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  09th August 2020.

Latest Media: Dissidence or Orthodoxy?

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Dissidence or Orthodoxy? | FORCES International Round Table | March 26, 2008
We are glad to present to our readers this new session of the FORCES Round Table. Gian Turci's guest this time is Michael Siegel. As most of our readers know, Siegel is a tobacco control advocate who has become, shall we say, the Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn of the movement. We don’t believe that the parallel is an exaggeration. As he discusses with the host, the tobacco control movement has degenerated into an ideology aimed to control behaviour and culture through demonization, censorship, discrimination and promotion of hatred and intolerance, and for which any means – truthful or not, moral or not – is legitimate to get rid of the smoker. Such ideologies do not tolerate the slightest dissent, and promise harsh punishments for those who dare.

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Title: Forces' StarWars
Category: Comedy and Satire
Date: March 21, 2003
Views: 48098  |  Hotlink:

<p><em> Star date 3721.1 (Year of Grace 2274, April 1st)</em></p> <p><em><strong>NEW TOBACCO INDUSTRY DOCUMENTATION FOUND</strong> - After careful investigation, fossilised documentation has been found hidden behind an archaeological No Smoking sign in the Philip Morris Antitobacco Museum of the Alpha-Eridani star cluster. </em></p> <p><em><strong>James T. Jerk</strong>, president of the Galactic Antismoking Commission (GAC) and descendent of Stanton Glantz the Third who lived in what was called California before its final bankruptcy and annexation to Iraq in 2007, has finally found a link between FORCES (Federation Of Rebellious Cardassians Enjoying Smoking) and the Philip Morris Empire. It took 277 years but we nailed the bastards. PM is now in control of the Second Quadrant after winning the 123,734th galactic lawsuit, but bending over with the 57th ISA (Interstellar Settlement Agreement). </em></p> <p><em>Smoking causes 7 trillion and 266 billion deaths on 45 planets, according to the Phorengi's CON-Amalgamated statistical neural computer.</em></p> <p> </p> <p><em><br /></em></p>

Title: PASSIVE SMOKING: An Institutional Problem
Forces International
Category: Scientific
Date: November 12, 2007
Views: 34761

We are glad to re-introduce to our readers the multimedia version of the most concise and scientifically accurate documentary on the international fraud on passive smoking. In only thirteen minutes you can learn how to educate others, while gaining for yourself a full perspective on the depth of this fraud – and of the corruption of the institutions that promote it.

Title: The Great Global Warming Swindle
Channel 4 of Britain
Category: Global Warming Scam
Date: February 06, 2008
Views: 26395

We are pleased to present an important documentary already known to many: 'The Great Global Warming Swindle.' More recent than the epidemiological frauds on smoking, the global warming creed is an ideological manifestation of the same type of paranoia that is sweeping the world about health.

Title: Know Thine Enemy
FORCES International Round Table
Category: Round Tables
Date: October 11, 2007
Views: 23497

Round table on the unawareness and sense of confusion felt when smoking bans strike in a target area. What to do? Whose fault is it? Where is it coming from? Recorded on September 30, 2007.

Title: Casting Out the Unwanted
FORCES International Round Table
Category: Round Tables
Date: October 08, 2007
Views: 23402

Round table on an expanding “public health” abomination which recently made headlines in England: refusal of medical care to those with ‘unapproved’ lifestyles. Recorded on October 3, 2007.



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