The SG Of The US Is Giving The Nod To Hatred

Click on the image to write to Gian TurciJuly 3, 2006 - This garbage has to stop. Not only is the highest official health authority of the US knowingly lying about the effect of passive smoke by saying that "the scientific evidence is now indisputable" while he knows that there is absolutely no scientific evidence that passive smoke is dangerous, as it is just statistical junk science in the first place. Now the SG is officially in the social lynching hate business right along with the worst of the antismoking scum.

Americans should "stay away from smokers" according to Carmona, a comment picked up by a number of newspapers, as Michael Siegel reports in his blog. I invite the reader to seriously ponder the implications of these words and the incredible social danger hidden in them. The first thing subtly implied by the message is that smokers are apart -- not really respectable Americans at all.  This reinforces the "denormalization" of smoking message that has been already quite consciously set by the criminals of a public health establishment that might better be called a Social Cleansing establishment -- the de-socialization of a huge number of citizens and the instigation of what is perceived as the majority against a minority. It's a blueprint for ostracization copied right out of the book of racist instigation. The message: if (and when) you smoke, you are cast out of American society (because you are a killer). This is consonant with the increasingly loud and repeated message that in the America of today it is OK to hate smokers, deprive them of jobs, ghettoize them, and take away their children: here are the "scientific" excuses. Worst thing of all, the paranoids promoting this stuff now believe their own fictions and fantasies.

Those being the premises, and to paraphrase Carmona, I am very proud NOT to be an American, these days. The problem is that the cancer - and the frauds -- he sponsors are spreading, to make victims all over the world.

Carmona is insane - or at least his message is. Surely only an insane person would use a position of authority such as he has to instigate hatred amongst citizens. And this is not his first time, either. Previously he defined obesity as a threat to the national security of the United States. That such fanaticism is allowed to come from the highest health authority in America can only indicate that the system - political or otherwise - is equally insane. The fabrication of terrorism and threat seems to be the business of a society that has lost all ideals.

American smokers seem to be largely indifferent to the hate campaign launched against them by corrupt authority. Where is the American pride and individualism I grew up to admire and respect? Perhaps it has gone down the drain together with freedom and smoking in public, both of them now perceived as a threat. Perhaps the indifference is a survival mechanism similar to what the Jews used when persecuted by the Nazis. Look where that took them. And smokers who "quit to fit" painfully remind me of those blacks who, during segregation, bleached their faces to appear more white. The shell of human dignity is fragile indeed.

Siegel gives Carmona the "benefit of the doubt", and says "... I don't think that 'stay away from smokers' is the appropriate message to be giving the American public. 'Stay away from secondhand smoke', perhaps, or 'stay away from smokers who are smoking', but not 'stay away from smokers' ". I disagree that Carmona can be given the benefit of the doubt. If passive smoke were a proven danger, maybe I could agree. If Carmona had not already demonstrated a cynical spin-doctor's bad faith by trying to create a connection between obesity and national security, maybe I could agree. But Carmona's inappropriate message is almost certainly deliberate - the man has a competent staff to help him hone his message -- and the words used by the SG are carefully weighted to address not health, but hatred. Shadowing his words is a message that goes something like this: "Americans, beat up and lynch your fellow Americans who smoke. We, the Social Cleansing Authorities, are right behind you". Let's spell it out for the naive once and for all: antitobacco has nothing to do with health and science. It exists only to polarize social hatred for political and financial gain against innocent people. These people are targeted to become the niggers of our century, and they can redeem themselves only if they behave like the Master Race. As America seems to need enemies and threats to give purpose to itself, new enemies are fabricated from within, and smokers are it right now.

Unfortunately, Americans still don't seem to get it yet: Carmona and what he represents will not stop with smokers and the fat. Intellectually and morally small people who are in his position, once they are allowed to get away with hatred and fraud, begin to enjoy the rush of power - unlimited power, that is. And we all should know that power is the most addictive drug that ever existed, one for which there can be no peaceful, harmless or democratic antidote once the addiction has taken hold. Smoking, alcohol and obesity are not a disease; but the addiction to power by Social Cleansing public health is - and it's terminal, and spreading. What Carmona represents will not stop - ever - until it's forcibly stopped. History is teaching us once again the lesson that is never learned.

Gian Turci

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