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Violating the Constitution – by contract!

Violating the Constitution – by contract! | Patricia Glass | 2007

Art. 1, section 10 of the US Constitution expressly states that “No state shall, without the consent of congress, enter into any agreement or compact with another state”. Patricia Glass then proceeds to read the name of every Attorney General of every state that violated the Constitution -- and any law of decency and truth.

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  Title: The Stranger
  Category: Movies - Drama

  Title: The smoking ban song
  By:Terry and the Gang (UK)
  Date:December 17, 2008
  Category: Music Audio Video

  Title: So Round, So Firm, So Fully-packed
  By:Lucky Strike Cigarettes
  Date:pre 1990
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  Title: Gloating
  By:Phil Williams/Hairy Chestnuts
  Date:June 15, 2009
  Category: Phil Williams

  Title: Nick Hogan
  By:Nick Hogan
  Date:June 08, 2010
  Category: Round Tables

  Title: trASH
  By:Liberty 2
  Date:January 14, 2010
  Category: Activism

  Title: Americans Oppose FDA Regulation and Prohibition
  By:Gallup poll
  Date:June 25, 2009
  Category: Points of View

  Title: Forces' StarWars
  Date:March 21, 2003
  Category: Comedy and Satire

Our Most Viewed Shows

Title: PASSIVE SMOKING: An Institutional Problem
Forces International
Category: Scientific
Date: November 12, 2007
Views: 23123

We are glad to re-introduce to our readers the multimedia version of the most concise and scientifically accurate documentary on the international fraud on passive smoking. In only thirteen minutes you can learn how to educate others, while gaining for yourself a full perspective on the depth of this fraud – and of the corruption of the institutions that promote it.

Title: The Great Global Warming Swindle
Channel 4 of Britain
Category: Global Warming Scam
Date: February 06, 2008
Views: 16959

We are pleased to present an important documentary already known to many: 'The Great Global Warming Swindle.' More recent than the epidemiological frauds on smoking, the global warming creed is an ideological manifestation of the same type of paranoia that is sweeping the world about health.

Title: Know Thine Enemy
FORCES International Round Table
Category: Round Tables
Date: October 11, 2007
Views: 13255

Round table on the unawareness and sense of confusion felt when smoking bans strike in a target area. What to do? Whose fault is it? Where is it coming from? Recorded on September 30, 2007.

Title: Casting Out the Unwanted
FORCES International Round Table
Category: Round Tables
Date: October 08, 2007
Views: 13114

Round table on an expanding “public health” abomination which recently made headlines in England: refusal of medical care to those with ‘unapproved’ lifestyles. Recorded on October 3, 2007.

Title: The Wilting of Integrity
FORCES International Round Table
Category: Round Tables
Date: November 29, 2007
Views: 12115

The topic is “attributions” of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome to Environmental Tobacco Smoke. Host Gian Turci engages Dr. Elio Gagliano, MD, Dr. Phil Button, MD, and toxicologist, epidemiologist and micro-biologist Dr. Gio Gori, raising striking perspectives on an abysmal lack of integrity into which health professionals and institutions now very commonly fall. Recorded on October 31, 2007.



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