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Make Mine Freedom | Movie short subject

Article Published: 2009/05/18
Keywords: communism, fascism, healthism, freedom, property rights
Views: 4464

A contributor brought to our attention a video, posted by commentator Tarrin Lupo at YouTube, entitled “Make Mine Freedom”. This movie short subject of a half century ago illustrates how foolish many have been, and how far from freedom we have fallen, in recent times. The focus is on the USA but it’s clear that this cartoon’s “Ism” – sold in bottles à la snake oil – is being swallowed across the globe in our sick times.

Blame the BurEUcrats, part 1

Article Published: 2009/02/23
Keywords: vaclav, klaus, eurocrats, EU, fascism, corruption, europe
Views: 3420
Hotlink: http://www.forces.org/News_Portal/news_viewer/1785-Blame+the+BurEUcrats+part+1.html

Applauses until the skin falls off our hands to Czec Republic president Vaclav Klaus, a man who has the courage to tell it like it is and look at reality in the face. He has compared the EU to the Soviet Union. He is right -- again and again. For more information, click on the hyperlink.

Blame the BurEUcrats, part 2

Article Published: 2009/02/23
Keywords: vaclav, klaus, eurocrats, EU, fascism, corruption, europe
Views: 3178
Hotlink: http://www.forces.org/News_Portal/news_viewer/1785-Blame+the+BurEUcrats+part+2.html

Part 2 of Vaclav Klaus' speech. For more information, click on the hyperlink.

Blame the BurEUcrats, part 3

Article Published: 2009/02/23
Keywords: vaclav, klaus, eurocrats, EU, fascism, corruption, europe
Views: 3104
Hotlink: http://www.forces.org/News_Portal/news_viewer/1785-Blame+the+BurEUcrats+part+3.html

Part 3 of Vaclav Klaus' speech. For more information, click on the hyperlink.

If Nothing Is Done

Article Published: 2009/02/16
Keywords: labour, labor, oppresione, surveillance, orwell
Views: 3153
Hotlink: http://www.forces.org/News_Portal/news_viewer/1771-If+Nothing+Is+Done.html

We are glad to present a moving video on our Orwellian present. This video is about Britain – but make no mistake, it concerns the world.

Second Amendment

Article Published: 2008/12/17
Keywords: second, amendment, guns, defence
Views: 2921
Hotlink: http://www.forces.org/News_Portal/news_viewer/1625-Second+Amendment.html

This video is about Second Amendment rights in the United States, but the spirit of the affair could apply to any stupid laws forced upon the public by their legislators. It is in reference to gun bans but it could just as easily be applied to smoking bans, alcohol bans, sex-toy bans or any other prohibition, although we hope not with such dire effects. More details at the hot link.

Caught - not that it matters; criminals rule

Article Published: 2008/06/17
Keywords: Europe, parliamentarians, corruption, parasite
Views: 5794
Hotlink: http://www.forces.org/News_Portal/news_viewer/1238-Caught+not+that+it+matters%3B+criminals+rule.html

This footage from German television may be of particular interest to our European readers, as it shows the shameful parasitism of the EU Parliamentarians. There is no need to understand German to see what is going on, or to read the numbers. For additional comments and information of this footage, click on the hot link.

Terminator Banned | WCCO-TV

Article Published: 2008/04/01
Keywords: california, revenge, taxation
Views: 2736

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger of California is becoming as renowned for supporting anti-smoker measures as for his personal love of the very finest cigars. Sacramento tobacconist Mark Just, who supplied the governor's habit in the past, has now banned Ahnold, invoking his right to refuse service. Good work, Mark, there is no place for the stench of hypocritical elitism in the aromatic environs of a tobacco shop.

How to Lose | WAJR

Article Published: 2008/03/28
Keywords: west virginia, ban
Views: 3138

Following delayed introduction, John McGraw, a representative of the hospitality industry, ostensibly argues against a comprehensive smoking ban in Monongalia County, West Virginia. He does so by stating that smokers risk the health of all around them and makes the especial point that pregnant women should stay away from smokers, and says furthermore, that the Monongalia prohibition should be extended beyond its current proposed form to make criminal any adult who smokes in a car with children present. He also notes that smokers are somewhat unlike germs in a bathroom, in that germs from filth are a "hidden risk," while smokers are sickening filth that everyone can see. Mister McGraw also stammers about property rights. A doctor with experience in the game calls in to say that antismoking advocates should accept some smoking ban exemptions, if necessary politically to push things through, but then should renege on all promises and any inch of compromise just as quickly as they can manage it. Other points are discussed. McGraw stammers intellectually throughout. This tape records for posterity a sterling and titanic display of clueless ineptitude on the part of an anti-prohibition advocate.

Fascism Lives

Article Published: 2008/03/14
Keywords: hitler, nazi, eugenics, racial hygiene
Views: 4113

The Health Reich is kicking up its jackboots these days. Pseudo-scientific fanaticism is once again promoting its sick idea of "purity," through social division, vilification, victimization. Awareness is growing. The Health Reich must be stopped with extreme force.

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