Why the Aldebaran Treaty is important: some personal observations

Author: Gian Turci
Article Published: 5 May 2008

For the first time ever the representatives of all the most significant organizations that are involved in the fight against institutional corruption met face to face on May 2nd and 3rd.

One of the shortcomings of this age of super-communication is that those who communicate often know each other through voices, e-mails, and pictures – and that goes on for years – while they may seldom meet each other as real people.

One of the well-tested strategies of “public health” is to disintegrate its target groups socially, to make them feel weird, isolated, standing alone and overwhelmed by the great (and invisible) “majority” which, of course, "agrees" with their Nazi philosophy of social engineering justified with falsified epidemiology and junk science in general. That is a war tactic meant to weaken the determination to fight in the opponent, and to facilitate his surrender and compliance.

Compliance (as in “respect” of the law) is then misrepresented as “agreement” with the law to further widen obedience and weaken residual resistance. All that has nothing to do with actual respect of the law. Like all dictators, institutional “public health” could not care less about your respect; it only cares about your obedience. The denial of that obedience is therefore the most essential element and weapon in the fight for freedom to choose, because with the display of disobedience "public health" cannot claim public agreement.

The first benefit of the Aldebaran Treaty is that, for the first time, we met face-to-face as people and increased our determination to fight “public health,” to destroy its diabolical machine, and to preserve our right to self-determination regarding smoking, eating, drinking and, in wider terms, our right to live free and happy lives as we see fit.

The second important point is that we got to sort out many of our differences, on approaches, and outlooks. Surprisingly enough, a few of the representatives of the several organizations that participated still thought that “tolerance and courtesy,” as well as “dialogue” with the “health authorities” (who state that the "debate is over") is going to do smokers and other target groups some good.

These folks seemed to miss the all-important point that coöperating with “health authorities” is the contemporary equivalent of collaboration with the Nazi invader. Appeasement of patent fanaticism, in the inane hope of getting some “reasonable” “compromise” out of the deal, defines hopelessness. Thus we debated in the inevitable context of Chamberlain as compared with Churchill in dealing with Hitler. Churchill was a winner, in the war, and in discussions on board the Aldebaran as well.

Discussion made it clear to all that compromise is, by definition, an agreement with forces of similar strength who have more to gain from peace than from war. A compromise with “public health” and its pharmaceutical puppeteers is, at this stage, both impossible (because of the disproportion of the forces in the field) and self-deceiving for present-day freedom lovers (as it attributes to our side far more power than it actually has.)

Appeasers begin on their knees and end up flat on their backs. The illusion is that public opinion would respond favourably to a balanced compromising approach. In a perfect (or at least non-hysterical) world that is the most desirable thing, of course, but in the real contemporary world, an exceedingly apathetic and malleable public has demonstrated itself to be responsive to extreme prohibitionist positions. The proof is smoking bans everywhere.

As moderation is defined by extremes, those extremes must be maintained (and our extreme augmented by orders of magnitude) to achieve a real, reasonable, and honourable disposition. This will come only following on the debunking and dismissal of empowered fanatics for whom debate is and always was impossible. Fanaticism cannot be tolerated at a conference table.

Long before any genuine or reasonable "compromise" or fair social contract can be reached, “public health” politics and institutions must be seriously damaged — by every just and necessary means — ranging from fundamental lawsuits to civil disobedience, from pressing criminal charges against the “authorities” for committing epidemiological frauds to reaching and educating the public on those frauds, thus discrediting the credibility (and political power) of the corrupted “public health” institutions. We must fight, we must defy, and we must create social disruption that cannot be ignored.

It was understood by all at the summit that this is a cultural war, where Big Pharma and its political marionettes in the national health systems fully intend to engineer new social values that facilitate both the markets of Big Pharma and the control of individual choice. The tyrants wish to obtain a programmable and predictable mass behaviour, in effect, turning the democratic process upside down, with bureaucracy and health authorities imposing the behaviour of the people, instead of the other way around.

Under the guise of health savants the public servants deem themselves dictators. They expect and demand the blessing of the oppressed. With every inch of freedom they take by such means they become more arrogant. Thus bureaucracy is unilaterally redefining its own role – and THAT is the moral and political perversion that must be destroyed from its foundations.

Finally, the Aldebaran treaty is the cornerstone for a common international action based on resource sharing and collective understanding that the tobacco control plague is truly a world-wide problem. Of course the problem transcends mere tobacco. Fanatical antismoking has established structures and methodology to impose prohibition and cultural engineering in a vast number of other areas.

If we want an antismoking-free world we have to work together internationally and stay in for the long run. To achieve the demolition of the “public health” institutions and their reconstruction as respectable Public Health institutions once again, synchronization of actions and coherence of message (as well as unprecedented funding and discipline) have to be achieved.

We must launch multi-level, multi-pronged, and effectively damaging attacks against the wide-ranging tentacles of the Big Pharma/”public health” enterprise. We must redefine the role of public health to its original and simple function of fighting scientifically demonstrated contagious disease instead of “preventing” “attributable” disease on the basis of trash science and propaganda to the end of cultural "intervention," "modification," and actual destruction.

The political message to governments must be that, even on the genuinely undemonstrable assumption that smoking and drinking and eating cut a few months off our theoretical, statistical life, a free man's choice may be to lose those months in favour of a better quality of that lifequality that is defined by personal values and not by the parameters of the “public health” “experts”.

Furthermore, we have the constitutional and moral right to speak our minds, spread our ideology, values and way of life to others and live our lives freely. We despise the truly sick ideology of contemporary "public health." Every free man should and we plan to spread the word. “Public health” has set up a moral and political situation that is not dissimilar from that of the war on crime, where the criminals cannot have an equal standing with law and justice because, by definition, the war against crime cannot be a fair fight. That is wrong and warped because smokers, drinkers, fat people and the values from which they proceed when implementing their life choices are not criminal, are not wrong, and are not immoral. If anything, that approach should be applied to the “public health” institutions, as they systematically turn to trash science, deception, falsification and deliberate misrepresentation of the scientific evidence they claim to proceed from, consciously deceiving the public with the clear intent of inducing behaviours that the public normally would not undertake, and knowingly causing enormous damage the to fabrics of society and economy. Public health is a servant institution. It must be put back in its place and kept there.

To that end, I believe that the Aldebaran Treaty has been the beginning of something that is as good as it is essential. Now the race is on with time: will we be fast and efficient enough to destroy the insidious “public health” machine before it manages entirely to replace culture with the mind-numbed behaviour of a cult?

Time itself will tell. Every day, every one of us must make a point of appreciating our freedoms and choices, regarding smoking or anything else. Do not wait until you have lost all your rights before you start fighting for them. The fight is on. We shall never give up.

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