The Drunken Crocodile

Author: Gian Turci
Article Published: 1 June 2009

Everyone who knows me also knows that I abhor alcohol. I never touched it in my life and probably never will – unless it’s to celebrate the defeat of the Therapeutic State.

The smell of alcohol turns my stomach (literally), and drunken people drive me nuts. Sometimes I even feel a surge of anger when I see a person’s speech and brain become progressively sluggish, embalmed in the stupor of self-induced idiocy.

Those are my emotions – but that is not a moral judgement, it is not a condemnation – and, especially, it is not a call for prohibition, control, regulation, and brainwashing of children and adults. That is because, fortunately, I have principles, thus I am not an “anti.” Indeed, I fight the “antis” with all I have.

I submit here that society is getting progressively drunker on contemporary environmentalism and healthism. The new fanaticism vomits panic, prohibition, regulation, control, surveillance, bureaucracy, state agencies, an idiotic perception of safety, and so on. It stinks with cheap moralism and arrogant contempt for dissent. Junk science and false information aimed at inducing “safe,” “healthy,” and “politically correct” behaviour belch at us noisomely.

This drunken system sees dangers and risks everywhere. The real problem, the toxic system itself, cannot recognize the very real danger it represents, boggled as it is with multiplied visions of its paranoid fears. Stupefied bureaucracy and politics are so much under the influence of healthism that they can’t even count to ten, thus the only number they understand is zero. Zero risk. Zero tolerance. Zero smoking. Zero emissions. Zero drinking. Zero accidents. Zero obesity.

For that awful drunkenness I have infinite contempt. I call urgently for its suppression, and yes, that is a moral judgement. In this particular regard, surely and confidently, I advocate every strategy of war. Evil deserves to be strangled. It must be stopped. There is only one circumstance under which I am an anti, which is, when it comes to suppressing and annihilating the anti mentality. For it I have zero tolerance.
Why? Because, for those intoxicated people, everything that makes life worthwhile can be happily sacrificed to suffocate and control their targets. Liberty, economy, free markets, integrity, personal responsibility, politics, logic, truth, justice, employment and fairness are to them like the mindlessly motivated planetary gears in a differential: they have to change constantly to accommodate the drive. In other words, all those social conquests – some earned with blood – can all be redefined to accommodate the healthist crusades. The costs become irrelevant next to the projected and theoretical benefits of their ideology, implemented with “pretzel-logic” economics.

Look at this website, for example [stored link]. It represents a gang of non-governmental organizations that are preparing for the suppression of alcohol through regulation. Everyone reading here should be familiar with the pattern: it is that of the war against tobacco. The alcohol industry is depicted as the bad, sleazy guys eager to make money by killing people. The customers of the industry are its victims. The infectious agent sent out by the corrupting industry is advertisement. It follows that alcohol advertisement on the Internet (and everywhere else) must be suppressed – just as happened with tobacco. The youth card is, of course, abundantly played. Please name a bigot (or a tyrant) who has not screamed “the children!” …Thank you, I knew you couldn’t think of one. Finally, the junk science epidemiological stunner cannot be missing: did you know that drinking “causes” HIV?...

Remarkably, the will of the “victim” is never, ever in the equation: the consumer has no resolve to refuse/ignore advertisement or to control his own behaviour. His judgement is impaired by his “addiction.” If he weren’t addicted, he would unquestionably agree with state control. Thus he is a totally passive recipient of “evil.” Such a brainless piece of meat needs protection. He may protest now, but he will love us later, when he has accepted Big Brother. The omniscient zealots are ordained (by themselves) to protect him and his children against himself (and the evil industry of the moment), whether he likes it or not.

Necessarily there is only one way to protect the victim from himself and the evil industries: forbid/control advertisement and knock out the fundamental right to information and choice. There are many efforts to control the Internet already [stored link], and many fights against that [stored link]. Tyranny rests on information control and the last venue of tyranny today is public health. Healthism has mounted an epic power grab. It must control the industries to control the people. This is nothing new. The control of private industry by the state through a “social pact” is at the very core of the Mussolinian Fascist economic doctrine.

To achieve a Fascist agenda, it is first of all necessary to redefine rights, and shift them to those of people like me, the teetotaller. That is done by using the nihilistic “right of not.” In the Italy of Mussolini, the “right of not” vastly prevailed over the “right to do,” since this convention allowed the state to interfere infinitely in the lives of its citizens, and thus control them, through “tough laws.”

The passion for “tough laws” is quite visible today. It is a terminology abundantly abused by governments and media. A “tough,” oppressive law was supposed to signal the political will of the Fascist oppressor to be “damn serious,” to “intervene,” with total disdain for citizens’ will and behaviour, and thorough contempt for all the precious values that the state disapproved of.

Today we see an abundance of “rights of not” – i.e.,  my “right” of NOT being exposed to the behaviour and smelly breath of the drunk, the “right” of NOT inhaling someone else’s smoke, the “right” of children of NOT having smoking or fat parents as role models, and so on.

The oppressor feeds on hate and relies on a popular appetite for the same meal. He knows he must make this palatable for the masses. As even a tyrant needs to project a semblance of justification, a farcical performance of credibility is the inevitable side dish, offsetting the main course of vicious victimization. Hence today’s mass-production of epidemiological junk studies lavishly paid with public funds to the complacent university near you, or "polls" paid by public health institutions that show "overwhelming" popular support for smoking bans. The obvious conflict of interest is to be totally overlooked in times of state propaganda. Fools who have swallowed this will swallow anything, and the potential for violence of an incited mob, is limitless. Click here [stored link] and here [stored link] for just two examples.

Continuous reference to authority and heavy paternalism is another essential element of Fascism. Does that sound familiar to my British friends? The “undisciplined” Italians have experienced that – and that ‘s why they have the reputation of being undisciplined in the first place, although the new generations are forgetful. Most nations never experienced Fascism directly and, for that reason, now tend to fall for the same cheap bedazzling lures: safety (playing on panic), health (an illusion of immortality), and protection (the disguise of subjection). Now as before, liberty becomes a devalued commodity. Then as today, the trap was “liberty from” rather then “liberty to.”

In combating the Fascist mentality, appeasement does not work, arguing is futile, logic does not apply. Civilized, tolerant behaviour is perceived by Fascists as a comical sign of weakness. The “antis” cannot be reasoned with or bargained with. When they concede something it is just to buy time to repress it better later. Chamberlain did not understand that, but Churchill did, and said, “An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile hoping it will eat him last.” Sir Winston understood Fascism as well as he would understand the “antis” today. Baby crocodiles may be cute and cuddly, and they may even be gentle and lovely. Kill them while you can, or you will become their next meal.

Alcohol industry be warned. Defend yourself, or repeat the mistakes of the tobacco industry, and thereby meet your end.

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