FORCES columnists offer news and perspectives on such issues as smoking and public policy, smoking and science, and the increasingly evident slippery slope that is leading to tobacco prohibition. They also venture into adjacent territory to chart the course of an authoritarian and censorious political and bureaucratic elite that uses state-of-the-art propaganda techniques, corporate handouts and tax dollars to woo the public towards a vision of the future that offers utopian illusions about health and safety in exchange for the privacy and freedom of both mind and body.

The concerns of our columnists range from a detailed examination of local legislative issues to broader philosophical considerations touching, for example, on the gradual (and decidedly undemocratic) globalization of public health policy.

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Latest Articles

  • Smoking Storm Troopers
    Details Author(s): Andrew Phillips
    Article Published: 2011/05/26

  • Psychotropic Drugs
    Details Author(s): Andrew Phillips
    Article Published: 2011/04/20

  • First, Do No Harm
    Details Author(s): Andrew Phillips
    Article Published: 2011/04/14
    FORCES Columnist Andrew Phillips comments on a recent incident that occurred in Dallas, TX, where a physician allegedly attempted to run a smoker over with his car.

  • The Smell of (Excessive) Fear
    Details Author(s): Andrew Phillips
    Article Published: 21 January 2009
    It is refreshing to read in a major newspaper an editorial that deals with the ongoing demonization of people who use tobacco products by the use of fear tactics. What is most notable is the correct stance that what goes on in people's homes is in their domain, and only their domain, to either agree to or to refuse. I would never presume to light up in someone's home without asking their permission. After all their home is their private property and ownership gives them the authority to call the shots.

  • On the Human Rights Commissions
    Details Author(s): Andrew Phillips
    Article Published: 15/09/2008
    Libertarians — this one anyway — believe in free speech, period. Any opinion is allowed, however vile, for this simple reason: to start saying this isn't acceptable or that isn't allowed starts an unending process that ultimately and surely kills the quest for truth.

  • 4,000 minorities to be hired by Federal Civil Service
    Details Author(s): Andrew Phillips
    Article Published: 08/09/2008
    I read with interest the other day that the Clerk of the Privy Council has ordered the Canadian Federal Civil Service to hire 4,000 minorities for positions. It doesn't matter if in doing so they use quotas, if such exist, or fair representation of the population, whatever that may be, it's just a case of "do it."

  • More Smoke and Mirrors
    Details Author(s): Andrew Phillips
    Article Published: 03/09/2008
    So the Canadian feds are giving tobacco farmers 300 million to get out of growing tobacco: this is good news I suppose, if you're a tobacco farmer, but let's read between the lines, shall we?

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