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Smoke in their face: more smokers in Italy

3rd October 2008
This Italian official report is over one year old, but it is worth reporting on even now. Here is the teaser: Italians are smoking more.

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The official report is from the Istituto Superiore della Sanità (the “Superior Institute of Health”; is that arrogant, or what?... ), and it gives comforting news. The news has been, of course, suppressed by the mass-media lackeys all over the world. That is the reason why we did not report it when it came out: it was hidden too well!...

Since the sad date of the smoking ban implementation on January 10, 2005, a mass-propaganda against smoking started in Italy: false information on the effects of smoking on health, vilification of smokers,; increases in the price of cigarettes (although, to be fair, it is still one of the lowest in Europe), spreading of the passive smoking fraud, total silencing of opposition, proposed discrimination of smokers on the job (fortunately that has failed, so far), heavy pharmaceutical advertisement on smoking cessation trash, parade of antismoking “experts”, ass-kissing of the mass-media… nothing that the regular readers of FORCES are unaware of, so we won’t go on with the list.

What our regular international readers don’t know, however, is that, according to the report, the pro capita consumption of cigarettes has gone up since the ban and the heavy propaganda. Italians smoke now, on average, one more cigarette per day.

“...Aumenta oltretutto, tra gli adulti, il numero delle sigarette fumate quotidianamente: una in più a testa rispetto allo scorso anno. [...] Gli italiani continuano a fumare e, anzi, fumano di più, passando da una media di 13 sigarette al giorno consumate nel 2006 ad una di 14 nel 2007"


"...Furthermore, amongst adults, the number of cigarettes that are smoked daily increases: one more per person per day next to last year.  [...]  Italians continue to smoke, and actually they smoke more, having gone from an average [consumption] of 13 cigarettes a day in 2006 to 14 in 2007.”

That is followed by the usual lies about mortality, disease, cost to society, the youth, the “prevention”, the “addiction”, the attempts to quit, smuggling, etcetera, etcetera. Even the Internet is blamed!

What is NOT said is, as usual, what matters most: Italians may not (yet) turn cars upside down on the account of the smoking ban, but they demonstrate with facts that they do not believe the frauds and propaganda of the public health institutions when it comes to smoking – and that applies to both the young and the old. Furthermore, in many areas of the country the smoking ban is disregarded. In short, both the antismoking ban and the propaganda do not work, but they sure cost millions and millions of Euros to the Italian taxpayers each year -- and that's no epidemiological, fabricated figure à la tobacco mortality/"cost" to society: that is real.

Antismoking crooks in other nations of the EU continue to paint the Italian ban as a success, and they point to Italy as example. They are lying as usual. Here are the real results. See them for yourselves (use the Google translator if you can’t read Italian) – right out of the horse’s mouth, which is too big to be gagged in spite of its own efforts.

Smoke profusely.

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