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Multimedia Listing: Phil Williams (chronological reverse order)

Gloating | Phil Williams/Hairy Chestnuts

Article Published: 2009/06/15
Keywords: propaganda, minister, league
Views: 12111
Hotlink: http://forces.org/News_Portal/news_viewer.php?id=1989

The Propaganda Minister of the Anti-smoking League is gloating over his massive success in the field of bastardry. He remembers the bad old days when, as a misanthropic creep, he really had no place in British society. Mere years, and especially a few decades ago, persons of his sort were thought absurd and nauseating. But that was then. He found the Anti-smoking League and rode with it to supremacy over decent folks. The hard-working people, who once put rodents like himself in their place, are now at his mercy. More comment at the Hotlink.

Running Out of Grant Money | Phil Williams

Article Published: 2009/05/06
Keywords: williams, phil, chestnuts, hairy, hairychestnuts, nazi, sadist, sadism, glantz
Views: 2832
Hotlink: http://forces.org/News_Portal/news_viewer.php?id=1956

The economic downturn has hit the anti-smoking industry of sadism. The Propaganda Minister of the Anti-smoking League is keeping his pockets full, and his spirits up, by moonlighting as a taxi driver. More comment at the Hotlink.

Smokers Die Younger? | Phil Williams

Article Published: 2009/04/17
Keywords: Hairy, Chestnuts, Phil, Williams, hatred, junk science, Nazis, cost, smoking ban, Freedom to Choose
Views: 1497

Than oak trees? Phil Williams, very attractively dressed here, considers cigarette packet warnings in a classic piece of Chestnutian elucidation.

The United States of America | Phil Williams

Article Published: 2009/04/03
Keywords: phil, williams, hairy, chestnuts, property
Views: 1214

Phil Williams says the USA used to stand for something. It meant freedom. It doesn't anymore. Mister Williams says Americans, and everyone who values freedom, are obligated to restore it by any means necessary. He's got that right. This is war. Stand up and fight.

Smokers' Money | Phil Williams

Article Published: 2009/03/30
Keywords: hairy, chestnuts, pubs, closing
Views: 2730
Hotlink: http://forces.org/News_Portal/news_viewer.php?id=1897

Since smokers began being treated like scum at pubs they have largely stopped going to pubs. An impoverished pub owner named Hamish Champ says he is surprised at this (more background at the Hotlink.) Do you think the pub owner should be surprised at this? Phil Williams does not, and as always, Phil Williams is right.

HairyChestnuts, mathematical genius | Phil Williams

Article Published: 2009/03/11
Keywords: Phil, Williams, Hairy, Chestnuts, hairychestnuts, mathematics, fraud, government
Views: 2494
Hotlink: http://www.forces.org/News_Portal/news_viewer/1821-HairyChestnuts+mathematical+genius.html

This is a video to be taken seriously, because we need to realize what kind of criminals public health is made of today, and also understand that we have to use whatever force is necessary to get rid of them – and save ourselves from bankruptcy and fascism.

Ashbusters 2 - The sequel | Phil Williams

Article Published: 2009/02/25
Keywords: Williams, Phil, Chestnuts, Hairy, hairychestnuts, ash, liberty
Views: 2598
Hotlink: http://www.forces.org/News_Portal/news_viewer/1778-Ashbusters+2+The+sequel.html

The sequel to ASHbusters, about the treason of New Labour, forcing the UK into the EU without a popular referendum. More information by clicking on the hyperlink.

Ashbusters, part 1 | Phil Williams

Article Published: 2009/02/20
Keywords: Phil, Williams, Hairy, Chestnuts, fraud, ETS, passive, smoking
Views: 2731

Mr. Phil Williams delights us again with a new black and white video, inspired to WWII – the imperfect war that did not get rid of the Nazis, now back in power with white coats and in 21st century format.

Ashbusters, part 2 | Phil Williams

Article Published: 2009/02/20
Keywords: Phil, Williams, Hairy, Chestnuts, fraud, ETS, passive, smoking
Views: 2770

PUBCOs need to fight for their shareholders | Phil Williams

Article Published: 2009/01/09
Keywords: Phil, Williams, Hairy, Chestnuts, hairychestnuts, pubs, TICAP
Views: 4230
Hotlink: http://www.forces.org/News_Portal/news_viewer/1702-PUBCOs+need+to+fight+for+their+shareholders.html

Phil Williams talks to pub owners about pub owners – and he delivers a quite serious message. More information at the hot link.

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