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Obama’s main 'health' advisor is Big Pharma stooge

9th January 2009
What can't you expect nowadays? Nothing: President Obama’s main “health” advisor is a rabid and corrupt antismoker on the payroll of the pharmaceutical industry.

Proof that he's on the payroll is in a new posting (link bottom this page) which appears within our Scientific Portal's “Who Pays Whom” section.

As we can see in this article from the Wall Street Journal of November 19, 2008 (stored copy) he is also a neo-Collectivist who “believes in government” – as in government imposing every aspect of personal behaviour with an iron fist, that is, “for your own good,” of course.

That the antismoking filth is a tool of the pharmaceutical industry that exploits the neo-Collectivist ideology stemming directly from Nazism is nothing new, nor is it new that a good chunk of Americans are ready for heavy socialism, having lost their ideological war with the USSR, after which, ironically, Russia has abandoned that deranged ideology to a very large extent.

Having pharmaceutical antitobacco filth close enough to the president to smell his smoky breath is really too much. Corr is also a board member of the Center for Science in the Public Interest, the most extreme and fanatic group for food control.

Corr has received over $1 million from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation to lobby for FDA regulation of tobacco. Here is a short summation:

There you go: the pharmaceutical industry is now officially in the White House, Corr is the manipulator, Obama will be the facile marionette.

Just what can't you expect these days in the land of Communist opportunity?

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