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Click on the image to write to Gian TurciAugust 17, 2006 -  So, now in Australia they are kicking non smokers out of smoking areas to comply with the latest idiotic total smoking ban. What? No-no, I just smoke tobacco, not funny stuff, I promise. You read it correctly: if you are an Australian non- smoker and you venture into a smoking area, you'd better learn to smoke fast (not such a bad idea, after all), or a couple of big bouncers will come for you.

Of course, non-smokers cry "discrimination". Under normal circumstances (that is, in a sane society  free from healthist propaganda and hysteria) I would agree with them. Personally, I am a non-drinker and I am disgusted at the nasty smell that comes out of the mouths of people who have had a drink, especially because I tend to have allergic reactions to substantial concentrations of alcohol, even in the air. But, as I am a civilized person (or so I like to think), I cannot allow my personal problems to dictate support for regulations or prohibition, and I do not expect the world to segregate drinkers just  because I can't tolerate their breath. Society does not have to change to fit me, although it must accommodate me. There is room for everybody in a civilized nation - and no, not outside on the streets, thank you.

However, this discrimination against non-smokers pleases me no end, and I hope that it spreads and gets applied everywhere. Why? Well, what I find particularly irritating in the article of the Australian Daily Telegraph is this paragraph: '...Mounties CEO Greg Pickering said the restrictions raised questions of discrimination. "...Could you imagine being told you must be a smoker to use a particular area of a club?" he said.'

Could you imagine being told you must become a non-smoker to use a particular area of a club - or to have a job? These pricks' selective memories have conveniently made them seem oblivious to how smokers are treated lately. But actually, their memories work very well. Their unspoken, perverted rationale goes like this: "How dare they coerce the behaviour of those who do not hurt their own health and that of others? It's OK for smokers to be treated like this if they light up where it's forbidden because they are really second-class citizens who just happen to look like us, but have not seen the righteousness of our ways. But liberty is only for those who take care of their health as 'public health' prescribes, and for that reason smokers deserve contemptuous treatment. To enjoy what society has to offer - and to freely operate in it -  you have to be a non-smoker."

I will certainly not waste my time elaborating on the passive smoke fraud and on its epidemiological prestidigitations, nor show that it is creative linguistics that made active smoking into an "epidemic"; that's what FORCES is all about. What is more fascinating here is the perverted, racist-inspired scale of values that have resulted from these frauds. Hatred and the psychological problems connected to it are latent in human beings, often waiting for a socially-approved excuse to come out. The history of the last century amply illustrates this, and decent and responsible politicians are curbed and humbled by this dangerous knowledge. The Great Fraud on Smoking has provided a reason to hate for some, thanks to the health "authorities" who knowingly spread poison, and who are at criminal fault. I hope that one day they'll be tried for that.

The whole Australian affair is, of course, quintessential stupidity, both the smoking bans and this latest perversion of the perversion - and no, two wrongs don't make one right. But it is an alarming indication of the urgency with which we should abandon this foolish mentality that erects fences around ourselves, while arrogantly supporting an imposition on others of "what's good for them", using public health's junk science as justification.

Any non-smoker who is fool enough to welcome smoking bans should be rudely kicked out of smoking areas, because he has been fool enough to support prohibition and discrimination and to believe that such a putrid mentality would not turn against him eventually.

I'd love to ask those Australian non-smokers who applauded the smoking bans how it feels to have a taste of their own medicine. I am sure that it feels quite bitter - and I hope that truckloads of it are coming. "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you" (Matthew 7:12). Flawed memories, indeed.

Gian Turci

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