Judith Hatton's Corner

Beginning her career as the youngest censor at the British Ministry of Information during the Second World War, researcher Judith Hatton has turned her sharp eye to a variety of subjects over the years, most recently the smoking debate through her work with FOREST, the British smoker's rights group.

Hatton and co-author Ralph Harris have written a book by the title Murder a Cigarette: the Smoking Debate, published by Duckworth - an eye-opening account of how smokers have been turned into "legitimate" targets by a corrupt health establishment.

Lies, damn lies... and statistics- The ridiculous assumptions and manipulations, surveys and biases are concisely described with great mastery in this article. Junk science and assumptions of this kind are at the basis of the anti-tobacco "epidemic" -- and all the billions of dollars of public money pocketed by the anti-tobacco cartel while persecuting tobacco and its users.

A thoroughly modern family- A Let me introduce Cal Correct and his wife, Polly, their daughter Soya and their son Clinton. Cal has a responsible position at the Ministry for Interfering with the Arrangements of the Ordinary Workers (MIAOW), and Polly teaches at the Winnie Mandela School for Higher Interference and Troublemaking in a London suburb twinned with Ho Chi Min City.

The big kill: a big lie? - This is Chapter Four of the powerful book by Judith Hatton and Ralph Harris: "Murder a Cigarette", where the absurd claims and the shameful propaganda of the international anti-tobacco cartel are exposed in great detail and with great mastery. This book is a 'must-read' not just for the Smoker's Rights activists, but for the layperson. It is loaded with information useful for our fight against oppression. And it's an invaluable primer to help readers understand that they are the target of the largest avalanche of lies -- promulgated at an unprecedented planetary level -- ever to be foisted on the general public.

Talking about smoking - "...Take it from me that the more statistics are thrown at you, the more likely you are to hear a lot of nonsense. Someone said that in the world a smoker dies every 13 seconds. Poor man. But if you dig out the rest of the figures, you'll find that in every 1.7 seconds someone dies. Given that at least a quarter of the world population is probably smoking something, the odds are rather in our favour."  

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