A Second Take On Property Rights And Antitobacco

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Click on the image to write to Gian TurciJune 15, 2007 -- Appalled but not surprised, yesterday I read on FORCES about Belmont and the killing of property rights in the US. I may add that Canada is following the same path. I also read what I shared all along - that, in the courts, almost the only possible chance to win is to demonstrate the incredible fraud about passive smoking, thus proving that the "public health" institutions and the politicians who listen to them are rotten to the bone and ignorant, respectively. That would be quite easy to do: all it takes is the money that is not there. But, at this time, there is more to the antitobacco equation than the mere statistical fraud and false representation of evidence by "public health": it is cultural engineering and programmed social hatred.
The world-wide antismoking movement, financed heavily by the pharmaceutical multinationals and coordinated by their official partner, the World Health Organization, wants to modify the culture and institutionalize hatred against smoking in particular, and lifestyle choices in general with whatever it takes: hatred, corruption, intimidation and falsification are perfectly legitimate means in its eyes. The medical associations are the enablers, the mass media are the vehicle, the politicians and the ministries of health are the actuators.
Even before proving the passive smoke fraud, the war is cultural. To win the war tomorrow, many things can be done today. The smoking culture is to be perpetuated because that is exactly what they promised to eradicate: our way of life. Now more than ever smoking is distinction. Rather than addiction, those who  smoke today show intelligence and uncommon independent thinking. We have to teach the youth about the frauds on primary and passive smoke. We have to engage the "authorities" and the antismoking operatives in what they carefully avoid by strategy: publicly and legally challenge them on the "science" they use for cultural engineering. We know they will not respond - because they have something to hide - and that is to be used against them. But to do that, you have to tangibly help the only organization in the world that has the guts and the knowledge to take these criminals to court: us .
But there is more than that: we have to create economic damage; we have to get rid of our induced guilt and show pride in our way or life. We have to stop listening to the propaganda, and stop wasting time in dissecting the hundreds of lies that are produced daily by "public health's" fraudulent machine. Instead, we have to pass summary judgment that everything they say is a fraud, and rather focus on destroying the mechanism that makes them go. In short, we have to adopt THE VERY SAME ATTITUDE of our enemies: zero tolerance - the debate is over.  Now it is time for action. And action means labour and money: the "winning the hearts and the minds" attitude won't cut it in a system that only understands the brutal power of emotional violence and lawsuits anymore than the "smoking is bad, but..." nonsense did.
That means that we have to create an active - not passive - real and measurable force that in turn creates a political and social problem. In doing so - yes -- there will be problems for some of us. But a fight for the restoration of human dignity, for bringing public institutions back to integrity, for restoring the freedom of choice and property rights as paramount values of society instead of "health" (so that we can ALL live free) is definitely worth it.
No "ifs", "buts" or "ands" about smoking or not. We smoke - and we are proud. We won't quit because we are "socially unacceptable". >WE< are society too, and we have EXACTLY the same dignity and rights of non smokers - including that of practicing our LEGAL lifestyle in public - and no "ifs", "buts" or "ands" about that either, "the debate is over", remember?... We won't listen - but we will "deal" with you bastards rather than you "dealing" with us, and "dealing" with us will imply consequences -- for you. We are nearly 50% of the productive population and you will not mess with us - neither in public, nor in private. Have your stupid way of life, that preaches abstinence from joy in exchange for inevitable death - but don't push your trash values on us and on our children.
Even if you don't smoke, a precedent like Belmont WILL establish the "right" of the state to regulate and forbid what you have in your fridge and in your canteen, when and where to drive your car - and even how to make love to your spouse if they can help it. And no, THEY WILL NOT STOP unless WE stop them. Let's read once again the worlds of City councilman William Dickenson: "We need to step back and look at what we're doing when we are legislating in the home. We have the right to do that" - and make a fundamental, tell tale observation. In the United States (and soon all over the world, if we don't stop antitobacco) the value of property rights and individual domain in one's own home is so depreciated that the lowest form of government in the nation ought to be enough to deny or regulate: City Hall.
How cheap liberty has become after being earned with blood.
OK, now say that you "hate" smoking. Is this the world you want for your children? If the answer is "no", then what are you prepared to do about that? And if the answer is "nothing", then you deserve anything you get - but your children still do not -- for they will have to live in the world you have allowed antitobacco to create - both smoke-free and liberty-free. May you be damned.

Comments by Gian Turci, CEO.


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