FORCES columnists offer news and perspectives on such issues as smoking and public policy, smoking and science, and the increasingly evident slippery slope that is leading to tobacco prohibition. They also venture into adjacent territory to chart the course of an authoritarian and censorious political and bureaucratic elite that uses state-of-the-art propaganda techniques, corporate handouts and tax dollars to woo the public towards a vision of the future that offers utopian illusions about health and safety in exchange for the privacy and freedom of both mind and body.

The concerns of our columnists range from a detailed examination of local legislative issues to broader philosophical considerations touching, for example, on the gradual (and decidedly undemocratic) globalization of public health policy.

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  • The Drunken Crocodile
    Details Author(s): Gian Turci
    Article Published: 1 June 2009
    Everyone who knows me also knows that I abhor alcohol. I never touched it in my life and probably never will – unless it’s to celebrate the defeat of the Therapeutic State.

  • Who denies the Holocaust?... It’s a religion!
    Details Author(s): Gian Turci
    Article Published: 27 March 2009
    The latest sound bites from the proclaimers of “smoking kills” (and it's the same with anthropogenic global warming) are that anyone who disagrees with them is a “denialist,” on par with being a Holocaust denier. That along with other examples of recalcitrance imply that any dissent from the orthodoxy indicates backwardness, non-science, or obsolescence.

  • Why do we die? Reflections on supreme human stupidity
    Details Author(s): Gian Turci
    Article Published: 01/09/2008
    There is a table published on The Smokers' Club web site. It shows causes of death in the United States. It is also the basis for all epidemiological health scare propaganda all over the world, which is to say for lunacy, of the lowest possible order.

  • The Losers’ Club
    Details Author(s): Gian Turci
    Article Published: 11/07/2008
    This piece is really a treasure, as it illustrates perfectly why totalitarian institutions are so successful today. I found it irresistible and a font of insights into our culture of defeat.

  • We Must Conquer Our Rights
    Details Author(s): Gian Turci
    Article Published: 2008/05/27
    Although I am extremely busy these days I felt compelled to jot down a few lines about an anti-smoker's response to an opinion piece in an American newspaper.

  • Why the Aldebaran Treaty is important: some personal observations
    Details Author(s): Gian Turci
    Article Published: 5 May 2008
    For the first time ever the representatives of all the most significant organizations that are involved in the fight against institutional corruption met face to face on May 2nd and 3rd.

  • Omniphobics and Zeromaniacs
    Details Author(s): Gian Turci
    Article Published: 7 April 2008
    How do municipalities manage to raise money when they are in need of it? They lower the speed limits. Instantly, they make a lot of money – and a lot of new “criminals.”

  • Suppose you get the finger, Mr. Le Grand
    Details Author(s): Gian Turci
    Article Published: 19 February 2008
    When I read the FORCES piece reporting the latest and greatest manifestation of British mental disease — requiring a licence to purchase tobacco products — I could not help rushing to the keyboard to write a few lines.

  • Yet Another Scare
    Details Author(s): Gian Turci
    Article Published: 12 February 2008
    I am an internet subscriber to the "Natural Health Newsletter" of a Dr. Mercola. I look at it because it sometimes touches on issues of interest, however, it's not always accurate, and the commentary can be quite astounding.

  • Understanding Confusion
    Details Author(s): Gian Turci
    Article Published: 7 February 2008
    I often come across writings by people on our side who are utterly astonished by the contradictions of the "antis" – ban proponents who say they are "liberal" or "progressive" and, in the same breath, show utter contempt for the treatment smokers are the victims of. Some of the activists on our side also get involved in endless polemics on how much of the "reasonable smoking restrictions" is "reasonable" and how much is not – and, by the time they are through, they find themselves banned from everywhere!

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