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Click on the image to write to Gian TurciFebruary 2007 -   It should be clear to all that integrity doesn't matter, truth is no longer valued and freedom is an archaic concept.  We link below to comments by Dr. Michael Siegel, a tobacco control advocate.  You should read each of them and realize that they are from "the horses mouth."

"Father, you are smoking. I must turn you in."

Consciously using the passive smoke fraud, this is what, amongst others, physician Larry Brian from Edmonton proposes: "Children should be able to sue their parents for exposing them to harmful second-hand cigarette smoke". In Nazi Germany 50% of the physicians were active members of the Nazi Party.

There is much to be learned from these recent postings. The first and foremost point is that, in spite of the good intentions of Siegel and very few others, antitobacco as a movement never had an ounce of integrity. It has been a predatory business on the tobacco industry and on smokers since its inception, and it has now become a colossal, international industry. True, in the beginning the dishonest intentions of that industry were much less visible - but even 10 of 15 years ago it became pretty clear that the whole thing was based on a statistical fraud - especially since the EPA Report on Passive Smoke back in 1992.

It is equally clear that, since this movement is based on financial exploitation and on sheer power, it is useless to seek and point out contradictions, truth, and - especially - to hope that one day "this will end". This will never end as long as there is one smoker smoking, one drinker drinking or one person who does not meet the moving target of perfect weight or diet. From an arguable heath issue, the war on smoking has snowballed into a philosophical, moral and logical inversion and - like its Nazi predecessor - has evolved into a socially destructive industry feeding on money and fear. Deficient in ethics and morality, contemporary politicians exploit the hype propelled by the healthist doctrine as a sure bet of political opportunity. Hence the conclusion that, if we want this to end, energies have to be pooled and organized to destroy this evil international machine of fraud and propaganda from within with any means available, and then pursue and punish those who are responsible -- not to argue, debate, or seek "peaceful coexistence" when there can be none, because none is desired by the other side. It is now clear that any attempt to find a peaceful coexistence with antitobacco is as futile as the efforts of Jews would have been to find an understanding with the Nazi Party.

To destroy the greatest fraud in history, which now has the collaboration of governments and ministries, is not an easy job - but it can be done. The first step is to be taken with ourselves, by changing our mental posture and first realizing that, for all intents and purposes, we are fighting crime - there can be no other definition for fraud and hate instigation. To realize the gravity of this crime, just read the statements of the World Health Organization, for example, or those of your local "health authorities". Simpler yet, read Siegel's postings above.

As the antismokers' agenda is to make life impossible for smokers - to the point of taking away their children, invading their private property and destroying their families and their income - it is necessary that smokers make life impossible for them in any way they can - on the job, psychologically, through political avenues, and in any other way conceivable. As this is clearly a war, anything goes, any means becomes legitimate. We have to warn and educate the young and the old on who the enemy is, how it operates, its lies and what dangers it represents - and the enemy is institutional corruption and institutionalized falsehood. We have to put aside the differences that exists amongst the various groups and unite against the common enemy - and especially we have to stop treating the enemy with respect - unless you want to respect fraud and oppression. And we have to recapture dignity. Recapturing dignity and pride of our way of life is the other fundamental step towards victory. Yes, victory - for just when the times seem the darkest is when the opportunity is the brightest. Let's get together and start to take a bite out of political crime.


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