Why do we die? Reflections on supreme human stupidity

Author: Gian Turci
Article Published: 01/09/2008

There is a table published on The Smokers' Club web site. It shows causes of death in the United States. It is also the basis for all epidemiological health scare propaganda all over the world, which is to say for lunacy, of the lowest possible order.

Click here to see the table (stored copy)

"Heart failure and malignant neoplasms cause over half of all deaths of people over 45"

Please note that “over 45” means 46 and also, and far more commonly, 70, 80, 90, not to mention 100, 110 …

“Deaths, of course, acknowledged, I should hope so, and ... so what?”, asks the intelligent person, while lighting up a cigarette.

How does the fool respond? As modern "public health" wants him to, which is just about like this:

“My God, it's an epidemic! What causes cancer and heart failure? Smoking? Eliminate smoking! Drinking? Eliminate drinking! Cars? Eliminate cars! Food? Regulate food! Kudos to state control and prohibition! Ban, ban, ban!  Blessed be public health and its bans, that eliminate the causes to eliminate cancer and heart failure to eliminate death!

This brings to mind the powerful, sarcastic, and unanswered question that the great psychiatrist Thomas Szasz, member of the FORCES International Honour Committee, has posed for years to all of us. That one question reveals the supreme stupidity of public health alarmists and the healthist ideology they represent:

“When all the causes of death will be eliminated, what will people die of?”

The precise stupidity of those who believe health advocates and public health institutions is also hidden in the table we are linked to, and it goes like this:

If all the hundreds of epidemiologically “attributed” causes of death were eliminated; if smoking, drinking, eating, pollution etc. were to disappear tomorrow, then insignificantly more or less, in balance with Nature and according to logical inevitability, we would still have 2,403,351 people who die in the US each year if the total population did not change.

That is because they HAVE to die. That is because they MUST die. That is because we WILL die even if we don’t smoke, drink, eat and even if the air becomes as pure as that atop the Himalayas. Face it: even a 120 year-long life is nothing next to the eternity that preceded you and that will follow you. Understand that 120 years of fear of disease and lack of simple enjoyments such as smoking and drinking are a life sentence of squalor in an ocean of eternity. Are they worth it? Do you really want them? Wouldn't you rather enjoy now, for now is all you have?

Yes, there would probably be some changes in the distribution of the age classes. For example, if the 7,717 people of the table who killed themselves could be "persuaded" with a squash-it-all state propaganda not to do so, the 7,717 number would simply be redistributed to all the other numbers for all the other “causes” of death, augmenting the shrill and dishonest “alarms” of the public health authorities on those causes. The total would still be right about 2,403,351, and right about there every year, proportionately to population size. However, to redistribute that number, the cost would be the subversion of all principles of property rights — including those which concern the property of one's own life — and the propelling of incredible state oppression and control — to say nothing of the economic cost of enforcement — all of this very much along the lines of what is already happening for smoking and other lifestyles.

As a matter of fact, it's a safe bet that an oppressive government program to "eliminate suicide" would increase its occurrence exponentially. Regular FORCES readers are familiar with stories of suicides (murders too) resulting from government programs designed to make smokers into a pariah class. Oppression is never healthy. 

If some healthist policies may be more overtly hateful than some others it's also true that there are times when costs exceed benefits no matter the intentions. That is the time when we must stop. The mad sociopathic philosophy of healthism and public health institutions must be stopped, by we, the people. It won't stop of its own. Madness knows not bounds. This form of madness conceives that if the entire Gross National Product must be spent to "prevent" (i.e. recategorize) one statistical death (or if all liberties are to be curbed to "save that life") so be it — as that is moral, necessary, and unarguable. Unfortunately, that sick mentality is applauded by the ignorant and the naïve as noble and necessary, and many brainless citizens even state that the employment of unlimited resources to obtain unlimited "health" is a duty of the state, although no constitution on Earth has ever contemplated that duty. Those documents were written when sanity was still considered politically correct.

The only result obtainable even if all the “causes” of death were removed would be national and international bankruptcy, for the cost of medical care and pensions alone, to say nothing of the costs of social support of an unproductive, dysfunctional and decrepit population would exceed all the wealth produced by all the resources of society combined. We are well on that suicidal road as we speak. Just read the papers: economic doom and gloom everywhere. That ever-encroaching misery is due in large share to the environmentalist and healthist ideology that state authorities have embraced unconditionally across the globe. Bankruptcies mean lack of social support, which in turn means death. That is not a theory: just look at history and you have proof. It follows that the relentless pursuit of health and environment ultimately means the death of us all, in a state of poverty and misery, following on a pleasureless and valueless "life."

That is the inescapable truth — a truth that the public health authorities all over the world know to perfection. They use  epidemiological smokescreens to hide from us the greatest Faustian lie of all times. They just go on conning people into an illusion of pseudo-immortality if we “just” could eliminate this or that. The "esteemed experts" just go on, and on, piling unceasing lies upon unconscionable idiocies, to concentrate political power into their hands, and to further the market for the pharmaceutical industry to which public health institutions have prostituted themselves.

In the miracle of Nature, death is the preservation of life and the preservation of all species. We are born to die. We die so that others can live. "Health" advocates and their mass-media jesters vomit sound bites about social responsability every day, and speak of "the children" and of the arrogance of smokers who — according to the sick propagandists — "kill" the children. What about the social responsibility and the arrogance of a generation which refuses to die as they must to make room for new generations? What about the social responsibility of not being an unbearable burden upon them? Life prolongation is the chimera of the fool, the banner of the selfish, and the bait of the charlatan.

Enjoy while you can, the way you want, how long you like — and accept what must come: call it the will of God, if that soothes you.

Above all don’t listen to public health: like all and every corrupt power, it speaks in promises while demanding, NOW, the hard cash of your obedience and deprivation.

Are you falling for it? Don't be a fool.

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