New York, A “Brody-Free” Zone

Author: Norman Kjono
Article Published: 29/08/2002

Despite its "pro-choice" position, it's no secret that The New York Times believes that only one "choice" deserves respect. Beyond the right to chose to have an abortion, the Times hews remarkably to an anti-choice line. No where is its hypocrisy more apparent than its determination that all choice regarding smoking tobacco must be eliminated. The paper, therefore, is firmly behind Mayor Bloomberg and his anti-smoker buddies in driving the evil smoker from every restaurant and bar in the city.

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The Times, of course, can editorialize any position it wishes, but can't it do something about a so-called health reporter editorializing her pet peeves and scientific disinformation under the guise of hard news?  Jane E. Brody's recent screed (A Jubilant Barroom Toast to Smoke-free Air, August 27) was a repository of stale clichés, a pig-headed refusal to face facts and a hatefulness that belies the New York Times' lip-service worship of "inclusiveness."  How such an old sourpuss sustains such hatred without a coronary is a tribute to the restorative benefits of corrosive bile.


Norman Kjono takes each of Brody's points and punctures her conceits and falsity like a lance to a fetid boil.  On his way to a thorough reaming of the bitter Brody, Kjono contrasts her mendacity and bigotry with Edward R. Murrow, an icon of journalism, whose purpose was to dig out the facts and inform people rather than push a special interest's narrow agenda.  Murrow's legendary reputation and his enjoyment of cigarettes is a permanent repudiation to the narrow-minded and agenda-driven journalism that prissy hacks like Brody practice.  While hugging her hatred to her shriveled breast, Brody can take comfort that in her New York, Murrow -- along with Franklin Roosevelt and Winston Churchill -- would not be welcome while anti-smoker Adolf Hitler would be the toast of the town.




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