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7th November 2008
The current “health & prevention” hysteria is causing immense social damage and is destroying the economy of all countries in the pursuit of the utopian goal of the elimination of all disease through prevention.

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Although prevention of monofactorial diseases follows common sense, that of multifactorial diseases is plainly an intellectual con job promoted by public health institutions to gain political power.
The carrot offered to a gullible public that wants to live forever is what the gullible public wants, of course: maybe not eternal life, but a “long” and “healthy” one. The currency demanded in exchange for that illusion is liberty and a Fascist state run by pharmaceutical corporations, the medical class and public health authorities.
This study conducted by Bernard L. Cohen of the Department of Physics and Astronomy of the University of Pittsburgh examines all the most common causes of real and attributed death. The study is particularly interesting because it leads to considering the difference between the macro-benefits of the past and the micro-benefits of the present.
From the estimated 25 years life expectancy of an Indian tribe in Ohio in 950 A.D. we move to 41.0 years in 1840, 42.5 in 1880, 47.1 in 1890, 50.5 in 1900, 54.3 in 1910, 58.3 in 1920, 61.7 in 1930, 64.6 in 1940, 69.8 in 1950, 72.0 in 1960 and 75 in 1991, when the study was conducted. Nowadays, depending on different studies, the average life expectancy is about 78-79. How much would be gained if ALL the causes of “premature” death were removed? Not very much more – a year, maybe two or three. The entire section of our Scientific Portal about Potential Years of Life Lost (PYLL), where this study is logged, carries ample documentation to that effect.
The reason for the macro-gains of the past is that, thanks to advancements of technology, viral and bacteriological diseases were nearly eliminated, people ate better and, thanks to the industrial revolution which is so hated by the environmentalists the current  health establishment, the labour and wealth conditions improved tremendously. Those massive improvements were achieved at a relatively low cost – so, little expenses earned macro-gains. Further, when the wealth was sufficient, people were pulled out of the labour force at 65 and supported for the rest of their lives by the financial contributions of younger generations according to the wet dreams of the Socialist state. Why wet dreams? Because the system assumed that people would not live much longer than a few years after retirement, and often they died before retirement age.
The current fixation with life prolongation has destroyed that dream. While health-obsessed people drain the medicare systems with unnecessary check-ups and drugs, because of the idiotic “right to health” people who are overdue to die are kept alive with hyper-expensive drug, often at the expense of the collective.
Further, epidemiological trash science fabricates at least one “threat” a day – and each “threat” means macro-money spent. Industries are no longer producing macro-wealth because they are regulated to near extinction by environment and public health fanatics. This destroys the economy along with regulations that destroy the pleasures that motivate people to spend and enjoy – such as smoking, drinking, eating, driving cars, and so on. But that is not all: immense expenditures are being made in fraudulent public health campaigns against those pleasures – in exchange for what? For the utopian elimination of all “causes” of “premature” death to gain maybe a couple of extra years. Socially speaking, yesterday micro-investments yielded macro-gains. Today macro-investments yield micro-gains, and are paving the way for international bankruptcy.
At this point the fraud of “premature death” must be understood. A smoker who, in 1960, died at 73 exceed the life expectancy, but the same smoker still dying at 73 in 1991 was a “premature death”, and that death was “attributed” to smoking without any scientific basis. It follows that the extension of average life expectancy keeps on creating “premature deaths” that are then “attributed” by the public health fraudsters to the political targets of the moment. As many people have embraced the neo-Nazi philosophy espoused by public health authorities that health trumps all values, a time will come soon when almost all the resources of society will be turned to health and life prolongation, perhaps gaining one day of average life in exchange for economic destruction. But economic destruction worsens life conditions, and life expectancy will plummet once again – perhaps to the levels of the distant past. In a nutshell: the obsession with health promoted by irresponsible health authorities will be the cause of bankruptcy, death and disease.
Don’t fall for the trap. Don’t throw your liberty away in exchange for an illusion. Eat. Drink. Smoke. Drive your car. Enjoy life while you can because quality – as in enjoyment of life – is far more important than many miserable years of abstention. And you will die, anyway: in fact, except for accidents, you will die of a disease, for no one – ever -- has attained mortality through excessive health! So, the entire philosophy of prevention that public health rams down your throat and that of your children does not make any sense: it is just a fraud. Tell that to your children -- and tell that to yourself!

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