially B) challenge the real dogma about smoking: where is a reliable, scientific demonstration that smoking (including especially passive smoke) “kills”? Without that foundation the whole antitobacco premise crumbles, as the emperor has no clothes.

A Waking Nightmare - The Canadian Supreme Court, reversing lower court decisions, paved the way for each province to sue the tobacco industry to recover the supposed cost of treating sick smokers.  On the surface this would appear to duplicate the shakedown in the United States where 46 state attorneys generals sued to recover Medicaid funds spent on treating sick smokers.

As Gian Turci notes, the Canadian situation is far worse than what occurred in 1998 when the American tobacco industry capitulated before the onslaught of 46 states.  While some may dismiss his prognostication as not plausible, consider the differing political realities of the United States and Canada.  While the anti-tobacco movement may have originated in the United States, it is rapidly becoming obvious that the tobacco control industry is finding the political systems of other countries more receptive to extreme solutions than are possible here.  In the past few years Ireland and Norway have banned smoking in so-called public places such as restaurants and bars.  Italy also imposed a nationwide smoking ban that, while bad, is somewhat less restrictive.  The European Union has banned tobacco advertising.  Bhutan has gone the furthest by making tobacco illegal in that country. 

None of this is possible in the United States.  That pesky Constitution prevents anti-tobacco from imposing its version of utopia here.  Canada is a different story but once Gian Turci's nightmare becomes real there, all bets are off on how long the United States can withstand the globalization of Health Control over all other political, economic and moral considerations.

Dangers of natural selection - For the past several months we have been pleased to direct our readers to columns by Michael Siegel, a physician who specialized in preventive medicine and public health who now is a professor in the Social and Behavioral Sciences Department, Boston University School of Public Health.  Dr. Siegel's areas of research interest include the health effects of secondhand smoke, policy aspects of regulating smoking in public places, effects of cigarette marketing on youth smoking behavior, and the evaluation of tobacco control program and policy interventions.  In this era of labels he has been labeled anti-tobacco and certainly is no supporter of what is loosely defined as "smokers rights."

Michael Siegel, however, cannot be labeled an automaton of the tobacco control industry.  His recent series of articles, while not repudiating the anti-tobacco agenda, has caused consternation among the legions of policy makers, researchers and lawyers who toil industriously in the anti-tobacco vineyards.  What roils his peers is the focus Dr. Siegel applies to the silliness, dubious methodology and outright deception practiced by the anti-tobacco industry.

Gian Turci, CEO of FORCES, Inc. examines Dr. Siegel's latest, More Personal Attacks by Anti-Smoking Advocates: Idea that FORCES Represents Legitimate Interests of its Members Seems Too Much to Take, and discusses the dangers of truth telling in a culture where honesty is a liability and rocking a profitable boat is treasonous.

Let's make some predictions (in order not to lose the habit) - Nowadays, and on the health issue, it is quite easy to play Nostradamus – and so far, we at FORCES have predicted the future better than he did. Let us have some “fun” just before the Christmas holidays with predictions on coffee. Let us begin by saying that coffee is now “studied” at the EU level: here is a link with the EU Fifth Framework Programme at One may ask: “What’s wrong with that?” Nothing at all. Nevertheless we can already say, without a shade of doubt, that within very few years coffee will end up the way tobacco did. The health activists and “public health”, in fact, while happily conning us on smoking (and obesity as well) must create new “epidemics” and threats to justify the ongoing flux of money and the suppression of freedom of choice – to say nothing of cultural conditioning. In short, the parasitic machine created for smoking must be kept well lubricated, and diversification (together with false advertisement) is the soul of business of the contemporary medical mafias. The beginning of the end of coffee will come this January, when the conclusions of the European “study” on coffee and health will be made known to us poor, sick little people...

Sleep well, Mr. Blair- Just a few days ago the WHO announced that 30 million people are “killed” each year in the world by food (compare with the 4-5 millions “killed” by smoking on statistical junk science computers) thus ranking something that everyone does and needs as the number one “killer” in the world: we do not need to highlight the unlimited political power that regulating food confers to those who have it. But the obesity epidemic” is yet another statistical fraud achieved by changing the obesity threshold of the body mass index and then using the very same statistical junk science methodology to compute the thirty million “deaths” as it was used for smoking. Also, the entity that pays off the organizations (of physicians, activists or otherwise) is the very same pharmaceutical industry that pays off anti-tobacco and anti-alcohol pressure groups. ... Sleep well, Mr. Blair: you have done the right thing – and a sincere thanks from all of us defenders of liberty and integrity. But if you like insomnia, think about the corruption of “health” organizations and their pharmaceutical puppeteers; maybe you want to set another example of civility by cutting their public funding in these times of crisis, thus severely limiting their nefarious power.

The Italian vending machine control law: invasion of privacy "for the children" - What is the real reason for this limitation, then? Well, here it is. In order to make sure that “children are protected”, the machines will be provided with an electronic scanner for a digital identity card (already issued by City Hall for general identification provided the candidate submits to fingerprinting) to “make sure that the buyer is of age”. The vending machine is connected via modem with a central databank, and identity is verified, then the purchase is logged. And here is where “health ‘n safety”, once again, becomes the excuse for privacy violations and population control. With such a technology, the state knows everything about the ADULT smoker: who he is, how old, and where he lives; what he smokes, how often – and even some of his movements within the country. But that’s not all: the state knows if the smoker has children, and if the children live with him, through computer cross-reference with the local City Hall residential databank.

Smear tactics. let's look at the facts - Because they cannot advance their agenda using honorable methods, anti-tobacco operatives must resort to invective and lies.  The smear job is their favorite methods of dealing with people who not only disagree with the smoke-free agenda but who counter the bilge with logic and facts.  Rather than rationally debate, anti-tobacco resorts to name-calling.

The Americans for Nonsmokers' Rights, an outfit created by Stanton Glantz, the anti-tobacco charlatan who manufactures secondhand smoke deaths out of air, is a front group well-funded by pharmaceutical interests.  So rich that it has the resources to create a massive database listing every organization and individual who opposes smoking bans, cigarette tax increases or any aspect of the anti-tobacco jihad.  If you have ever spoken in favor of freedom at a smoking ban hearing, you are in the database.  If you have written a letter to your local paper decrying the attack on smokers, you are in the database.  If you are a federal judge who has ruled in anyway that is displeasing to the Americans for Nonsmokers' Rights, you are in the database.  The ANR enemy list harks back to the McCarthy era and defines anti-tobacco perfectly.

FORCES and anyone associated with us, of course, is featured in the database.  Last week new information about us was released by the Americans for Nonsmokers' Rights.  Gian Turci took a look and was astounded at the idiocy he saw.

Ganging up for the ultimate control - 'OK folks, the international health gangs are meeting in Geneva this week under the pharmaceutical banner of the World Health Organisation to further advance the frauds concerning smoking, and to impose prohibition/taxation galore – not to mention the orgy of revolting gratuitous paternalism. The countries that protect with their constitutions freedom of advertising and information (Germany, United States, and so on) are promptly accused to be moppets of the tobacco industry; those who respect the freedom of choice to smoke in public, such as France and Switzerland, are attacked by the head honcho Gro Harlem Brundtland herself: "I know that both in France and Switzerland there is smoking in restaurants — I don't like it at all," states the boss of the organisation. Who cares if you don’t like it, Gro? Really -- WHO do you think you are? Let us light one up to your mental health although, really, we doubt that lighting up the entire yearly stock of Philip Morris could correct that situation. In the meantime, the figure for the global “mortality” of tobacco has been touched up again – not that the media parrots dare to notice, mind you.'

Faking reality - "If there were still a need for a demonstration of how much the prohibition agenda transcends scientific truth, justice, honesty (and even the judicial system), then we have it now. If we still needed to understand how deeply pharmaceutical corruption has penetrated the fabric of the state, then we understand that now. The decision of the Federal Court has not been overturned (and thus it stands up as testimonial); it has been vacated (which means annihilated), to prevent any potential legal consequence. The fraud of the century MUST go on -- too much money depends on it. But neither passive smoke has been demonstrated dangerous, nor the EPA honest. Not much would have changed had the 4th Court upheld Osteen’s decision anyway – as history has demonstrated in these last four years. Red in their faces, and with the ink still fresh on the papers, the antismoking Nazis stated in 1998: That [decision] will change nothing -- and it didn't, for the mobs knew that their masters had already bought enough of the system and state, and that there was no reason to fear even the verdict of the US Federal District Court."

Tobacco and marijuana: let us stop insulting truth and common sense - ' The sad news (assuming it’s true) that smoking is now banned in 60 percent of Canadian homes demonstrates, if any more proof is needed, that any lie (no matter how outrageous) which has enough money behind it can become a truth – especially when health authorities such as the Canadian Ministry of Health become the instruments of the pharmaceutical multinationals. ... But the "suggestions" of the self-serving poll  implemented and financed by those very same who lie about smoking for a living, are not really the issue of this piece. The issue here is that Mr. Sweanor, counsel for the Non-Smokers' Rights Association in Canada, goes beyond any limit of decency and surpasses himself with this breathtaking assertion: "There's no question that cigarette-smoking is massively more harmful than marijuana. The reality is that marijuana is not killing people and tobacco is killing 45,000 a year." Reality?...

When stupidity becomes a weapon - "The recent death of Princess Margaret at the green age of 71 has drawn the same mindless comments as the death of George Harrison: "If she (he) did not smoke, she (he) would still be with us." I cannot believe that the media have lobotomised themselves down to that level, yet I have to accept the compelling evidence. So, let’s see: how long would Princess Margaret have lived, hadn’t she smoked? How long for George Harrison? Has anybody asked these questions? Can any antismoking moron out there answer? And how come the same moron reporters are so silent about the Queen Mother who, at over 100, still smokes and drinks?"

The only thing that will crack down is the patience of tolerant smokers - "That is something international and home grown health fascists have to keep in mind. Although famous for our tolerance, we do know that relaxed complacency on personal liberty and rights is what the fascist scum waits for, to establish itself; and many of us are still willing to use whatever force is necessary to keep that at bay.I will light one up to that – in a public place, of course – and blow smoke right in the face of any zealot who wants to control my behaviour, as I own the public land as well; the sad part of it -- damn it -- is that I won’t even hurt him."

WHO: asinus asinum fricat - "The veterans involved in fighting anti-smoking corruption also see the background reason for this new fanfare: since the WHO’s own studies fail to support claims of danger from second-hand smoke and undermine even some accepted orthodoxies about primary smoking and disease, WHO has gone on a witch-hunt, hoping to wash its hands of any of its own work which does not support the anti-smoking crusade. Who knows, one can always say that the research teams were "infiltrated" too! While the media gets distracted trying to follow a sexy conspiracy story, the WHO will "authoritatively" reassert its junk science anti-smoking posture."

Cartel: how is this for a peaceful Christmas message? - The anti-tobacco fascists have to put one thing through their corrupted thick heads: WE WILL KEEP SMOKING, and we will do so under no-smoking signs, in restaurants, and everywhere it is "forbidden," for smoking is a RIGHT, and it cannot be taken away. We will fight prohibition legally, psychologically, politically and with any other means at our disposal. May of us are ready to face jail, and others to defend their rights directly. We will be after the anti-tobacco frauds for as long as prohibition lasts and beyond. This will not fade away, and no, we won't "just get used to it." Cartel operatives, we will be after your lies until your frauds are exposed and understood by masses and politicians, and until we're back smoking in offices, restaurants and at home (and yes, with our children!) and until many of you are in jail under lock and key.How is that for a peaceful Christmas message?

The cooker of truth- More and more bits of truth will surface in the future, as more scientists will follow the example of courageous Dr. Kenson, who is certainly aware that from now on every single moment of his past, present, and future life will be under the intense scrutiny of the antismoking operatives. Soon, not even the mighty anti-tobacco lobby will be able to get enough fingers to plug all the holes poked in the dike it has built to contain reality. And through those holes, the truth will eventually downpour. Nevertheless, the battle against such an entrenched establishment won't be an easy one.

A nice display of junk science arguments - Here is a bit of REAL health information that is NOT epidemiological, and it is of universal application: "Experience and enjoy everything - from smoking to drinking, to eating, sex, and bunji chord jumping - in moderation." You'll get joy and gratification (good stuff for your health) as well as balance. And you won't have to split a hair in two, while spending the rest of your life in deprivation, circumspection and fear arguing about which half is bigger.

Behavioural vaccines: gateway to hell - MANDATORY VACCINATIONS to children will ensure that the "bad" choice is chemically and genetically prevented even before the individual can have the option. This will be a real panacea for lazy parents and irresponsible politicians, thus it will become a very pragmatic, desirable approach for our short-sighted generation. Technically this approach flows very well: by chemically and/or genetically lobotomising children and adults, we then eliminate the experience of joy in certain "unwanted" behaviours. With the joy gone, the drive is gone. One could even argue that this is not just the key to health, but even the key to happiness: it has been said that the key to happiness is the lack of want, hasn't it?

An early warning about deception- ...But the CT test on REAL PEOPLE brought this figure down to 2.7% -- nearly 4 times less than the official figure. And remember: there is no comparison with non-smokers!

WHO: clear and present danger - quick commentary - The WHO must be dismantled and replaced with a leaner, more efficient, and especially more honest organisation that cannot take private funding, and is managed by member countries directly, and on an equal basis.

'Nazi' genetic screening: in the name of health - Genetics maybe vital for the elimination of the terrible diseases that still plague humanity, and for this reason alone research sholud be continued, and supported. Without very, very strict and limiting legislation in place BEFORE fiddling with genetics in a major way, we give the health establishment the power of life in a way that is frighteningly different than the power to save it.

Doomsday, 1984: George Orwell was only a few years off - When at the end of the Eighties the Soviet Union fell, many of us thought that Socialism was over. Unfortunately, nothing is farther from the truth. Socialism lives. Phase I was the 19th century Marxist ideology of England. Phase II was the first crude experiment in the USSR. Now socialism has entered a new, much more sophisticated phase in what was thought to be the most unlikely place: the United States.

Will Thomas Le Marle de Coucy shape the third millenium? - The Church excommunicated Thomas Le Marle de Coucy, and its anathema forced him to show repentance, and hide his own arrogance. When he died in France in 1130, he left hefty riches to the Church to buy his way into Heaven, and the Church officially sent him there. As it was in the 12th century, in our 20th century the graces of the powers that be are for sale while eyes are shut in greed, and inconvenient truths are ignored.

Macrosoft SAMMEC II ® - With MACROSOFT SAMMEC II ® software, virtual deaths feel like the real thing! With this incredibly versatile software, corporate customers such as the WHO can even stretch graphs, iconize coffins, rotate the truth...

The Fourth World - Even though the US is the world epicenter of anti-tobacco and of the junk science created by it, it is not widely known that Canada is a far worse place to be in right now. In the socially irresponsible race about deceit, repression, social divisions, falsification and propaganda, Canada wants to make sure it holds the first place in the League of the Jerk Nations.

How stupid (or dishonest) can they get? -- or: how to read the lies of the anti-tobacco cartel - Here is an article published by "On Health," a well-known lackey of the anti-tobacco industry. On Health regularly publishes garbage on tobacco, its users, and publicizes the junk science steadily mass-produced by the cartel. This particular article, however, requires some comments, because seldom I have seen something more stupid, as well as more false and misleading, all under one roof. I am reproducing it here for the sole purpose of commenting on it.

Yes, Master! Smokers: the Niggers of the 21st century - Smoking has become my flag of freedom, my symbol of defiance. Lighting up in front of a no smoking sign anywhere in the world is an affirmation of my freedom and individuality. And if this makes me a criminal, so be it. I will wear my un-paid fines, my criminal record, my days in jail, my contempt of fascist authority as a badge of honor. I will spit back at those who spit on me, and laugh at their lies. I will not recognize the Masters' authority, whether they calls themselves State or Non-smokers. I will not lick their boots. I will not quit smoking to fit the "new order," and if I were a non-smoker, I would rush to buy a pack of cigarettes. Thank you, Lord, for not making me a Master.

AMAJAMABOGUS: anti-tobacco = whores = JAMA - If Clinton gets away with his legal interpretation of blowjobs, then every pedophiliac in the USA would have to simply change his approach to children to get away with being a child molester, for example. In fact, all he would have to do would be to refrain from coercing the child, and simply persuade him/her to give him a blowjob.

Lawton Chiles is dead: can we say we are sorry? - ...But there is more. While Chiles was proclaiming his concern for children, there have been allegations that he may have been instrumental in the abuse of thousands of needy children in Florida, by protecting the state structure that made these abuses possible. Here we provide a link with the site of the organization that was collecting signatures for the impeachment of Gov. Chiles. ... Now Lawton Chiles is dead, but the legacy of his twisted values, and the damage he did to Florida's society and to an entire generation of children is not. The minions of anti-tobacco have been known to cheerfully celebrate when one of their adversaries, like a tobacco company executive, dies. That's how hysterical these "tobacco wars" have become -- and it is shameful. But given the extent of the abuses we have seen, there's no point in being coy about the extent of passions. I could chose to be a hypocrite, and say that I wish that Gov. Chiles rests in peace. I won't. Frankly, I think he should burn in hell.

A Christmas message to all the smokers' rights groups in the world - We have to put it through our heads that we must expose the frauds of universities, the WHO, anti-tobacco "scientists", anti-smoking statisticians, as well as anti-smoking organizations and governments, as the injured party. ... For as long as the public has the perception that there is credible scientific solidity behind the prohibitionist actions of governments, matters are only going to get worse. ... It is necessary for all SRGs to immediately conglomerate globally into one super-organization representing all the smokers in the world. This organization must become a political force, representing the interest and the power of billions of CONSUMERS. ... Where and when necessary, we have to use the same brutally aggressive, ruthless methods that anti-tobacco uses ... We have to turn from being reactive to being pro-active.

The deal of shame is done: now (almost) everybody is unhappy - To sum it all up: after damaging the fabric of society beyond repair, pitting friend against friend, wife against husband, boss against employer, father against son, after bankrupting businesses large and small, what's the gain? The anti-tobacco criminals who have mastered this lurid show, the fools who have believed them, the smokers that are hoping to quit and live in guilt, the tobacco companies hoping for "redemption", the media barking lies -- they all have been taken by the Big Smarter Brothers: government and lawyers.

The benefits of nicotine: America rediscovered - The scientific evidence has been with us for the longest time, and we at FORCES have published lots of it (1, 2, 3). Why has it been disregarded? Come on, the answer is simple: who are we at FORCES to know something about it? How can we possibly compare ourselves with the enlightened members of the American Cancer Society in the US, or the Non-Smokers' Rights Association in Canada, for example? Where are our public and private grants to prove that we are disinterested? And finally, how do lay people dare to disagree with the great and in-the-know medical class, anyway? We, the commoners and the flat-earthers, the unqualified and the politically incorrect, we are supposed to let go of our obsolete values and way of life, and just listen to our benefactors -- not think.

Come on, you bastards, haven't you turned your own stomach yet? - "...Men are afraid to court women for fear of sexual harassment charges. A "wrong" joke may turn into social rejection. Insecurity, emotional suffocation and contempt for our peers are now the norm. Spontaneity and the enjoyment of the self are now a serious, dangerous sin. But we have to take care of our health -- like it or not. If the anti-tobacco criminals need a cause, they have plenty of real ones to choose from, though they may not be as lucrative as the tobacco one. But instead, like scavengers, they thrive while tearing apart the last shreds of rotten flesh of what were once great nations."

The demise of Bill Clinton: should we care? - "Thank largely to Clinton and his support to anti-smokers, science has been corrupted and distorted, and organizations like the EPA or the WHO have been transformed from monitoring means into instruments of political propaganda and dissemination of fraudulent science." ... "I personally believe that helping to discredit Clinton is totally consistent with our final goals here at FORCES: the destruction of anti-tobacco, and the criminal prosecution of those who have lied."

Missouri trial: the temptations of totalitarianism - "There is a fundamental reason why complex and lengthy mechanisms are in place in a democratic system: to slow down the overly-expedient, to allow time for the hysterias of the moment to settle down to a realistic level -- and to permit a variety of views to come forth. The removal of this safety system automatically leads to totalitarianism and intolerance."

'Collabo' - The use of children for squealing and state persecution: we are like the ones we once fought -  "We are telling young people that reporting on your neighbour is not only acceptable, but laudable and rewarding. As the tobacco wars escalate, we can predict that in the near future this kind of squealing can (and will) be extended as a weapon against parents who smoke in the house. It will be rationalized, of course, on the much publicized 'health hazards' of second hand smoke."

The World Health Organization attack on smokers  (Reflections On The Smoking Guns) - "The United States have a very large financial interest in going after the tobacco companies, for those manufacturers can provide the means for immense economic revenues. This lucrative effort can expand world-wide, bringing in the US coffers thousands of billions of dollars in a few short decades, making up for failed social programs, political incompetence, as well as filling the non- profits' top dogs pockets."

Civil disobedience now! - "The fundamental right of choice of the citizen as to what to do with his body, business or behaviour is under attack by a state run by demagogues, doctors, and 'administrators'. THIS is the fundamental problem to eliminate, not just the smoking issue on its own right."

When the gravy train stops at reality station - "Many of us smokers who are sick and tired of antismoking social engineering and the capitulation of the U.S. tobacco companies through 'settlements' would love to see some outright pressure tactics from the tobacco industry."

The epitome of stupidity and lies - "There you have it, guys! The great scapegoat is invoked again! Tobacco is responsible for the whole ball of wax in the North." (Note:In the months following coverage of this issue, the Eastern Arctic smoking ban attempt failed before it even got off the ground.)

Diary of a smoking trip - "When I got to the Seattle airport, I felt I was entering the environment of the movie "TXH 1138". In that 1970s feature film, the first for director George Lucas, society is a controlled by computers taking care of everything with magnificent control, repression, and a total emptiness of humanity. Social interaction has become automated. I was reminded of that movie at the airport. Messages, broadcast endlessly through the speaker system of the airport, were repeating no-smoking announcements every thirty seconds, together with warnings on the consequences of leaving your car illegally parked."  

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