Ending the Antitobacco Problem

Author: Gian Turci
Article Published: 28 January 2008

It is time to end the antitobacco problem. It is clear that any form of coexistence with antitobacco ideology is impossible – in America, in Europe, or anywhere else.

It is time to end the stream of false information, continuously funelled through the media, that tells us that hundreds of thousands of people are "killed" by tobacco. If immoderation in many things may carry risk, tobacco does not "kill" any more than cars, or martinis, or bacon and eggs "kill," and most who use tobacco indeed live long lives.

The frantic rhetoric, an insult to science and to reason, often originates from technocratic physicians, at other times from empowered "authorities," and at all times from professional prohibitionists. These professional cons, who abuse both their professions if doctors or their positions if politicians, cannot demonstrate scientifically anything they say. The knowingly con the population by misrepresenting junk science to advance their fanatical healthist ideology, which stems directly from the Nazi doctrine.

There are no people who die from tobacco — in fact, they can’t even prove one.

Last week one of the fathers of unified Europe, Helmut Schmidt, was charged with criminal assault for smoking a cigarette. It is obvious that the antismoking “authorities," faithful to their ever more obvious fascist ideology, indeed have applied yet another fascist method and motto: “Hit one to educate one hundred." The "one" is meant to be a prominent person besieged to set an "example," while “education” means intimidation, fear, and punishment.

It is time to end the antitobacco problem.

It is time to educate THEM, and there are millions of US.

It is time to use their own methods: call them trash, humiliate them, ban them, hurt them in any and all ways, and in the same way they hurt their victims — at home, at work, in the streets. It is time to make them as miserable as they make us.

Because they want to engineer our culture, our children, our traditions and our values — and we won't let them do that.

Because we are right and they are wrong. Because they lie and we don't. 

It is time to get together, to "disobey the law" and to do that with pride and conviction, not with guilt and fear; for ideologically maniacal antitobacco does not care about respect, it simply and viciously demands obedience. Obedience is exactly what we have to deny them.

They can charge and fine one hundred of us, or maybe ten thousand, but they will not be able to stop a hundred thousand, or a million.

This situation is atrocious. It has to come to a head. Do not fool yourself that it’s limited to smoking. This is ideology, a criminal ideology that uses the excuse of cigarettes today, fat tomorrow, alcohol, cars, and whatever else the day after, to exert endless control through hatred.

The brownshirts of the Nazis ran rampant too long and the Nazi ideology was only eventually defeated at enormous cost. The neo-Nazis of tobacco control have bleached their shirts into white coats and deluded themselves of the rightness, the progressiveness, of their cause, in fact exactly as their eugenically-inspired predecessors did. Contemporary antismoking is a fraud, it is fanatical, it is vicious, oppressive, and tyrranical. It is the same old damned thing that must be stopped.

Antitobacco keeps raising the stakes. We must do the same.

Let us get organized. Let us implement massive disobedience — but be prepared to make this fight as uncivil as the tobacco control scum always have — as rest assured they will again and ever more so. Let us smoke where it is forbidden to make a statement of freedom. Let us invade City Halls and public places with lit cigarettes to demonstrate that we will not give up our way of life — and to establish the right to respectful representation and accommodation on public as well as private property. When and where no decent accommodation is provided for smokers we will then smoke everywhere. Let us smoke right in their blustering faces.

Little we knew, just twenty years ago, that the cigarette between one's fingers would become a beacon of freedom, its wisp of smoke the flag of liberty, its scent an urgent reminder and a call to arms. Contemporary antismoking ideology is the unhealthiest thing since eugenics. Indeed it is the same thing born of the same methods and the same paranoid psychology. Decent society cannot survive harbouring such sickness. Decent society is dying all around us.

The time of decision has come: be enslaved or be free. Don’t put off the fight — they aren’t.

The “tobacco control” machine is to be destroyed, whatever the cost, like the Nazi machine that preceded it. Expunging evil shall require force now as always. Our faulty academic and political systems have failed us once again in allowing this technocratic horror to arise. When this is corrected our institutions must be reconstituted to prevent such catastrophe in the future. This must not happen again — for real, this time.

Societies take strange and sometimes disastrous turns. The bad ones must be and have been corrected through history. Hellish ideologies cannot reign longer than the masses permit. Acting together we can end the ghastly antitobacco problem.

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