FORCES columnists offer news and perspectives on such issues as smoking and public policy, smoking and science, and the increasingly evident slippery slope that is leading to tobacco prohibition. They also venture into adjacent territory to chart the course of an authoritarian and censorious political and bureaucratic elite that uses state-of-the-art propaganda techniques, corporate handouts and tax dollars to woo the public towards a vision of the future that offers utopian illusions about health and safety in exchange for the privacy and freedom of both mind and body.

The concerns of our columnists range from a detailed examination of local legislative issues to broader philosophical considerations touching, for example, on the gradual (and decidedly undemocratic) globalization of public health policy.

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  • Graphic Violence From The UK Health Service
    Details Author(s): Pat Nurse
    Article Published: 2009/11/22
    I was so outraged when I first saw the video by the UK NHS Birmingham North and East Primary Care Trust that was a graphically violent production showing a smoker getting beaten to death that I complained. The background to why and how it was made, and the wider campiagn that it was part of, was explained but I didn't feel that it justified what I saw as a very irresponsible video which I honestly believe could incite violence against smokers.

  • Smoke-free Cannabis
    Details Author(s): Pat Nurse
    Article Published: 2009/04/06
    A friend of mine was ordered by her doctor the other day to attend a smoke-free clinic. To stop him from harassing her, she agreed, but later phoned to say she wouldn’t be there.

  • Smoke-free + Choice = Haven't Got a Clue
    Details Author(s): Pat Nurse
    Article Published: 27 March 2009
    Wherever you are, Gian, I hope this puts a smile on your face.

  • Raising awareness
    Details Author(s): Pat Nurse
    Article Published: 2009/02/09
    I expected Big Tobacco executives, and coughing and spluttering delegates, but what I found at the first ever international anti-prohibition conference was a healthy majority of British working class people in despair at how Big Government, aided by Big Pharma and Big Charity, is taking control of their lives and making them thoroughly miserable.

  • Out in the Cold
    Details Author(s): Pat Nurse
    Article Published: 14/11/2008
    The next time you, a smoker, find yourself exiled outside in a snow storm, contemplate not how nasty are the zealots who hate smoking and smokers.  Contemplate how you allowed this to happen.  Each time you compromised by putting out your cigarette or taking it outside when a complainer told you to do so you thought your courtesy would gain you points in the social intercourse game.  Wrong.  As Pat Nurse notes even after the smoke phobics won it all they still must poke their fingers into the eyes of smokers.  Don't let them get away with it.  Ms. Nurse didn't.

  • Cheap paternalism neved ends
    Details Author(s): Pat Nurse
    Article Published: 05/11/2008
    So much has happened in the pro-choice world since my last post here and I must apologise for the lack of contact to those who like to read my words.

  • Make Way For More Of The Same
    Details Author(s): Pat Nurse
    Article Published: 11 June 2008
    NuConservative leader David Cameron looks set to be the next leader of Britain if the recent drastic results for NuLabour in the local elections and Crewe and Nantwich by-election are an indicator of how the electorate will vote nationally next year. But what faith can we have in a man who has already lied to us before he has even got a foot in the door of 10 Downing Street?

  • Life in a Police State
    Details Author(s): Pat Nurse
    Article Published: 16/06/2008
    News that the middle classes in Britain have lost faith in the police is surprising as they are the ones who are always calling for more bobbies on the beat. I have had only one occasion to call the police for help and the impression I was left with was one of an organisation full of bullies, thugs and cowards. The experience cost me my job, my way of life, my husband’s freedom, and the respect I once had for those in the police force whom I always believed had a very difficult job to do.

  • Friendship Trumps Division with My Mate Pete
    Details Author(s): Pat Nurse
    Article Published: 16 April 2008
    Since the introduction of the smoker ban in the UK, staying in has become the new going out, and if people such as my smoking hater mate Pete can tolerate smokers in his home, then why can’t the British Government amend the ban in public and allow us all to choose?

  • Cold Gets in Your Bones
    Details Author(s): Pat Nurse
    Article Published: 4 April 2008
    Living with the British smoker ban forces people unnecessarily out into the cold and wet. Could indignation over this inhumane treatment of smokers get right to the core of Government? Only if you use your vote to send them a message they'll never forget.

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