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Real science vs. stupid ideology

Gian Turci
16th March 2009
In this video and article we can watch and read about yet another scientist denouncing the Great Global Warming fraud, twin sister of the Great Smoking Fraud.




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Doctor William Happer is currently a professor of physics at Princeton University. Enjoy — and please remember that, for smoking, it's quite the same story: it is all junk science. Doctor Happer's recent testimony before the US Senate's Environment and Public Works Committee, calm and reasoned debunking of global warming panic, naturally infuriated hysterics everywhere.

In the case of the global warming insanity the consequences of scientific fraud may be even more catastrophic than is the case with smoking, because the Great Global Warming Fraud thwarts economies, causes unemployment, and allows the state to expand even more, just like a cancer. It prevents the use of new resources, increases famines, augments parasitic grants to junk scientists, deranges and corrupts heads of government, and fuels fanatical ideology. All that while we are sinking into bankruptcy and into an economic collapse which may ultimately make the Great Depression of eighty years ago look tame and tiny in comparison.

But — very much as with Tobacco Control — that means nothing to the believers. In the first of the two video clips we link with in final paragraph here, Sen. Barbara Boxer is typically Agenda Afflicted: she makes an ass out of herself objecting to what the Princeton professor said in testimony before the Senate, demonstrating rampant ignorance, cheap paternalism and deranged “progressive” ideology — all enmeshed together in a dazzling display intellectual decrepitude.

Certainly, Barbara Boxer does not have to worry about being unemployed — ever. With such ideology stuck in such a pea brain, the public health institution propaganda industry will grab her in an instant.

Click here to watch two videos of excerpts from Doctor Happer's biting testimony (part one) (part two) at the FORCES Multimedia portal. Click on the link below to read the article.

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