Omniphobics and Zeromaniacs

Author: Gian Turci
Article Published: 7 April 2008

How do municipalities manage to raise money when they are in need of it? They lower the speed limits. Instantly, they make a lot of money – and a lot of new “criminals.”

This piece from Windsor, Ontario (stored version) is a splendid example of the new vocation of the mentally retarded “health and safety” authorities. Since genes seem to be fashionable today, we may as well say that they are all part of the same genetically defective pool that includes speedophobics, pyrophobics, alcoholphobics, foodphobics, and electromagnetic wave phobics, along, of course, with “public health” in general and the doom and gloom environmentalists, global warmers sect.

Don’t look for logic and coherence in those people and don’t try to argue with them; you are wasting your time. Instead, look for randomized emotions, ancestral fear, funny farm hysteria, and corruption — a lot of corruption. Then think that in most places they hold the reins of political power. Now, that is something to worry about — and to do something about it.

This case is typical: in Canada at 18 you are old enough to die for your country, pay tax, and spend years in prison if you violate the law. You are not old enough to drink. For that you have to wait to be 19. Yes, die for the Queen at 18, but drink at 19. Now it seems that is not good enough: you still can die for the Queen at 18, but to drink you may have to wait until you are 21. The health zealots are getting mobilized to make it so.

Which brings me to the second point: the “zero mentality,” that demonstrates the insanity of governors who should be institutionalized instead of running our institutions. It works like this. There is only one acceptable number in the sick heads of these people: zero. Zero smoking, zero drinking, zero car accidents, zero cancer and heart disease, zero fat people, and zero idiots who electrocute themselves by sticking the screwdriver into the electric socket.

The idiots who run “health & safety” think that it is their job (and duty) to achieve zero everything — and the perfect, idyllic society where nobody dies, gets sick, or has an accident. As in any equation, the only way to have zero is that all the factors are reduced to zero — so zero smoking, zero fat, zero alcohol when you drive (while moves are made toward total prohibition), zero emissions, zero exposure, zero … well, you get the idea: the perfect, the only acceptable number, is zero.

Of course zero can never be reached — thus the phobics ensure themselves permanent employment by sucking the economic blood and resources of society, which is often stupid enough to cheer them on and reward their idiotic politics and smart statistical frauds with more money, or even with streets and parks named after them. Lunatics are the heroes of the zero intelligence society. It is a truism that morally and intellectually sick people can only be the product of a sick society, and their number can only express the spreading of the affliction.

The annual incidence of lung cancer in smokers is 100 per 100,000, but I don't think that I will find much disagreement amongst my readers if I guess (there have never been such useful statistics) that in 2008 the incidence of corrupt idiocy in the "health and safety" institutions may be 90,000 per 100,000. Which epidemic is bigger and, especially, which is more real and devastating? For those paranoiacs, the possibility of “saving” a few lives in a nation is well worth bankrupting a society in any sense of the word.

The inevitable effect of raising the age to enjoy life (and demonizing the enjoyment after that age, we may add) is to create — overnight — an underage "problem" that was not there before. Thus the bastard busybodies can be even busier creating a repressive police and surveillance state. Such is their natural habitat. Lowering speed limits and obesity thresholds, and raising drinking and smoking ages have one thing in common: they create new “criminals.” New criminals create new police and parasitic bureaucracy to control them, and new prisons, too.

As uncomfortable as it may sound, the so-called “Anglo-Saxon” countries have a larger percentage of their population in prison than any others — precisely because of this pinheaded mentality of repression and suppression of personalities and life choices. The "land of the free," for example, imprisons about 2 million people over a population of 300 million. Red China imprisons about 1.5 million people over a population of 1.2 billion.

Citing the American Gulag is no exaggeration. What should our "lifestyle epidemiologists" and "social biologists," which is to say our euphemistic eugenicists, make of this? Are the American people "genetically" more prone to crime? Hardly. Then it can only follow that American "authorities" are "genetically" more prone to fabricate criminals out of a criminal contempt against personal behaviour such as lighting a cigarette — or a joint.

It seems that there is no end in sight — nor can there be any if we remain merely spectators or whiners. Things don’t change because of whining or watching. They change when good citizens arise and fight. The busybodies don’t whine about what they don’t like. They have laws made to impose what they like, on everyone, imposing their rotten values at the same time, which too many foolishly accept. In their own perverse way, the Antis are positive agents, of negative results.

When liberty lovers become intolerant of tyranny things will change because there will be social turmoil of the right kind. It is past time for a reversal of nannyism and a renaissance of libertarianism. It is past time for positive action toward positive results. Good men of principle do not obey laws that disrespect good men of principle. They fight back and change those laws.

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