Smoking Storm Troopers

Author: Andrew Phillips
Article Published: 2011/05/26

Considering the Nazis were absolute psychopaths when it came to smoking  this video is a rather accurate depiction of the Tyranny of Health that is taking over the Western world. Let's face it, health is the new global warming to those who follow sinisterism. Storm troopers is the proper name to call them, as well. As to the doctors in Nazi Germany, we're talking about a profession who bought in to the Nazi's eugenics program completely.

I'm tired of hearing that I'm a health risk to children from doctors in Canada who have aborted 3 million unborn children. What moral soapbox do these clowns and the hack politicians we elect stand on anyway? Meanwhile in Spain, France, Italy, Greece, Bulgaria, and who knows how many other countries, people are increasingly ignoring the bans to enjoy tobacco;. a product the Canadian government has half a billion dollars invested in with offshore tobacco companies.

But it isn't going to end with this. No way. In Florida, women who are large are being denied health care, including pre-natal care. In England,  the same situation is arising that is spoken about in the video linked above. I hope you'll read a book called "Sinisterism:Secular Religion of the Lie" to understand what is happening to Canada, and how our political system is morphing into a tyranny. Is there a prevailing sickness in Canada ? Yes: and these actions are merely symptoms of the disease.

These are the desperate actions of governments at all levels trying to convince themselves that they are still in control of a situation they have let get out of control; spending . With our education system in shambles and producing a hybrid of self-centered socialists (a truly toxic mix), is anyone surprised at the slow erosion of civil liberties and the mindset of those who let it happen? I'm not. It has got to change or we will leave the next generation a nightmare. And they don't deserve that at all.

Andrew Phillips - Libertarian Party of Canada - Ontario Libertarian Party

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